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Aguirre, Alfred V.
Allen, Robert
Arrigo, John
Bannister, Herman C.
Baron, Oscar
Bauman, Arthur C.
Bingham, Robert O.
Bonner, Francis X.
Bower, John L.
Brann, James R.
Bridgewater, Frank
Brightbill, Harold J.
Bronson, Robert M.
Bronnenberg, Cecil R.
Brown, Robert J.
Buckley, Daniel
Bugajski, Henry
Bunsa, Bob
Busacker, Raymond
Cady, Jr., Stanton Holme
Cancienne, Harold M.
Carlton, Joseph
Carter, Leonard G.
Casey, William R.
Clark, Sheridan B.
Confer, Ronald "Red"
Conn, Wayne
Cooksey, Herbert
Creech, Carl
Cronemiller, Philip D.
Dachs, Carl
Daniel Phillip J. (James)
Darnell, Calvin
Donnelly, John F.
Dull, J. Donald
Dunbar, Bob
Elliott, James "Scotty"
Erickson, Everette "Bud"
Evanko, Alexander "Al"
Evans, Ernest B.
Ferrell, Parum Carlyle
Flick, Charles
Flicker, William "Bill"
Frye, Roderick L.
Gonzalez, Daniel
Goodman, Lester
Hampton, Artie Franklin
Hardy, Malcolm J.
Hardy, Malcolm J.
Hersch, Leon C.
Howe, James J.
Jones Ernest E.
Kelly, Nelson J.
Kelly, James L.
Komodowski, Tom
Kornbluth, Herman
Long, Frank "Bud"
Lukei Jr., Reese F.
Macaluso, Anthony
Martin, John E.
Maybry, William R.
McClelland, Ronald G.
McFarland, Walter C.
Miller, Dale
Mislan, Tom
Morian Jr., Albert J.
Nelson, Fred N.
Newland, Frank
Noble, Donald J.
O'Neill, Dan
Paine, John T.
Pallister Sr., Bill
Pattona, Ed
Pauley, John L.
Perz, Bob
Pinegar, Earl
Platero, Burton
Powell, Erby
Prentice, Paul
Reiman, Austin G.
Richards, Henry F.
Riolo, Anthony
Ritchie, William
Robinson, William
Rothgeb, Paul
Sadlow, Joseph
Schaub, Robert
Simcox, Carl E.
Smerigan, George
Sotherden, Howard, E.
Spalding, Ross, D.
Steixner, Pete
Still, John, H.
Stover, Robert, E.
Strunk, R.D.
Sutter, Don "Duck"
Taylor, Edward Oscar "Red"
Toothill, Jack
Van Daele Arthur E.
Walsh, Bernard
Wayne, Al
Wheelihan, Stewart
Young, James C.
Zuzik, Amil A.

AguirreAlfred V.MM1/CUSN11/43-?*** Plank Owner *** I was in Baltimore on commissioning day, remember it like it was yesterday and I am proud to say, I am a "plank owner". I was in the black gang and left the ship in Guam.
AllenRobertBM2/CUSN11/43- /45*** Plank Owner *** Put the ship in commission 23 November 1943 in Baltimore Maryland. Transferred off January 1945.
ArrigoJohnETM2/CUSN1943-1945My dad John Arrigo served aboard the Fremont from 1943 -1945 as a ETM2/C. If anyone remembers him please contact me at my email address jcal0888@aol.com. He didn`t like to talk about the war, to many bad memories. He did mention to fellows Trail and Geebo (nick names ) Going to a place called Biffs dance land in Oakland Calf. And having one huge party at the Royal Hawian with fellow shipmates.
BannisterHerman C.CoxUSN11/43-6/45*** Plank Owner *** The purpose for this correspondence is two-fold. The first reason is to offer congratulations on the magnificent website for the USS Fremont. It is truly a flotilla of information on the life and history of a great ship and her crewmembers, and it is both a grand and honorable testament to their memory.

The second reason is in the form of a request. My late father, Herman Clifford Bannister, served during World War II in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Fremont from September 1943 until his discharge in December 1945. During that time he served in various duties, being promoted from S2c to S1c in September 1944, and again from S1c to Coxswain (T) in March of 1945. He participated in the assault landings and occupations of Saipan, Ulithi, Palau, Leyte, Lingayen Gulf (Luzon), and Iwo Jima. He also received a commendation in December 1944 from Captain Conlan for his actions at San Pedro Bay, Leyte, where the ship was subject to 85 enemy air attacks between October 20th and November 19th. I have copies of my fatherís service record, which verify these facts, and can make them available to you via fax or hard copy, upon request.

I can still remember when I was a young boy, he would tell me stories about his wartime experiences. He would speak of the vastness of the open sea, filled in all directions as far as the eye could see with the ships of the fleet, heading into harmís way. He would mention the thunderous, terrible, nd seemingly ceaseless pounding of the fleetís batteries upon the beachhead in preparation for troop landing- a sight thousands of times more amazing than any 4th of July fireworks celebration that he had ever seen. He remembered the unbelievable horror of the civilian suicides off the cliffs at Saipan. He remembered the premature exultation and joy of the flag raisings on Suribachi, and the subsequent month or more it would still take before the island of Iwo Jima was finally secured. My father was a quiet man, hesitant to speak about his past military encounters unless asked; but he would remember them and speak about them with honor and pride.

These were just some of the many experiences he shared with his comrades at sea, and I know that these memories were all very dear to him. I know that he was honored and proud to serve, and if he were still alive today, he would want to have his name listed and included amongst his fellow shipmates in the final roll call of the USS Fremont.


