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ET2 Dan All sent 5 pictures of an attempted highline to the sub USS Chivo. In the spring of 1960 USS Fremont (APA-44) was returning to Norfolk, VA from Vieques, Puerto Rico. USS Chivo operating off the Atlantic coast had a medical emergency on board, and a rendezvous was set up to do a highline transfer. The weather was stormy, the seas rough and it was late in the day, so we were not able to complete the transfer. LTJG Robert L. Warters (59-61) sends: I was on board Chivo when we attempted to transfer a person who had appendicitis to Fremont. It was too rough to make the transfer, so we continued to the nearest port which was Cape Canaveral, Florida. The corpsman was in radio contact with some doctors and kept the patient under close observation. The corpsman was prepared to operate, but we got the patient to a hospital before it was critical. The man recovered.

The following pictures are provided by George Murr

"Pier 7 Norfolk Virginia August 1960"

"Part of 3rd Division 1960"
"Clockwise: George Murr SN, Johansen GM1, Medina SN, Lucy SN, Crose FTSN"

"Ship's Barber - Early 60's"

"Cuba 1960"
"Focsle of Fremont - Anchor Winch"

"In drydock winter 1960-61 Baltimore Maryland"

"Winter 1960-61 Baltimore Maryland - Guthrie FT2"

"Winter 1960-61 Baltimore Maryland - No heat on the ship"

"Winter 1960-61 Baltimore Maryland"
"Mess deck with Christmas paper on bulkheads and stanchions"

"George Tucker GM3 from Rock Hill NC"


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