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Aldridge, Frank
All, Dan
Anderson, Bob (Andy)
Anderson, John M.
Arata, Patrick
Baker, Rod
Baldwin, Robert
Bausemer, Frank
Beltz Jr., Harold Earl
Blair, Elton
Boatwright, Lee R.
Boyd, Frank T.
Boyer, Carl E.
Brandt, Fred
Buday, Thomas
Byers, Bernard
Clement, William J.
Colter, Luther
Craver, Mike
Crutchley, Paul
Currey, Maurice K. (Pete)
Darling, Bill
Day, D. K. (Kenneth)
Delmonico, John J.
DeWitt, Eugene
Di Enno, Nicholas R.
Dolan, Jack
Dreger, Phil
Duplessie, Tom
Enstam, Robert C.
Falk, Gorden
Falor, Clinton S.
Fletcher, Charles E.
Flowers, John R.
Forest, J. Walter
Franks, Bill
Fuller, Phillip J.
Galbo, Thomas
Gibson, Jesse (R.L.)
Giesler, Les A.
Grover, Frank
Gruber, Jim
Gugliemelli, Joe
Hawes, Keith R. (Jack)
Henning, Carlton
Hill, Stewart E.
Huxley, Bill
Jackson, Hugh
Johansen, Walter R.
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, Lewis M.
Johnstone, Patrick R.
Joyce, Joe
Keranen, Emil E.
Keranen, Victor
Kestermont, Kenneth
Kleva, Dick
Knopf, Andy
Knuckey, Arthur E. (Ted)
Krenzke, Lee
Krumbein, Ernie
Lagerman, Al
Le Bea, Sebastian C.
Lee, Al
Lewbart, Harry
Lion, William D.
MacDonald, Tom
Malake, Jim
Mantaro, Joe
McConnell, Bill (Mac)
McDougal Sr., Robert W.
Mcknight, George
McMullen, Samuel R.
Meridionale, Anthony N.
Montgomery, J.D. (Joe)
Monroe, Charles R.
Mora, Frank J.
Muirhead, Jim
Murphy, Frank
Murr, George
Nodoro, Phil
Nunn, Ed
O'Connor, John
O'Kane, William J.
O'Neill, Kevin
Palladino, Don
Parks, Elbert (Gene)
Peters, Bill
Pettit, Edward
Poe, Billy E.
Rector, Peter P.
Reed, Gerald (Gerry)
Ritger, Bill
Rockey, Ron
Rosenberg, Gary J.
Ruth, Russell L.
Sager, Don
Sailers, John W.
Sapp, Kenneth
Schelhouse, Marvin P.
Schwartz, William V.
Seale Jr., Robert A.
Sheridan, John
Sherman, Marlin
Simon, George
Smith, W.L.
Speshock, James C.
St Clair, Warren M.
Stapp, Wayne
Stegura, Ted
Stockburger, David F.
Swanson, Ray
Sweeney Sr., William G.
Tedesco, Anthony F.
Terry, Howard
Thompson, Dennis (Tommy)
Tomaszewski, Bernard N.
Tudhope, Jack W.
Turner, Jim
Valencia, Joseph C.
Van Wie, Harlod C.
Van Deusen, Ronald
Volpe, John
Walker, David L.
Walsh, Francis T.
Warf, Victor C.
Weaver, Robert R.
Wegler, Mike
Wells, Paul J.
Wofford, J. M.
Yaw, Warren Henry
Yebba, Anthony R.
Yednak, Stephen
Young, William J.
Yule, Willis
Zanze, Nick
Zortea, Gene

AldridgeFrankUnkwnUSN1952-1956I was aboard the USS Fremont 1952 till 1956. I started in 1st or 2nd div. Vito Collona was BM1 transfered to signal bridge 1953 till 1956. Served with the best sailors on the best APA.
AllDanET2USN2/59-6/60I served on Fremont in the ET gang in 1959 and 1960 and was discharged from Fremont at the end of June 1960. My primary responsibilities were to maintain the transmitters and receivers in radio 1, 2, 3 and 4. It was great to find the Fremont web page and the copies from the log book certainly brought back memories since I was there.

After leaving Fremont, I worked for RCA Service Company for 4 years doing field service at various locations. Good Navy training played a major part in being able to get the job with RCA.