A Proud Son.
Clifford Bannister.
BaronOscarRM2/CUSN4/44-7/45No Comments
BaumanArthurMM2/CUSN4/44-6/46I was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school. I boarded the ship in Pearl Harbor in April 1944 and continued through out WWII. I left the ship in June 1946. My duties aboard were first as a Seaman 3rd class. After a short stay as Seaman, I transferred to the Engine Room and became a fireman 3rd class. I had worked in a machine shop during my high school years and they had a need for someone who could repair or make new parts of all kinds. I worked myself up to Machinist Mate 2nd Class in the machine shop. Since I had a machinist mate rate, I was called upon to assist in the various landings as we did not have enough motor machinist mates. This part was not at all fun, making the landings, watching other boats getting blown out of the water, or seeing the marines or army troops get mowed down after we dropped them off. I remember very well one day up at Leyte when the Jap fleet was moving in on us, the ship pulled anchor and started out to sea. We pulled alongside wanting to be picked up, but we were given the command "AWAY ALL BOATS". We floated around for 3 days without food or water. Later, I transferred to the Evaporator Room and assisted in making fresh water for the boilers and human consumption. I think now of those days and am happy I made it through the war OK, I'm presently retired. My mailing address is Arthur C. Bauman, 4520 Cedar Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55407-3630
BinghamRobertBM3/CUSN11/43-7/44*** Plank Owner *** I was a plank member of the USS Fremont APA-44 from November 1943 to July 1944, shakedown in the Chesapeake Bay and went through the Panama Canal to the Pacific, where we made the Saipan invasion. My rating was Coxswain (BM3C). I would like to know if someone else from that time is still around. I am a former cafeteria owner and enjoying the retired life. I would also like to know where the ship went after Saipan, as I came back to the states for new construction and was assigned to the USS Massey afterwards for the Okinawa campaign.
BonnerFrancis X.YN2/CUSN11/43-10/45*** Plank Owner *** Francis X. Bonner (deceased) reported aboard the ship on 11/23/43 and served throughout the war. He left the Fremont as a YN2/C on 10/18/45. Paul Bonner his son is interested in hearing from anybody who knew his father. You can reach Paul at pbonner13@yahoo.com.
BowerJohn L.RMUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** My Uncle Jack (John L. Bower) served on the Fremont from 1943 through 1945. I want to know if anyone served with him or remembers him? He is currently living in San Antonio, Tx and is 81 years of age.
BrannJames R.BM3/CUSN11/43-7/45*** Plank Owner *** My name is James R.Brann. I am a Plank-Owner of the USS Fremont APA-44. I was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard when the Ships Co. was formed. Later in Baltimore when the ship was commissioned. I transfered off when we sailed back to San Fransisco. We were all given 30 days leave.(Summer of 1945). I was at home in Syracuse, New York when the Atom Bomb was dropped on Japan. I was discharged in Bremerton, Washington in March or April 1946. I was discharged as Bosun' mate 3rd class (Coxwain). I was in 1st Division. I've always wanted to contact someone from my ship never knew were to start. A month ago a Marine named Robert J. Ball from Omaha Nebraska e-mailed me with the web site of Fremont. He was attached to Admiral Blandy. He also was sent over to fight at Saipan for 6 days. I believe he came back Blandy's staff after that. I'll ever be greatful to him for putting me onto the web site. I've had a bout with colon cancer, but I hope to make the reunion in Sept. Jim Brann
BridgewaterFrank "Rawhide"GM3/CUSN4/44-12/45My buddy and I went to the movies to see "Bataan", and we both went the next day to join the Army. When we got to the recruiter's office, he was out to lunch, so we ended up in the Navy instead! I was 17 years old when I went in ... my parents had to sign a release for me to join since I wasn't yet 18. I came on board the Fremont in the Spring of 1944 at Pearl. After some practice maneuvers our first mission was the Saipan Invasion. I remember having to debark troops on the beach. From there we went to Guam, New Caldonia, the Marshall Islands, Leyte and more places than I can remember. I was a kid from Virginia, and I had never heard of most of these places. My worst memory is of the invasion of Leyte Bay in the Philippines. A kamikaze plane hit the ship next to us. The plane must have hit the ship's magazine because the ship exploded. We sent our landing boats out to pick up the survivors. My best memory is returning back to the states. We sailed into San Francisco under the Golden Gate Bridge. All these small boats came out to meet us. They were blowing horns and whistles, and they had bands on board playing "California Here I Come". Tugboats were shooting streams of water into the air. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Now I'm semi-retired, working part-time for a pharmacy, and dividing my free time between golf, and spoiling my grandchildren! Shipmates may contact me through my daughter's e-mail at kgiuseppe@home.com.
BrightbillHarold J.S1/CUSN11/43-8/45*** Plank Owner *** I was aboard the USS Fremont from the day it was commissioned until the end of the war, August 1945. I was a Seaman First. I was an aergrapher(weather forecasting). My division was N. I worked with a man named Every.
BronsonRobert M.MMR1/CUSN4/45-46Bob was assigned to the Fremont in April 1945, right out of bootcamp. He was a shipmate for one year. He was in 'A' disivion and was assigned a Refrigeration Striker by MMR Kilduff. Art Bauman, I new him well. He was in the evaporators. The Navy as you know does strange things. For example: Several of us were sent to Treasure Island to attend school in our particular craft. Art was in the evaps striking for MM3. I was doing the same for MOMM3. They fouled up the list and Art was sent to my school and I to his.I tried to get it changed but then someone would get hell for the error. So we just let it ride.I got a chance to become aquainted with the workings of the evaporators and learned that they had a still down there to make "raison jack". They learned that I controlled the blocks of ice. After that we all got along just fine!!!! I plan to contact him when I get to Minneapolis. I remember him as a real nice guy.
BronnenbergCecilSK1/CUSN11/43-3/46*** Plank Owner *** I too, was one of the first men assigned to the USS Fremont. I served on the '44 for 28 months. Mike J. Corbett and I left storekeepers school at Great Lakes in 1943 and went to Philadelphia Naval Yard and met up with Clark Palmer Zitzman from Rutherford, NJ and Warrant Officer Reese Luki and began to assemble supplies. I served on the Fremont until 1946 and thru every major event during that time. I loved that ship and proud to be a part. The details are etched in memory as if in stone.
BrownRobert J.SF2/CUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** My name is Robert J. Brown. I was a shipfitter second class aboard the USS Fremont form 1943 to 1945. I'm a plank owner. I reside in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Shipmates may contact me through my daughter's e-mail at pbs@salsgiver.com.
BuckleyDanielBM1/CUSN1943-1945*** Plank Owner *** My dad served on the Fremont during WWII. I believe from November 1943 until late 1945. This was written on his discharge papers: CO commendation "steady, industrious and enthusiastic performance of arduous and hazardous duty throughout liberation and occupation of Leyete, P.I., when vessel was subject to 85 air attacks." Adv. to BM1/c. When detached perfect (4.0) marks in proficiency in rate, seamanship, leadership and conduct - which is practically unheard of! My dad passed away in 1995 and was unaware of this website. He would be proud to be included on the roster.
Thank you, Gaye McKinney. You can reach Gaye at gmac5547@aol.com.
BugajskiHenryTEC 3USA5/44-12/44Henry Bugajski along with other members of the 3117th Service Battalion Signal Corps U. S. Army were attached to Fremont as cryptographic technicians. This information has been provided by Henry's daughter Judith Bugay Hallgren.
BunsaBobYN3/CUSN9/43-5/45*** Plank Owner *** My father-in-law (Bob Bunsa) was a plank owner on the Fremont during WWII. Participated in several invasions, including the Philippines, Iwo Jima. Left the Fremont in May, 1945, and was discharged in 1946. Currently living in New Jersey; 6 children, 21 grandchildren. Infromation provided by Robert Calamai
BusackerRaymondRM3/CUSN1944-1945I came aboard the Fremont in Pearl Harbor as a Seaman RM stricker as part of the Admirals Staff in 44. This was just after the invasion of Saipan. I was transferred to ship company somewhere along the line. Stayed aboard til the war was over. I was discharged as RM3/C in 45.
Cady, Jr.Stanton HolmeMM3/CUSN1944-1946My grandfather served on the Fremont from 1944 to around 1946, during the end of World War II. His name was Stanton Holme Cady, Jr. (1917-1981); he was an MM3 at that time. Information provided by his grandson John S. Cady, Jr. jsc1215@yahoo.com
CancienneHaroldEM1/CUSN11/43-3/46*** Plank Owner *** Served from two months prior to commission date. Responsibilities: Generation of electricity and maintenance of ships electrical system.
CarltonJosephUnkwnUSN6/44-7/45My father, Joseph Carlton, served on the Freemont from 6-44 to 7-45. My sister just found this website and it has certainly brought back many memories for my dad. He was 15 years old when he joined the navy. Thanks!
CarterLeonard G.TEC 4USA8/44-12/44Leonard G. Carter along with other members of the 3117th Service Battalion Signal Corps U. S. Army were attached to Fremont as cryptographic technicians. This information has been provided by Henry Bugajski a shipmate of Leonard's.
CaseyWilliamLT(jg)USNR11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** LT(jg) William R. Casey was assigned to the ship in Maryland as the ship's Dental Officer while it was being re-commissioned. Mrs. Mary Casey, his wife was a sponsor of the USS Fremont at the ceremony. Dr. Casey remained aboard the Fremont until 1945. When the war was over in 45, he went back into civilian practice, leaving the Navy with the rank of LCDR in 1946.

