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USS Fremont Crosses the Equator

"Cooling down the anchor chain with a spoon and a bucket of water"
"Wearing wool dress blues in the high temperature might suggest why these sailors aren't wearing pants"

"These binoculars were made out of lead pipes and weighed about 100 lbs"

"The day before crossing the line. The boys in winter uniforms watching for Davy Jones"
"and cooling the anchor chain so Davy will have no trouble coming aboard."

"Several sailors are carrying weighted socks for whacking "polywogs"

"The Day's Action"

"Top Left: Sailor in the stockade after being paddled - notice the wet butt"
"Bottom Left: The operating table where sailors were blindfolded and mock surgery was performed."
"During operation sailors received an electric jolt."
"Bottom Right: The coffin where you were thrown after the operation."

"1. The operating table -- 2. The sailor in the coffin was very much alive."
"3. Notice the results of some fast hitting. -- 4. The jury who knew but one word GUILTY."
"5. When you sat in the chair a shot of electricity would topple you over backward into"
"a tub of water, some fun huh! -- 6. Notice a sailor coming out of the tub."
"7. The Royal Undertaker. -- 8. The Royal Devils. -- 9. The electric chair."

"The line continues."

"Notice the sailors haircuts while going through the line. The stockades can be"
"seen near the life line where ones rear was soundly awakened and where ones hair"
"usually had the best shampoo ever."

"Another view of the initiation."

"1. Jury. -- 2. Royal Devils. -- 3. Coffin -- 4. Undertaker -- 5. Operating table."
"6. Dental chair. -- 7. Executioner (Harry Brick)."

"1. Bradley, Y3rd. Yeoman. -- 2. Harrington, T. A. Yeoman. -- 3. Royal barber chair."
" "4. The dog shute."

"Davy Jones"

"Chief Pay Clerk Reese F. Lukei's description of the days events"


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