The Navy's Oldest Commissioned Ship
"Old Ironsides"

USS Constitution turnaround cruise with Boston skyline in background.

USS Constitution turnaround cruise (this is my favorite picture of Conny).

USS Constitution under sail. Click the picture for the full size picture.

USS Constitution firing guns in salute. Click the picture for the full size picture.

USS Constitution the night before sailing. Click the picture for the full size picture.

The USS Constitution is a symbol of the Navy's long and illustrious past. She serves as a memorial to all the sailors and all of the ships that have been a part of our great Navy.

I have always admired the USS Constitution. As a young boy growing up in the Boston area during the late 40's and early 50's, I would ride the elevated train with my mother into downtown Boston. During the ride I would often sit on the left side of the train in order to see the Constitution's rigging as we approached the downtown area.

I decided that I would have my last re-enlistment ceremony with my family in attendance on board the USS Constitution. This is not an easy undertaking when your family now lives in Florida. But late in the month of March of 91, my parents, wife, daughter, and granddaughter drove to Boston in a fully loaded mini-van, and on a rainy cold March day, I re-enlisted on the gun deck of my favorite ship USS Constitution.

When it came time to select a government installation to fly my retirement flag, rather than the usual White House or U.S. Capital Building I selected "Old Ironsides". I have included a link to the official USS Constitution Web Site and believe you will find the site of interest. When you are in the Boston area be sure to include a visit to "Old Ironsides" it is a stop along the famous Boston "Freedom Trail". It is well worth your time. P.S. if you like to eat, one of the stops on the Freedom Trail is Faneuil Hall. Inside of Faneuil Hall and the adjacent marketplace are my favorite food stops when I am in Boston. Enjoy!!!!

"The official site of the USS Constitution"

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