My Dad, William R. Casey, USS Fremont 43-45, Lt.Cmdr, Dental Officer aboard the ship, passed away July 19, 2002. He had undergone heart valve replacement and passed away due to complications after the operation. He so much loved to speak of his days aboard the ship and his many friends from those years. He will be buried in the Rhode Island Vet's Cemetery, and one of the personal items that will placed by family members in his casket prior to burial will be his Fremont Base-ball cap. Thanks to all the members of the Fremont family for many years of friendship toward him and continued good fortune and good health.
Bill Casey, Jr.

You can e-mail Dr. Casey's son at wcasey13@home.com. (The information for this entry was provided by Dr. Casey's son William R. Casey Jr.)
ClarkSheridan B.PH3/CUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** I am Sheridan B. Clark. I served on the USS Fremont from 1943 - 1945 as a pharmacist mate PH3C. I have been going to the USS Fremont reunions for 6 years now.
ConferRonald "Red"UnkwnUSN1948-1952My name is Ronda Whitford. My dad, Ronald Confer, was on board the Fremont from 1948-1952. He passed away 3/20/2002. Nice website. Thanks for keeping it current. My mom was trying to find some old friends, Earl & Elinor Pinegar.
ConnWaynePhM2cUSNR6/5/42-10/1/45*** Plank Owner *** Was on board for shakedown before leaving to go to the Pacific. Then went through Panama Canal and out to sea. On board until we returned to San Francisco.
CookseyHerbertBMTUSN1940'sMy father, Herbert Cooksey was on the APA 44 back in the early 40's during WWII, he was BMT. He also served on the Housatonic during Operation Tourch. He passed away on January 2nd, 2005. I will search for more info to see when the time was he was on the APA 44. Thank you. William Cooksey
CreechCarlCoxUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** Duties included most regular duties of deck force. Helmesman.
CronemillerPhilip D.LTUSN11/43-1946*** Plank Owner *** My father served on the Fremont. His name is LT Philip D. Cronemiller MC USN. He may have been a plank owner, and was at all 5 of the campaigns mentioned on the home page. He is pictured (bottom right) in the fourth picture down from the top in the photos from the 40's. He was a surgeon in the (I'm pretty sure) forward medical wing. My sister found this site sort of by accident, and I can't begin to describe the emotions it brought out. My father passed away in February 1996. He retired from the Navy in 1963. He was a Captain by then, and was Chief of Surgery at the San Diego Navy Base, where I was born. I asked Dad a lot of questions about his experiences during World War II, and to this day I wish I knew more. This website helps fill that gap. Thank You, Dave Cronemiller. You can contact Dave at daveandkerin@juno.com.
DachsCarlSGTUSA1945In 1945 I was an army sergeant -radio operator-attached to 3170 Sig. Svc. Bn. in Hollandia New Guinea-together with 5 other radio operators and 5 cryptographers- and a Lt. named Jackson we were ordered assigned to Fremont for joint operations in the invasion of Linguyen Gulf--I stood regular watches with navy radio personnel until the invasion was complete-then transferred to U.S.S. Wasatch AGC 9 --as radio operator and observer--I WAS COLOR BLIND-Japanese were painting waves on their ships- my watch was on the bridge as radio man and observer--when the Bomb was dropped -I was reassigned to the army in Manila-and returned to U.S. to be discharged--I never read anything about the reason for this unusual assignment-and have done extensive research in order to get an answer -- I have written to the Navy Dept.--with no results--would appreciate any help-I am 81 years old and live in Sun City West Arizona--Thank you--Carl Dachs
DanielPhillip J. (James)LTUSNR1943 - 1945*** Plank Owner *** My Dad, Phillip J. Daniel (Sr.) served PROUDLY on the USS Fremont, the "Old Bucket" as he used to call her. He was in the Navy from April 1943 through December 1945. LT Daniel served during the USS Fremont Pacific Campaigns during WWII and gathered various pictures, charts, and painted many water colors of his time aboard the Fremont. These can be seen in the Ship's Photo and Scrap Book pages in the 40's section Page 13. Information was provided by LT Daniel's son Phillip James Daniel (Jr.). You can reach his son via email at Jim.Daniel@aecom.com
DarnellCalvinUnkwnUSN1940'sI would like to add my father to the roster and see if anyone remembers him. His name was Calvin Darnell. He was on the ship in the 40's. Information provided by Calvin's son John.
DonnellyJohn F.RMUSN1943-1945It was a long time ago and I'm happy that most of us were lucky enough to survive WW2. I was only 18 when I came aboard in Norfolk but the memories are ingrained forever. I also think about how lucky we were as we headed for the States from the Phillipines unescorted as I recall. We crossed the same waters that the ill-fated USS Indianapolis sailed on her last voyage also unescorted. We travelled that route only a month or so before Indianapolis did. If I'm wrong, correct me. JD
DullJ. DonaldPH2/CUSN3/43-3/46*** Plank Owner *** I went aboard the U.S.S. Fremont APA-44 when it was commissioned in Baltimore, Maryland November 1943 and served three years through February, 1946. Truly, one of the most valuable highlights of my entire life was serving aboard the U.S.S. Fremont. During the five combat missions that we participated in, in the South Pacific, the Lord showered on us his divine protection. The friends we made and got to know very personally under these very dangerous circumstances gave us a closeness that cannot be explained. I am very proud to have been a part of defending our country against that agression. My wife, Marie, and I certainly enjoy the annual ship reunions that we have been able to attend these last ten years. We got to renew friendships with very special buddies; and, also we have made some very special new friends.
