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"Captain Clarence V. Conlan"
"USS Fremont Wartime Skipper"

From: "mahoney"
Subject: USS Fremont
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2000 2:14 AM

My husband's great-uncle was Captain Clarence V. Conlan the first commanding officer of the USS Fremont. Clarence's sister, my husband's grandmother, had a painting of the USS Fremont that some of the officers had commisioned as a going away present. (Artist was Phil Daniels)

It was really nice finding your web site. Yours was the first that had a history. I tried a few years ago to find out what happened to the USS Fremont. We were sort of hoping that it was still around to go visit.

I found a web page of someone who was on the Fremont during the Vietnam era,but they didn't know what happened after it was decommissioned.

Our family will be really excited to see your web site.

Thank you,

Christy Mahoney

From: "Hogben"
Subject: Clarence Conlan
Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 3:48 PM

Dear Webmaster

What a great sight. My Grandmother, Elaine Breslin, would have been so proud and excited to see such a wonderful body of work. She was so proud of Uncle Clarence (her brother)as were we all. I was too young when he died to remember him but there were many family stories. I wish I could remember them better. The one thing I wanted to mention was his beautiful dress sword. Probably it is remembered by his shipmates. I would pull that thing out as a little girl and be astounded by it's beauty and size. Especially since my great uncle was a small man. Unfortunately when my Grandma became less able to care for herself at the age of 80+ one of her live in care takers took it upon themself to relieve her of anything valuable. The sword was among these things. these women a mother and daughter team preyed upon the elderly but the police could never catch them. Sort of a sad story. but... I can't wait to show my boys your sight and allow them such a concrete look at part of their family history. Thank you for all your work.

Linda Mahoney Hogben

John Mozolak took the photo of the USS Fremont from the overpass at 63rd Street and East River Drive (now FDR Drive). She was sailing South on the East River. John writes that when he was a teenager, he was an enthusiastic watcher of ships on the East River during WWII.

"Ship's Officers 1944"

"(Left to Right) O'Neil, Casey, McCollough, Brandon....picture taken on Ulithi Island of a makeshift alter for mass. Notice beer bottle candle sticks."

"(Left to Right) rear...Casey, McCollough, Chaplain Crowell, Egan, front...Carter, Cronemiller"

"(Left to Right) McCollough, Casey, Brandon"

"(Left to Right) Casey, McCollough, Blount, Brandon"

"Chief Pay Clerk Reese F. Lukei"

"Chief Pay Clerk Reese F. Lukei's orders to the USS Fremont and detatchment from the Fremont"

USS Fremont WWII painted for war. Pictures provided by George Evanko son of Alexander Evanko.


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