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Documents and pictures following are in pdf format (click on USS Fremont at Iwo Jima) and were provided by Major Daniel Gregory USMCR

Major Gregory writes the following: "I thought you might appreciate the attached photos of USS Fremont at Iwo Jima. I picked up the attached documents recently following the death of a former Marine Officer whose documents I've enclosed. I've asked a Japanese colleague to translate those documents in Japanese." The documents include a toe tag in case of the death of a Japanese soldier. The following is the translation of the Japanese letter.

From Eiichi Kiguchi to his family (first name cannot be read) in Saitama Japan -How are you ? Please set your mind as ease as I work fine. Please send my trousers as I need it. How's this year's rice harvest ? You might busy for rice planting. I'll get old in here. Take care and good luck. Autumn. Good bye.

USS Fremont at Iwo Jima

"USS Fremont WWII Beach Party. Picture and names provided by Capt. Ken Tellier."

"Marty Sheridan War Correspondent and EM1c Howard Sotherden"

"Nagoya Liberty Regulations"

"The following pictures provided by Joseph Sadlow"

Papers from Cox Herman C. Bannister's service record

Picture of the USS Fremont at Eniwetok WWII -- provided by Tony Honan Pvt USMC


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