Ship's Photo Album

Pictures from the 60's
Page 3

"Noon hour on fantail - 4/61 on way to Europe"

"Mount #43"

"Transferring freight on way to Europe"

"Looking forward from #42 gun deck, life rafts in foreground"

"5 inch gun mount on fantail"

"April 61 - Fantail"

"Helicoper transfer on way to Europe 4/61"

"Brass who arrived by helicopter"

"Front of liberty boat Athens Greece 5/61"

"LST off Sardinia"

"Off-loading vehicles at One-Alpha Sardinia "

"Injured during landing a Marine is brought aboard"

"Captain's Boat Sardinia"

"Gulfo Di Palmas, Sardinia - Pulling loader on mount # 43"
"Left to Right: Murr SN, Powell USMC, Coverdale GMG3


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