In June 1964 I left RCA to attend Indiana Institute of Technology. After graduation I accepted a job with Texas Intruments Inc., where I met my wife Shirley, and worked there for the next 29 years. Retirement let me complete the horticulture program at a local Community College and led to a part time job at a wholesale nursery.
AndersonBob (Andy)SNUSN7/56-6/59Great web site.I've been trying for over a year to find information concerning the Fremont. I served aboard her from July 1956 to June 1959. My rank was SN. I served in the "L" Divison the whole time I was aboard. Being in that division should answer the question on what my duties were. After leaving the service I lost track of her.
AndersonJohn M.RMSNUSN1953-1954Attached to COMTRANSDIV-22. Enjoyed attending last three Fremont reunions. Would like to hear from former shipmates from Flag Division.
ArataPatrickCPLUSMC4/59-8/59Was Corporal of Marines on board the Fremont for the Apr-Aug 59 Med Cruise. Was one of the highlights of my life to be able to see all the countries that we visited. From Spain to North Africa. A young man's dream. I learned so much being on the Fremont. Every Marine should be so fortunate. If I remember correctly, we had one of the oldest serving 1st Class Petty Officers or CPO's in the Navy aboard.
BakerRodRM3USN11/58-11/60I was stationed on the USS Fremont from Nov 1958 until Nov 1960. I was on board for the Med cruise in 1959 and a couple to the Carribean. I am trying to get a hold of Jim Gruber, as I came aboard the Fremont with him from the USS Tallahatchie County. (what a tub that was). I left the Fremont TAD to Radioman "A" school. I had all shore duty after the Fremont, NATC Paxriver, Bainbridge MD, and then the Pentagon for 9 mos, then back to Bainbridge on staff. I got out in Dec of 1963 with the rating of RM2. I would love to hear from any and all shipmates.
BaldwinRobertEN2USN1955-1957This is the first chance I have had to look at the web page. It is great. I was looking through the 1957 cruise photos and found my photo and laughed like hell at how skinny I was then. I came aboard in 1955 and left in '57 when we got back after the cruise. I was an EN2 in A div. and actually found my photo in the A div. group. I still have that photo in a frame at home. I am looking for Frank Adkins who was in R div. I left Fremont in 57. From there I went to New London CT and the submarine mothball fleet. From there I went to the submarine force on board USS Cutlass SS478 and then the nuke program. Taught nuclear power for the Navy in New York, went to the USS Kamehameha SSBN 642 where the Navy made an officer out of me through the LDO program and sent me to work for Adm. H. G. Rickover as an AEC representative at Electric Boat in Groton Ct. Retired in 7/73 as a Lt(jg).
BausemerFrankUnkwnUSMC1958Served on Fremont with 1/8 in 58. Capt.Clyde Trowbridge was Commanding Officer of embarked C-1-8.
Beltz Jr.Harold EarlBM3USN1951-1953My father was on the USS Fremont in 1951 to 1953,USN Boatswains Mate 3rd Class. Operated some type of beach landing craft. He was on the USS Fremont for a Meditranian Cruise 1951 2nd Battalion 6th Marines as a Boatswains Mate 3- Navpers 91242 July 15th 1952 or 1953 and in 1952 6th Fleet 6th Marines. He passed away April 16 2001 Heart Attack. Found info in family papers. Looking for any info from shipmates who may have known him. Pop would have loved to see this Web Site. Thanks a son lost, and missing my dad. Jeff Beltz can be reached at fire1eater@aol.com.
BlairEltonUnkwnUSN1951-1954Was glad to find the site for the USS Fremont. My father served on the Fremont as a member of the Navy. He started active duty 01/10/51 and was discharged 11/29/54. He spent most, if not all, of that time on the Fremont. His name is Elton Blair and he was from Western Pennsylvania. I have his original DD-214 and it says he had a National Defense Service Medal and a Navy Occupation Service Medal. Dana Blair email dwblair@blairsigns.com
BoatwrightLee R.RMUSN2/53-2/55I was a radioman on the Fremont from February, 1953 until February, 1955 and was in the ET gang for a short while. I was transferred to the USS Payette County LST-1079 in February, 1955. It was turned over to MSTS in March of 1956 and I spent the remainder of my enlistment at Green Cove Springs, Florida June 1956.

When the engine room breakdown occurred off the New Jersey coast, we headed to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As we entered New York harbor, someone back in Norfolk reminded us that the Radar antenna would not clear the Brooklyn Bridge. We then went to Bayonne, New Jersey to have it removed. When that was completed we proceeded to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I remember some great liberty in New York during that repair time.