DunbarBobUnknwnUSNWWIIServed on the Fremont through all of the invasions in the pacific. I was part of the boat crew. enjoyed every minute of it.
ElliottJames "Scotty"BM3USN1948-1952My father was a BM3. Unfortunately he passed away 14JAN01. He never really said too much about his time in the Navy. This is one reason why I began searching the Fremont web site, to see if I could find out where he traveled and if anyone remembered him. Even if I don't get any answers, I enjoy the site and I am glad there are people like you trying to preserve a piece of history. Thank you for your service to this country and thanks for caring.
Bravo Zulu
Scott Elliott email inst_elliott_nscc@yahoo.com
EricksonEverette "Bud"UnkwnUSNWWII*** Plank Owner *** I'd like to see my Dad's name on the roster. Everette (Bud) Erickson. WWll. Currently living in Amarillo, TX. He and Mom, were at the 2009 Reunion and had a great time!. Thanks Steve Erickson
EvankoAlexander "Al"SF3/CUSN8/44-3/46My father served on the Fremont in World War II. His name was Alexander Evanko, but probably went by Al. He was a shipfitter third class. He had previously served on an LST and took part in the Normandy Invasion, so he couldnít have joined the Fremont until it returned to Pearl Harbor in August 1944, at the earliest. I believe he was on the ship until he was discharged in March 1946. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 1980 and didnít tell me much about his time in the service. Iíd be interested in finding out anything I can from his old shipmates. George Evanko gpevanko@verizon.net
EvansErnest B.RM3USN1/47-8/47I was on the Fremont from Jan 47 thru Aug 47. I was in the Boat Division It was a great ship and am proud to have served on it.
FerrellParum CarlyleEM3USN12/47-6/48My father, Parum Carlyle Ferrell, served on the USS Fremont from 30 December 1947 until his transfer to the USS Pocono 9 June 1948. His rate was EM3. His transfer orders were signed by H. W. Campbell, Jr. LCDR USN, Executive Officer. Dad was a native of Wilson County, North Carolina. He was known as Carlyle, P. C. or Shorty Ferrell. He passed away from colon cancer January 11, 1988. I would be honored if you could add his name to the roster for the USS Fremont. G. Hunter Ferrell, Louisville, KY hferrell@gmail.com
FlickCharlesBMCUSN1940'sMy name is Robert Flick. My father, Charles Flick, served in the Fremont. I don't know when, probably after 1945, maybe early 1950's. I'd like to hear from anyone that might of known him then. He was a Chief Boatswains Mate as of November 1944. If it provides any clues: He also served on the Gen Leroy Eltinge (AP-145), the Kershaw (APA-176), the Bexar (APA-234) He was in the Navy 1935-1966, active duty 1940-1960. Passed away in 1983.
FlickerWilliam "Bill"MoMM1cUSN11/43-2/46*** Plank Owner *** My name is William (Bill ) Flicker MoMM1c. I was responsible for A Division. I was on the ship from date of commissioning to 1946. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who was aboard the ship at that time. I can be reached at CAFlicker@verizon.net or Donna5749@msn.com. One shipmate I have communicated with in the past is Herman Blankenship. If anyone has information on David Spiezler (spelling in question) please let me know. We were shipmate and I look forward to hearing any information regarding him.
FryeRoderick L.GM3/CUSN1943-1945*** Plank Owner *** I was part of the Gunnery Section - GM3c. Served 3 more years in the Navy after WW2. Switched over to the Air Force and retired. Then went into teaching and retired after 21 years. Moved from Sherman TX to San Antonio in '84 and homestead here. Would love to hear from any of the old gunnery division from '43 through '45.
GonzalezDanielSSMB2/CUSNWWIIMy father is Daniel Gonzalez. He was the barber on board the USS Fremont during WWII. I remember my father telling me and my brothers stories about life on board the ship. He has some of the same pictures of the crossing of the Equator is see on the ships web site. I do not see his name on the ships roster. I would like to see his picture on the USS Fremont's web site. Please let me know how I can help do this. The information was provided by Daniel's son Emilio who can be reached at Emilio@fiu.edu. Daniel Gonzalez's picture has been added to the 40's section of the photo album.
GoodmanLester "Goody"SM3/CUSN1943-1945*** Plank Owner *** Lester Goodman first boarded the ship in Philadelphia, then proceed on sea trials then to Hawaii. He was one of the amphibs as a gunner and signalman. He was on the invasions of saipan, anguar, ulithis, iwojima, leyty gulf, luson, then engine repair in San Francisco, while on a 30 day leave, they dropped the atom bomb. Information provided by Lester Goodman and sent by his grandson Ryan Johnson pushpipe@gmail.com
HamptonArtie FranklinUnkwnUSN1943-1945My name is Gary Hampton and my dad was a crew member aboard the Fremont sometime between 1943 and 1945. He was a cook and we think maybe he was fleet boxing champ. His name is Artie Franklin Hampton and he turned 86 this month. If anyone remembers him or can give us any information we would love to hear from them. Thanks, Gary lindawindhaven@aol.com
HardyMalcolm J. (Mac)SSMB3/CUSNR11/43-12/45*** Plank Owner *** I don't recall too many sea stories, but I would like to add one on how our reunion got started. In 1980, Wayne Gomillion contacted several Fremont shipmates to meet at his home in Jay, FL. Jim Tester and I were the only ones that attended that year, but the following year approxinately 8 couples attended the reunion in Pensacola, FL. Several years later the reunion's attendance grew to 130 and I'm glad to see that it still thrives today. We all owe a huge thanks to Wayne for taking the initiative to organize our annual event. We miss you Wayne. Mac Hardy, 4100 Westover Drive, Danville, VA 24541.
