USS Fremont Reunion Photo and Scrap Book

Pictures from the Savannah, Georgia 2000 reunion

Page 3

"Jim and Loretta Speshock on their morning walk around the Inn"

"Bob Allen letting a shipmate know what bus they have been assigned."

"The busses will be here in a minute. Honest!!"

"Honest this is only water. Sure it is!!!"


"The other side of the camera!!!!"

"What are they laughing at? I bet Jim Speshock knows."

"Outside the Pirates' House"

"Waiting to get back on the bus"

"The backside of the Waving Lady"

"Boy these steps are steep. Corry and Alexia Della Valle"

"This Navy stuff is not that hard."

"To the left of the tree in back of the One Way sign is where Forrest Gump sat waiting for the bus. The bench was a prop and is not seen in the picture."


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