Ship's Photo Album

Pictures from the 60's
Page 21

"The following pictures were provided by RM2 Les Giesler"

Pictures taken while in the Carribean

Haney SM3



Weaver and Kraus


Funkhouser, Kugelman, Roy, and Masek


St. Thomas

USS Lawrence coming into pier

USS Fremont

Mike Boat (LCM)

Kingston Jamaica

Boats tied alongside

The day we got the "Green C" -- Hamko, Cross, Woods, Hagan, Lamb, and Boles

Cross, Giesler, Woods, Hagan, and Boles

Hagan, Zucarino, and Hamko

Port Au Prince Haiti

Lamb, Brothers, and Luttrell (mailman)

USS Fremont

Gitmo Cuba


Mike Boat (LCM)

Camping Trip

Masek, Hamko, and Stolberg

Woods and Sharrette

Masek, Woods, Hagan, Snyder, Sharrette, Sheehan, and Eaton

Woods, Sharrette, Snyder, Masek, hagan, and Eaton

Hamko, Stolbey, and Sharrette

Hamko and Stolberg


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