HerschLeon C.MMCUSN7/44-9/45MMC Leon Charles Hersch now deceased served on the USS Fremont from 7/6/44 to 9/8/45. Leon Hersch was appointed Chief Machinist Mate by J.S. Toothill on September 1, 1944. This entry was submitted by his nephew Edward R. Hersch 3rd. Does anyone remember him? Contact William Hersch at bama@ptdprolog.net.
HoweJames J.LTUSNR1943-1945My dad, Lt. James J Howe, was the Division Officer of C-Div, USS Fremont, from late 1943 until war's end. He passed away on January 1, 1999. Does anyone remember him? Contact his son Jim Howe at jhowe@dslnorthwest.net.
JonesErnest E.COXUSN1944-1945My father served on the USS Fremont during WW2. As a matter of fact, my father is in the pic with the boat crew holding the Japanese flag. His name is Ernest Eugene Jones. I remember he said he was a coxswain. He would tell some stories when we were kids and the places he had been. Steven Jones. You can contact Steven at pedeeone@att.net.
KellyJames L.LTUSN1/45-5/45James L. Kelly, my father, was a lieutenant on the Fremont from January through May of 1945. He passed away in 1986. If anyone knew him, please contact me. I am putting together his war record for my mother and my siblings, and I would like to include personal information.
Mark Kelly
KellyNelson J.GMC2/CUSN11/43-?*** Plank Owner *** Best Ship I was ever on.
KomodowskiTom (Ski)FC1/CUSN11/43-11/45*** Plank Owner *** As a Firecontrolman 1/c, I served under immediate command of LTJG Kolish; Chief Gunners mate Savelah, later Tavelero; Gunner's mates: Kelly, Dutton, Kursock; and Firecontrolmen: Martucci, Paley; and Warrant Officer Gore. Last Pacific task was Iwo Jima thence, we returned to San Francisco via Pear Harbor. I was discharged shortly after VJ Day, exactly four years after enlisting two weeks before Pearl Harbor. The USS Fremont was home for two years to ship's company of about four hundred men who endured all of the campaigns described in the history section of this web site. Quite memorable was the first crossing of the equator when an impressive ceremony was staged for indoctrination of polliwogs in to the realm of King Neptunus Rex as Shellbacks. I do believe that Life magazine had journalists aboard making archive news out of that event. You can e-mail me in care of Bob Eckert at BobEckert@hotmail.com.
KornbluthHermanRD3/CUSNWWIIHere is some information regarding my father Herman Kornbluth. He was aboard the Fremont during World War II. His rank was Radar Man Third Class. He left the Fremont and was sent to the SRU unit in New Caledonia. Hope this information helps. If anyone remembers him they can write to him at PaddyMccormack@aol.com. Dad told me that was his nickname aboard the Fremont.
LongFrank "Bud"UnkwnUSN11/43-1946*** Plank Owner *** My granfather served abord the USS Fremont. His name is Frank "Bud" Long. He entered the service in Jan. of 1943 and was discharged in 1946. During that time he spent most of the time on the Fremont. He was a gunner and a coxswain. He doesn't talk about the war very much. If anyone knows him or remembers him or has a story of him please contact me at my e-mail address.
Brian Schantz
Lukei, Jr.Reese F.CPCUSN11/43-9/45*** Plank Owner *** I have just today discovered your web site for the Fremont. What a treasure!!! My father, Reese F. Lukei, Jr., was the first Chief Pay Clerk on the Fremont serving from 8 August 1943 until 24 Sept 1945. He helped commission the Fremont and get her supplied here in Norfolk. He was promoted to Ltjg on 11 Nov 1944 on the Fremont. I have lots of Fremont photos, including all the ones on the web site of the Equator crossing plus some others. My father is at the right end of the 2nd row of the 6 Aug 1944 photo of the Officers. On the back of the photo I have is the names and rank of everyone in the photo. My father kept a daily log while on the Fremont, including the Leyta, Palau and other actions. I was only 5 years old when the Fremont was being supplied in Norfolk in 1943, but I remember going aboard ship. I was in the Navy from 1957-61, serving on the Midway, Kearsarge, Pocono, and Mt McKinley. I was on the 1959-60 Midway cruise after she was outfitted with the angle deck. I was a musician. My father died on 6 Nov 1979. He retired in 1954 after 30 years. He was injured on board the Fremont near the end of WWII and spent a long time in the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. This entry was made by Reese Lukei, the son of Reese F. Lukei Jr. You can reach Reese at rlukei@aol.com.
MacalusoAnthonyENSUSN1946-1947ENS Macaluso was Boat Group Commander and the Assistant Gunnery Officer while aboard the Fremont. Mr. Macaluso left the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant. This information was provided by his son Ken. You can contact LT. Macaluso through his son's e-mail address at KMacal1019@aol.com.
MartinJohn E.RM2/cUSN12/43-8/45I went aboard the USS Fremont in late December 1943, after her first shakedown and left in August 1945. Now living in Springfield Mo. Retired from Auto Parts business. My present address is: John Martin; 1121 E. Lakewood E1; Springfield, Mo. 6581 Thanks for doing a great job on the site.
MaybryWilliam R.LTUSNR1942-1946Lt. William R. Maybry served on the USS Fremont from 1942 - 1946. Earlier he had participated in the invasion of Sicily while serving on the USS Anne Arundel. On the Fremont Lt. Maybry was involved in actions against Japanese forces on Saipan, Angaur, Leyte, Lingayen Gulf, and Iwo Jima. He was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorius service and authorized to wear the Combat "V". He shared a camaraderie with the boat crews of the Fremont with whom he served proudly and until Alzheimer's stole his life but not his spirit, he shared his memories of his men to anyone who would listen. Mr. Maybry served 20 years in the Naval Reserve after discharge from active duty and retired a Lieutenant Commander. He attended most annual reunions of the Fremont beginning with Nashville, TN.