My recollection of the collision with the merchant ship is that we were returning to Norfolk from Hurricane anchorage in Chesapeake Bay. The collision occurred about noon on a Sunday. The merchant ship lost steering and struck the side of the Fremont. A large hole was made in the compartment next to my sleeping quarters, just above the water line. Part of that ship's anchor was left hanging there. We went to a private shipyard in South Norfolk for repairs, which lasted several weeks. I have worked in the electronics field ever since leaving the Navy. I have worked at radio and TV stations, General Electric and retired from Sears in 1997. Am now enjoying retirement living near Lynchburg, Virginia. My best buddies on the Fremont were Dan Moissant and Charlie Tripp.
BoydFrank T.HM3USN7/57-6/60My name is Frank T. Boyd. I served aboard the USS Fremont from July 1957 to June 1960 . Found your web sight. It was great reminiscing. My rank was HM3. My duties were sick bay and the lab on the main deck across from the medical records office. Served with Harrison Tilman HM3 and Ollie LaFrance HM2. Also a great friend was Sam Wolf who was a Yeoman. We had a great time pulling liberty in the med. When we were in Beirut for the landing my brother transferred aboard. His name was George Morgan Boyd. He went by the name Morgan. He was a BM. My address is Frank T. Boyd, 365 Winter Hill Drive, Lexington, KY 40509 E-Mail boydfm@aol.com
BoyerCarl E.Lt(jg)USN6/54-6/56I recently discovered this site and am delighted that the Fremont still lives in the hearts of many. I came aboard as an Ensign in June 1954--green as most Ensigns. I was assigned to 1st Division as Jr. Officer and kept that position until being named Gunnery Officer. I finished my tour as Personnel Officer and Lt. (jg) in June 1956. We spent most all of our sea time supporting the Marines at Vieques. As the Commodore's flag ship we were there alone many times, hauling Marines to San Juan for liberty on the weekend and scraping them off the dock to return on Sunday evening. We were all actors for the "Away All Boats" film. Since we were the Commodore's flag we were not chosen to "portray" the USS Belinda in the Away All Boats movie. So, we became backdrop scenes that included launching the boats and riding in circles for hours while helicopters flew overhead and shot film. I also remember everyone having to man the rail and look at a certain location as if we were seeing some disaster. Of course I couldn't wait to see the movie but didn't see much of what we did......maybe it ended being edited out. This all happened in 1955-56 and I thought it was great just that the seldom publicized APA got so much attention. I could always refer to the movie when people asked, "What kind of ship was that you were on?" Unfortunately I've lost track of all my fellow officers from those days and I'm hoping maybe some of them will find this site as I did. I think it's rather interesting how I did find it. I kept having dreams about the Fremont earlier this fall and couldn't understand why. One day I decided there must be some reason so I went to Google.com and typed in USS Fremont, not expecting much to happen. The screen exploded with references, including the website. I was so excited when I first signed on and saw the picture of her my wife thought I had gone crazy! Along with the others I am proud of being a member of the Fremont crew. The last time I saw her was on television when she was the communications ship for the Republican convention in Miami.
BrandtFredFT3USN6/56-6/60I served aboard the ship from June 1956 to June 1960. I worked in the Gunnery Division as an FT3. As times I felt like I did nothing but paint anything that did not move. Some of hte memorable moments were when we landed marines in Beirut, Lebanon and established a fleet post office. While ashore spent bullets hit the roof of the building we were in and scared the hell out of us. While we were under way, one of our guys died of a heart attack. We put into Athens, Greece. His body was put into a landing craft and while going to shore he was saluted by the whole squadron. I will never forget that.
BudayThomasGM2USN1952-1956Thomas Buday second class gunners mate 1952-1956 929 mapletown RD. Greensboro,Pa. 15338. Thomas does not have a PC. This was sent in by delmoni@ix.netcom.com. We were shipmates. John Delmonico
ByersBernardBMUSN1955-1958I was in 1st. div. during my time aboard the Fremont from 1955 -1958. vitocalona was our 1st. class BM. I'm trying to reach my old shipmates. My e-mail adress is bbyers37@att.net
