Ship's Photo Album

Pictures from the 50's

"SN Tony Yebba on a hillside over looking Cadiz Spain.
Notice the unbutton cuffs."

"Having a few at the Blue Bird EM Club in Naples Italy. We were not drinking milk must have been screwdrivers"

"SN Yebba - SN Wopsock - Unknown"

"SN Dick Hunter tells SN Yebba to pose because he was in the Army during Korea and knows how to shoot."

"Chief Yebba after re-enlisting aboard the USS Constitution 31 March 1992 "

"Tony Yebba Webmaster USS Fremont"

"Captain Paul S. Savidge (right, middle, the whole profile) and officers in the Ward Room 1958"

"Robert Mitchum aboard the Fremont 1958 submitted by Sgt Ed Nunn USMC"

"4 December 1956 PLAN OF THE DAY"
POD provided by Bernard Byers

"18 Mar 1955 PLAN OF THE DAY"

"Liberty call for TRANSPHIBRON 4"

"A few double exposures in Naples Italy"
"John O'Conner RM3"
"John would later transfer to subs, serve as COB on several boats and finally retire as an RMCM"

"Snow? The fantail in November 1959 Norfolk Virginia."

"Firing the 5" gun (picture provided by Bill Huxley)"

"Onslow Beach, NC"


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