He resided in Memphis, TN., cared for at home by his loving wife Dona and their three children, until his death on February 25, '04. Although greatly missed by his family, his passing was a blessing for Bill as he would not have wanted to continue his life as it had become.

This information has been provided by LCDR Maybry's wife Dona and daughter Debbie on March 2, '04.

God Bless the USA and the brave men of the USS Fremont!!
McClellandRonald G.SK3/CUSN3/44-6/46My father was in WW II. Navy 3-3-44 until 6-28-1946. He was a store keeper third class on the USS Fremont APA 44. His name is Ronald G. McClelland. He lives in Iowa. The Commander who signed his discharge papers was C.E. Austin USN. This information was provided by his daughter Tracy Sienknecht.
McFarlandWalter C.SC3/CUSN5/49-11/52Two years in deck division and the rest as a cook.
McKinnonMelRM3/CUSNR3/44-10/44I served on the Fremont from March 1944 through September or October 1944. I was an RM3/C attached to Admiral Blandy's Flag (COM PHIB GROUP ONE). My duties included copying fox code in radio one and voice radio on the bridge and the flag bridge. During this time the Fremont part icipated in landing troops on Saipan and Anguar.
MillerDaleFN3/cUSN4/46-8/46I served as a Fireman 3/c from April of 46 to August of 46. We went to Subic Bay in the Phillipines to wait for two LST'S to bring some troops to be taken home for discharge. Dale Miller
MislanTomYNUSN1948-1949I really enjoyed finding the USS FREMONT website. I was not a crew member, but I served much time on her in 1948-1949 as a member of the Staff of Commander Transport Division 22 out of Little Creek, VA. The USS FREMONT served as COMTRANSDIV-22's Flagship. The Staff boarded the FREMONT for all operations at sea - and actually prepared the Op-Orders for the operations. The FREMONT during that period operated with the USS RANDALL (APA-224), USS BEXAR (APA-237), USS COLONIAL (LSD-20) - they were all part of COMTRANSDIV-22. The Commander at that time was Captain Hudson, with Captain Stryker as the CO of the FREMONT. I was a YN on the Staff. We spent much time with the SIXTH Fleet and several landing on the island of Vieques. One monumental cruise was when we transported about 800 Marines from the 6th Div. to Labrador in December 1949 for cold weather exercises. While there we celebrated Christmas. My cousin, a Marine, was aboard at that time. When we got there, Porcupine Bay, we unloaded the Marines and started to unload their cold weather gear when we received orders to get underway as a severe snow storm was on the way. The snow storm was coming up the coast and was a bad one, with high winds - more of a blizzard type. We had to cancel all boating therefore unable to get the cold weather gear over to the Marines on the beach. We weighed anchor and went to a safe cove about 20 miles down the coast. The poor marines had to stay overnight in frigid weather without their cold weather gear. My cousin had some stories to tell about that. We did bring the Fremont back to the beach the next morning. Commodore (Captain) Hudson was the senior commander on the scene (COMTRANSDIV-22). Later my cousin was transferred to Korea where he came down with frozen feet and had to be returned to CONUS. The FREMONT was instrumental in training those Marines for the cold weather in Korea.
Morian, Jr.Albert J.LTUSNR6/46-6/47 The Fremont was my first sea duty station as was that of Tony Macaluso, fresh from commissioning as an Ensign,(D)L,USNR at Rice Institute in Houston, Texas. I was assigned to the Fremont in June 1946, however, had to wait in San Francisco for it's last Magic Carpet run from Subic Bay in August. My duties were CIC Officer,Third Division Officer, Junior Officer of the Deck in port and underway and small boat wave commander. While on board, the Fremont participated in West Coast Amphibious Training Operations the latter part of 1946. The following January the Fremont was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet and scheduled for Navy Yard overhaul. For the remaining time until my release from active duty in June 1947 at NAS Norfolk, the Fremont engaged in routine amphibious operations in the Atlantic. My short time aboard the Fremont was some of the most formidable, disciplined and enjoyable that I have experienced with a great group of America's finest Officers and enlisted men. I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I left the Navy as a Lieutenant,USNR.
NelsonFred N.CWOUSNWWIIMy father, Fred N. Nelson served on the Fremont till the end of WWII as CWO/radio repair. He passed in Jan 1991, and I wish he had been able to visit this site.
NewlandFrankENSUSN1948-1949I was an Ensign sharing a cabin with Ens. Robert Curl, and Bill McClure, both Annapolis Class of 1948. I was 4th Division Officer in charge of the small boats (LCVP & LCM), Boat Group Commander. Captain Stryker was followed by a "desk-officer" who nearly ran us into another ship when arriving in Norfolk. He dropped anchor while steaming at 10 knots !!..almost lost it.
NobleDonald J.UnknwnUSN1948-1949My father Donald J. Noble served aboard the USS Fremont in "48-49". He's doing well. His address is Donald Noble, 2009 East 5th Street, Superior WI 54880. Telephone 715-398-5673. This entry was sent by his son Steven.
O'NeillDanS1CUSN1945-1946Dan was the ships tailor, and before that the ships butcher. You can contact Dan via his son Kip at kcncal@yahoo.com.
PainelJohnYN2cUSN5/44-1946John Paine lives in Dallas, TX - Phone - 214-994-0741 I worked in the office located on the 1st deck of the ship. May 1944 boarded Ship in Pearl Harbor till 1946 when the ship docked in San Diego, CA. June 1944 Fist Invasion Saipan, Japan. Story 1: New Caledonia, Australia was one of the leaves where they found 3 Feathers Whisky and they were all so excited they all got drunk! Story 2: When a Japanese plane attacked the convoy, my duty was to spot for a 20 mm gun on deck. Information provided by his son John Paine.
PallisterBillGMUSN11/48-1/53Bill Pallister Sr. served aboard the ship as a Gunners Mate.
PattonaEdSC3/CUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner *** I was on board from 11/43, (day of comissioning) til I was transferred off, early '45. I remember a couple names, Chief Com Steward Robinson & Chief Bickel.
PauleyJohn L.RDUSN1944-1946Please add John L. Pauley to the roster and to the In Memory of Our Deceased Shipmates. His name is John Laurence Pauley served on USS Fremont in 1944 until I think 1946. He was a radar operator he died on March 24 1993. He was a great man and a loving husband for over 40 years and he was my grandfather. Shipmate added by his grandson Troy. You can email Troy at troyparidise@hotmail.com
PerzBobSGTUSA8/44-9/44I was a member of the 81st Div. Field Artillery arriving on Anguar September 17, 1944. The ships compliment treated us very well and we ate good on our 30 day trip from Honolulu with a training stop at Guadacanel. The person who operated the landing craft at dusk on Sept. 17, 1944 placed us neatly on Anguar with only 6 inches of water to walk through. Many fond memories of Fremont.
PinegarEarlECUSN12/48-4/52My name is Earl Pinegar. I served in the Navy from May 20, 1948 to April 16,1952. I served aboard the USS Fremont from Dec 7, 1948 until my father was killed (tractor turned over on him). I was an electrician's mate for 2 and a half years and transferred to carpenter's shop for the final year. I would like to know if one of my shipmates was still alive. His name is David Huffmine from New York state. He served aaproxiametly the same time. My address is Earl Pinegar, 124 Doll Harrell Rd., Hertford, NC 27944.
PlateroBurtonBM3/CUSN1943-1945Burton Platero served on board from 1943 -1945. Burton attended the reunion in Fredricksburg, TX Sept. 2010.
PowellErbyGM3/CUSN1940'sMy Dad served aboard that USS Fremont in the 40's. He served as a Gunners mate 3rd class. Erby passed away in 2011. Information provided by his daughter Terri McDaniel.
PrenticePaulS2/CUSN6/45-12/45Served aboard Fremont as a seaman in the first deck division from June 1945 till December 1945. I enlisted in navy 2 days before my 17th birthday and was sworn in 4 days later. Went thru Bootcamp at Greatlakes and then reported aboard in June. Can't help wonder if I might not have been the youngest to have served aboard the Fremont. Don't remember any names after 55 yrs but have many fond memories. I transfered off in December of 45 at Pearl and eventually wound up in the operation crossroads bomb tests.
ReimanAustin G.EM2/CUSN9/43-12/45*** Plank Owner *** Austin G. Reiman, served from Sept. 1943 to Dec 45. EM2C
RichardsHenry F.UnkwnUSN11/43-1/45*** Plank Owner ***I just received my late Fathers Military records. I am preparing a memorial for him at Mt. Soledad in San Diego. Would any of you possibly remember him? He did Water Boiler work. God bless all of you. My email address is: srichards@fwg.com
RioloAnthonyRM3/CUSN12/45-9/48My name is Anthony Riolo. I came aboard the Fremont at Pearl Harbor leaving for Japan in December 1945. I served aboard till discharged September 1948. My rank was Radioman Third Class.
RitchieWilliamYN2/CUSNR5/44-1946My Dad who died in June of 1992 was on the USS Fremont during WW 2 between 1944 and 1945 for sure. After his death my Mother gave me all his Navy papers and then I found this site years later. Dads name was WIlliam Ritchie and his rank at discharge on March 2nd 1946 was; Yeoman, second class, SV-6. I sent this site copies of all his papers and a diary he kept while on the USS Fremont. I wish Dad was alive today to see this site. I bet he would have also made the reunions.

