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The following watercolors and pictures were provided by Phillip J. Daniel Jr. in memory of his father LT Phillip J. Daniel Sr. LT Daniel had several talents that are shown below in watercolor paintings and pictures. His watercolors are truly fantastic showing our ship and the activity surrounding her during a difficult time in our Nation's history (WWII). With his brushes and artistic ability he has provided us with visual snapshots of the lives of our greatest generation at war and far from home. The CO back during WWII (Captain Clarence V. Conlan) was presented with a watercolor painting of the ship as a going away present. The artist Phil Daniels!!!! When not painting he entertained his friends with his music abilities. This was passed on to his son. He will probably be upset for me mentioning this but I quote Jim Daniel from one of his emails: "He passed on the “talent” (if I can call it that) to me….. Did a USO Tour across the Pacific during the summer of ’69 myself……...that’s me on the far right in this pic. Ever hear of Marcus Island? Don’t think the Fremont ever stopped there, but we played a show for the guys on the island….took 3 hours out from and 3 hours back to Tokyo in a DC-6!.... GREAT GUYS ON THE ISLAND!...... I have added the picture Jim sent along of the group he was part of.

"C Division Officer and Enlisted Personnel"

"C Division Enlisted Personnel"

"C Division Muster"

"CIC Division Log for 25 October 1944"

USS Fremont APA-44 docked at pier

USS Fremont APA-44 and boats docked at pier

Iwo Jima D-Day plus 4

Garney Field, Guadelcanal

LT Daniel playing guitar Pacific Island

Group of Officers Pacific Island

Jay Thompson and Phillip Daniel with wives

USS Fremont Officers at dinner

"YN2/C Joe Springer on left"


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