Ship's Photo Album

Pictures from the 50's
Page 8

"Pictures taken and provided by ETN2 Don Sager 1959-1960"

"William Fehr Gibralter 1959"

"Dan Sager ETN2 feeding apes on Gibralter August 1959"

"Changeover - Gibralter August 1959 Phibron 4 USS Canbarra & Boston"

"Main Street Gibralter liberty 1959"

"Barcelona August 1959 USS Rankin"

"October 1959 Don Sager ETN2 at Annapolis
while picking up Midshipmen for Oyster Bowl in Norfolk"

"Loading LCV Phibex 1-60"

"Loading for Phibex 1-60"

"Underway Phibex 1-60"

"Off Viaques Puerto Rico Phibex 1-60"

"God is with us off the fantail even in tragedy Phibex 1-60
loss of SA Nesbitt and LCPL Cook"

"Basket Vendors Caribbean 1960"

"Dan All ET2 1960"

"Gitmo August 1960"

"Liberty Jamaica Summer 1960"


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