This is his oldest Son also William. My E-Mail address is; bill-ritchie@juno.com
You guys have done a super find job on this site. God bless you and America!
RobinsonWilliamRM2/CUSN11/43-1945*** Plank Owner ***My dad William Robinson served on the Fremont from her commissioning until the wars end. I believe that would be 43-45. He was a radioman 2 class . His hometown is Naugatuck Connecticut. If anyone would like to contact him, my email would be best. His phone number is 8603996024. My email is robinsoncabinet@gmail.com. Bill
RothgebPaulSC3/CUSN?-11/45Would like to hear from any ship's cook or baker from this time.
SadlowJosephUnkwn/CUSN1944-1945Hello my name is Joseph Sadlow, I served aboard the Fremont during 1944-45. My address is 285 Park St., North Reading, MA. I can be emailed at sadlow@verizon.net. Thanks very much.
SchaubRobertPhoM/CUSN6/44-09/45Thanks so much for the web site. I had showed it to my dad sometime last year and planed to sign in after getting some pictures together and hadnít visited again until yesterday. To my surprise I found a picture of my dad Robert Schaub celebrating Jim Lynchís 2nd anniversary with 13 shipmates on New Years Eve 1944 surrounding a cake. The names were listed too even though I recognized my dad. His name is Robert Schaub and he was the Photographers Mate Second Class aboard the Fremont from June 1944 to September 1945. Youíve built an incredible website and what a testament to all those that served on the Fremont. I missed it last night but found the reunion information on another visit today and thought I had missed the reunion last month. It turned out to be next September 2010 and for surprise number two itís in Fredricksburg Texas which is not to far from where we both live now. Weíre in Austin Texas so Iím planning to bring him to the reunion Lord willing next September. Iíll try to scan a few remaining photos and Iíll be on the lookout for anything else I think you might be interested in. Thanks again for all your efforts. Regards, John Schaub jschaub@austin.rr.com
SimcoxCarl E.ET1USN1948-1952Fremont was my first ship came aboard as ET2 in 48 and left ET1 in 52 played football for Little Creek every year representing Fremont. I met my 1st warrent officer when I seen the BOSN dragging a sailor to the Captain's cabin and telling the Captain to but the SOB in the brig. From that day on always wanted to be one. I played and coached the ship's fast pitch softball team. I reinlisted on her and spent 50 yrs with the navy including active duty, tech repping, and as Fleet Rec Co-ordinater at Mayport Naval Station. I retired in 1997.
SmeriganGeorgeMM2/CUSNWWIIMy name is Janet Smerigan Watz, daughter of George Smerigan. He served on the Fremont during WWII. He talked about his experiences a lot. I enjoyed reading everything and looking at all the pictures. I would truly appreciate it if you would add his name to the roster. JSW672@aol.com
SotherdenHoward E.UnkwnUSN11/43-45*** Plank Owner *** Put ship in commission in 43 and left after war in 45. I was in E division.
SpaldingRoss D.RM3USN1945-1946My father, Ross D. Spalding, RM3 served on the USS Fremont (APA-44) in the 1945-1946 time frame. Ross finished college when he was released from the Navy, and became a numerical control equipment instructor for GE. Ross D. Spalding passed away December 30, 1982

