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The following war time story and photo is provided by Philip D. Cronemiller Jr. the son of Capt. Philip D. Cronemiller Sr. who as a LT. was the ship's doctor during WWII

"Dad completed his internship in late 1943 or early 1944 at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. He was then sent out to the Pacific to join the USS De Grasse, AK223. Within a short period of time, he was transferred to the USS Fremont and served on her as a General Medical Officer until 1946, when he was transferred back to Philadelphia for training as a surgeon. During his training and subsequent residency, my younger sister and I were born there. In 1949, we packed up and went to Gitmo for two years followed by Philadelphia again, Jacksonville NAS and finally California, where our younger brother was born and Dad retired in 1963.

Dad met up with his mother, who was a stenographer on Douglas MacArthurís staff, three times during WW II. Their picture together at Hollandia, when, I believe, Dad may have been on the De Grasse, was sent to some Philadelphia newspapers and I saw the picture in my Motherís scrapbook some years later. Dad and Grandma also loved to tell the story about her having orders sent from MacArthurís flag ship in Leyte Gulf to the Fremont ordering Dad to report to MacArthurís flag ship for dinner with his mother. They met up again at Luzon, where Dad found her with some other staff in, he said, a dugout. He received a very warm welcome, possibly because of the bottle of scotch he brought. Grandma retired in 1962 after twenty years in the Army."

The following pictures and documents of BM1/c Daniel Buckley are provided by his daughter Gaye McKinney


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