DPC Anthony R. Yebba USNR (Retired)

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Sea Story
02/56 01/57Pvt-1Pvt-2Florida Army National Guard 211 Infantry Company "M" Dade CityI was classified Infantry Ammo Bearer and sometimes allowed to drive a jeep.
02/57 04/57SRSANTC Great Lakes IllinoisI was a member of the "All Florida" company which meant that we would train together and be allowed to carry a pirates flag during our time at Boot Camp. We were enlisted from the Tampa Bay area and sworn in at an elaborate ceremony during Tampa's annual Gasparilla event. After the swearing in, we were immediately marched to the train station and sent on our way to Great Lakes without the flag of course. Upon arrival we were assigned to Company 44. While in recruit training, I volunteered to be a member of the Recruit Band (this got me out of "Service Week").
05/57 08/57SASANaval School Command Norfolk Virginia Radioman "A" SchoolI completed approximately twelve weeks of the sixteen week school. I did not finish "A" School because of several infractions due to tardiness and one SP escorted trip back to the base for leap frogging over parking meters on East Main Street. I would later be able to use what I learned in Radioman "A" School during my time aboard the USS Fremont.
09/57 11/57SASANaval Receiving Station Norfolk VirginiaFire watches and mess deck duties while waiting for a ship. Requested USS Olmsted an APA on advice of a friend but assigned USS Fremont another APA which just happen to be returning to port at the time of my request.
11/57 03/60SARM3USS Fremont APA-44On November 19, 1957 I reported aboard and was assigned to the 2nd Division Deck Force. There I learned the art of chipping, painting, cargo handling, ammo handler on the 5" gun, fantail lookout watch, and swabbing the deck. I also held the esteem position of "Bow Hook" on LCVP landing craft during landing exercises.

After much pleading and begging via a request chit, I was finally transferred to the Communications Division. I was assigned such duties as messenger, CW operator, voice communications, and equipment maintenance. I made RM3 and stood Petty Officer of the Watch and was designated the Publications Petty Officer. Due to my vast knowledge and past experience in landing craft, I was assigned to the position of Radioman for the Boat Group Commander.
03/60 03/60RM3RM3Naval Receiving Station Norfolk VirginiaPetty Officer of the barracks watch while awaiting discharge.
03/60 05/62RM3RM3Inactive ReservesAssigned for 2 years while waiting for service obligation to end.
06/64 03/65RM3RM3Naval Reserve Training Center Rochester New YorkI was assigned to the Communications Division as Leading Petty Officer. I was also the division Training Petty Officer. After 6 months, I was transferred to a mine sweeper which was located north of Rochester on Lake Ontario. I was the Communications Division. A scary thought for one so young. I took the 2nd Class RM test but missed by just a few points. I quit drilling when a Marine Sargeant made such a big deal out of me parking in his spot one weekend.
04/65 05/68RM3RM3Inactive ReservesAssigned for 3 years until contract completed.
05/76 07/77DP1DP1PatWing 208, Naval Air Reserve Unit (NARU) Jacksonville FloridaI came back into the Reserves under the Advanced Pay Grade program. Under this program you are given the permanent rate of SN but temporarily advanced to a higher rate which is assigned per a classification procedure. This temporary advancement becomes permanent when you successfully completed the required military and rate training correspondence courses. Because of my extensive experience in data processing and prior navy military experience, I was classified as a DP1. I was assigned to the position of computer operator. I was responsible for loading ASW flight data into the computer for analysis.
08/77 09/81DP1DP1TSC 574, Naval Air Reserve Unit (NARU) Jacksonville FloridaThe NARU staff was looking for a DP with programming experience, so agreed to assist and spent most of my time TAD to NARU as a Computer Programmer
10/81 06/82DP1DP1ASWOC 374, Naval Air Reserve Unit (NARU) Jacksonville FloridaTAD to NARU as a Computer Programmer. I finally got tired of driving the 2 hour trip to Jacksonville and requested assignment to the inactive ready reserve(IRR).
07/82 04/85DP1DP1Inactive ReservesRemained in the IRR extending my enlistment until the Reserve Center in Orlando contacted me about a local billet.
05/85 10/89DP1DPCPERSMOBTEAM 3308 Naval & Marine Corp Reserve Center Orlando FloridaI was assigned as the Compliance Reporting Section Supervisor. I also served as the Unit Career Counselor and the Data Processing Specialist. I also decided that it was time to get serious and accumulate my qualifying points for retirement. Hard work and "high year tenure" paid off when I made Chief in 1989.
11/89 06/92DPCDPCNR NAVSTA 308 Naval & Marine Corp Reserve Center Orlando FloridaI was assigned to CINCEUR in case of "M-day". I also was assigned to position of SELRES "C" Weekend Career Counselor.
07/92 06/97DPCDPCVoluntary Training Unit 809 Naval & Marine Corp Reserve Center Orlando FloridaHigh Year Tenure placed me non-pay with a shortage of qualifying points so I requested assignment to the VTU. It was great duty but the pay was awful. Not much for a Chief to do in the VTU so after the Chief junior to me retired, I became the Mustering Chief Petty Officer and Unit Career Counselor. I retired from the VTU on 1 June 97 with over 31 years military service.

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