Thank you,
Ross Spalding's daughter
Celeste Robb
SteixnerPeteQM3/CUSNWWIII served WWII as Quarter Master Third Class. My twin brother, Larry, also served on this ship.
StillJohn H.CWOUSN5/49-5/51My father, John Howard Still, served aboard the Fremont from May, 1949 to 1951 as a Chief Warrant Officer. He was the Electronics Repair Officer. John Still passed away on April 28, 1971. (This entry was supplied by his son John H. Grosvenor, Jr.).
StoverRobert E.ENS/CUSN7/46-9/46My name is Robert E. Stover and I served as an Ensign aboard the USS Fremont from July 1946 to September 1946 attached to the Gunnery division. After discharge from the Navy I went back to Penn State and then to Princeton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation with my master of divinity degree I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1952. My commission was changed to the Navy Chaplain's Corps as a Liutenant JG. At present I am semi-retired serving as a part-time chaplain at four local hospitals in Reno, NV. I am also a parish associate pastor at St. John's Presbyterian Church.
StrunkR.D.MM3USN10/48-4/51I was aboard the Fremont from the Fall 1948 to April 1951, I was an MM3 working in the engine room and a boat engine man on one of the LCVPs. I see a name of someone that I think I served with MM3 Tommy Dennis Thompson. I was aboard when we dragged anchor in the New York, Hudson River. I was on watch that night in the 50's when this happened and everything turned out OK. We had to light off in a hurry. We did a lot of travel during my time aboard ... the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Mediteranean and through the Panama Canal on a dipper run. Others aboard that I remember were MM1 Read, MM1 Tommy Tom Lonavich, MM3 Jim Bare, MMC Mitsey, BT1 Wensell, BT3 Wayne Walker, BT3 Zeb Goodrich (deceased). I became a plumber after discharged and retired after 27 years. I joined the Navy Reserves in 1961. In 1965, I helped start a new Navy Seabee Unit. I was attached to to RMCB 18 out of Seatle Washington. I cross-rated to UT3 and spent 10 years as a recruiter until I retired after 30 years service as a UT1. I did make Chief a few times but not for pay.
SutterDon "Duck"RMUSN1943-1947Don served on the Fremont from 1943-1947 as a Radiomen. Don was not aboard during the commissionoing as he was in Madison Wisconsin at radiomen school. Don passed away August 11th 2005. If you knew Don and would like to share any memories with the family, you can email his granddaughter Brandi at nailhigh@msn.com.
TaylorEdward Oscar "Red"PO2USNWWIIEdward Oscar "Red" Taylor
Petty Officer Second Class
Served during WWII.
307 College Street
Lebanon, KY 40033
May contact via Red's nephew's email, as Red would never use a computer. Email James Bland at JAMES_BLAND@BELLSOUTH.NET.
ToothillJackLCDRUSN1943-1945*** Plank Owner *** My father, LCDR Jack Toothill, served in Fremont from 1943 to 1945 as XO. One of the fellows in the 60's muster list mentions seeing landing craft with Fremont markings in the film "The Longest Day". My dad and I both made the same observation. Here's the interesting part. If you look at the log of the Fremont you will find no entry for June 6th 1944. She was crossing the International Date Line at the time and went from June 5 to June 7th. (The information for this entry was provided by Jack Toothill's son Buz Toothill)
Van DaeleArthur E.UnkwnUSN7/43-10/45*** Plank Owner *** My son found your website and I am enjoying all the information. My father, Arthur E. Van Daele was on the USS Fremont, not quite sure what dates, but he was in the Navy from 7/9/43 to 10/12/45. I don't know a lot about what he did, he passed away on 4/7/66, but I do remember he piloted a landing craft and was caught between the shore and the USS Fremont for three days while the enemy kept shelling. He was partially deaf due to the noise.
WalshBernardGMUSN1943-1944*** Plank Owner *** I went aboard at Baltimore to comission the ship. Served about 9 months until my accident on a training cruise. Gunshot of right leg and foot. The old story of unloaded 45. Young man on upper deck fooling with gun which fired and hit me on lower deck. After ship docked I was transferred to Norfolk Naval Hospital for a stay of 2 months. One thing of episode, it gave some training to Doc's in Sick Bay on Fremont.

My duty on Fremont was Gun Capt. on the 1.1 Quad Gun on starboard side aft. I believe later on the 40MM replaced the 1.1 Quad.

Previous to boarding the Fremont, recomissioned the USS Rodgers DD254 in Philadelphia 1940. I was aboard for 2 years until we turned the ship over to the Brits in Halifax, NS. Part of Lend-Lease 50 destroyer deal to England.

Spent last 2 years on YMS 177 sweeping mines in Pacific and Tokyo. Participated in quite a few invasions in Ulithi, Palau, Philippines and Japan. Discharged in 1945 after Naval Career of 6 years and 2 months.

Spent 28 years in Fire Department in Mass. Retired to North Carolina and have been here 21 years. Incedently while attending the Atlanta reunion reunited with fellow GM Rod Frye and we take turns on yearly visits. One year in NC, next year in San Antonio, TX
WayneAlSK2cUSN7/44-3/46I was assigned to the Supply Office as a storekeeper, SK2c, from 7/44 thru 3/46. Kept a diary of the days aboard and the many invasions we made....my kids & grandkids can't believe I/we went thru all that turmoil.
WheelihanStewartBM2USN1940'sBM2 Stewart Wheelihan, retired 25 years Naval Service deceased January 6, 2004. Added to the roster per the request of Sydney Williams.
YoungJames C.S2/CUSN1945-1948My father served aboard the USS Fremont from 1945 to 1948. I would appreciate any information about him and his time aboard ship. He passed away on 10-31-1979 at 64 yrs old and didn't talk about his service life much. I would like to have my children learn something about him. I beleive some of the men called him "Pappy". This information was supplied by James C. Young's son Terry L. Young. If you have any information about is father please e-mail him at sleepy_t_133@yahoo.com.
ZuzikAmil A.PHM3/CUSN12/43-4/46Retired and currently Living in Hannastown, Pennsylvania. Amil's duties while aboard the Fremont were as follows:
. Worked in Treatment Room.
. Administered First-Aid
. Brought on Casualties
. Treated wounded until transferred to hospital ships
Information provided by Scott Naeger, husband of Amil's granddaughter.

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