Ship's Photo Album

Pictures from the 50's
Page 9

"Pictures taken and provided by BMC Andy Knopf 1950-1953"

"Andy Knopf with shipmate Paul (Gus) Gosselin"

"4th Division Plarmo sicily"

"4th Division Compartment"

"Andy Knopf SN"


"Basonelli BM1 4th Division Leading PO"

"Berrier BM3"

"Berry SA"


"Dushon SN"

"USS Fremont"

"USS Fremont Underway"

"Henry SN 2nd Division"

"Irving SN -- Babe SN"

"Latori SN"

"LCVP 18"

"McWilliams, Beltz, Jeff Babe"

"Talley BM2 -- Basonelli BM1"

"Tussey - Belflower"

"Warship in Sardenia"

"Willamson BM3 - Kapell BMSN"

"Vitocolona BM1 - OConner BM1"

"Cruise Map"


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