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"GM3C Frank "Rawhide" Bridgewater"

"GM3C Frank "Rawhide" Bridgewater as sketched in San Francisco 1945"

"Frank Bridgewater aboard the USS Jeremiah O'Brian, San Francisco 1998"

"GM3C Frank "Rawhide" Bridgewater's ribbon authorization signed by Lt Cdr Toothill"

"GM3C Frank "Rawhide" Bridgewater's ribbons"

"Frank "Rawhide" Bridgewater & Shipmate Brasini"




"Gunnery Crew 1945"
"Top Row Left to Right: Charles E. Woody GM3C Oklahoma City, OK, Next 4 unknown, Bill Woodard Roanoke, VA"
"Third Row Left to Right: Unknown, Frank Bridgewater GM3C, G.I. Barwick, Unknown, Brinicki, Next 2 unknown"
"Second Row Left to Right: Carroll, Unkown, "Alabama" Bryant, Next 2 unknown, Turner"
"First Row Left to Right: First 3 unknown, Castleman, Unknown"

"Caroline Islands"


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