ClementWilliam J.BMSNUSN1959-1961My husband served aboard the Fremont 1959-1961, he is William J. Clement 523-73-71. He was a BMSN in the 2nd Division. His email is WmClement@webtv.net.
ColterLutherDKSNUSN1955-1957I worked in the disbersement office during my time aboard ship. I was trasferred to FASRON 3 Naval Air Station and TAD to NOB until the end of my tour in 1957. Discharged at the rank of DK3. If anyone remebers me working in Dispersing Office, I'd Like to hear from them.
CraverMikeMM3USN2/57-2/61I boarded the Fremont in February of 1957 and left ship in February of 1961. I was a Machinist Mate, working in the boiler room. I recall working under Captains Mead, Penny, and Street. After leaving the Fremont, I married and have 3 wonderful sons. I went to work for a large public school system in Ohio as the Maintenace Manager. I retired with 31 years of service, and now operate a small beef cattle operation and enjoy doing restoration work on antique automobiles and tractors.
CrutchleyPaul "Zeke"RD2USN2/58-4/61My name is Paul "Zeke" Crutchley RD2. I was a member of the Radar Division from February 1958 through April 1961. I am looking for any of the guys who were in the Division during that time frame. Gary Williams, if you read this, I saw your name on the ship's roster. I can be reached at bearintheair75@hotmail.com I tried sending you several e-mails which get kicked back. Some of the other guys in the Division were Leo Voucolo, Charlie Ost, Mike Quaresima, Ralph Waldo, Roger Devlin, ?? Meyer, John Davies, PJ Silver & Gary Williams. Look forward to hearing from any of the guys. I'm retired from the Maryland State Police after 38 years as of February 2000. From 1975 to 2000, was a medevac helicopter pilot with MSP. I'm totally retired now dealing with some medical issues and traveling. Thanks Paul
CurreyMaurice K. (Pete)RD3USN10/50-6/53I served aboard the Fremont from Oct. 1950 until June 1953. I just recently found out about the Fremont having its own Web site from a former shipmate, Joe O'Brien, who found me on the internet after 48yrs, and gave me a call on the phone.!!!!! We have since visited each other several times and are planning on attending the next reunion in Conn. Thank you, I look forward to the coming reunion and meeting some new friends.
DarlingBillSAUSN10-11/1950Was TAD (Beachmaster) aboard in Oct/Nov 1950. First time at sea (17 yr. old, SA), was sick the whole time...
DayD. K. (Kenneth)BT2USN1951-1955B Division {oil king} Letts, Iowa 52754.
DelmonicoJohn J.GM3USN10/53- 5/56
DeWittEugeneBT2USN1951-1954Served aboard the USS Fremont from 1951-1954 in the B - Divison. Now lives in Rapid City, South Dakota. Worked 34 years for Rapid City Power and Light Co.
Di EnnoNicholas R.DK3USN7/51-1/55Entered the U.S. Navy 12 FEB 1951 in Phila., PA and was sent to Great Lakes, IL for boot camp training where I was then assigned to Company 286. Was dicharged on 26 JAN 1955 at RecSta Norfolk, VA. Came aboard the USS Fremont in July 1951 and was assigned to the "Deck Force, Division 3". Some of my "Deck Force" buddies included Jake Langley, F.E. Rawlins, Gene Zortea, John Driscoll, Joe Fucci(Hoboken,NJ), Shorty Maloneson(NY), Sam McMullen, Bernie(Chicopee Falls, MA) and Charley Walker(Baltimore, MD). Eventually I was transferred into the Supply Dept., "S Division", working in the disbursement office. I advanced to DK3 and remained there until I was discharged in January 1955. My "S Division" shipmates included Curtis M.Williams(Willie), Bill(Wild Bill) Lord, Jimmie Styles, Donald Downer, Harry Weaver(Indiana), Red Jackson, August R. Boden(Louisville, KY), George Mc Knight(NY), Charley Fox(NY), and Francis Mahowski(ship barber). Let me not forget my buddy Phil Dreger, YN3.

While serving aboard the Fremont, we made several trips to the Caribbean and Mediterranian areas while carrying Marine Corps personnel. I retired from PRR/Penn Central/Conrail Railroad after 40 years and presently reside at 306 Park Circle, Norwood, PA 19074. I would like to hear from any former shipmates and hope to attend a ship's reunion in the future. My experience serving aboard the USS Fremont was one that I enjoyed reminising about over the years.

Nicholas Di Enno was added to the roster by his son Stephen. You can e-mail Nick at dno410@comcast.net
DolanJackSM3USN1954-1957I was on the Fremont from 1954 to 1957. Istarted in the 1st Div., then went to the Signal Bridge where I made SM3. Jack Tudhope, Kenny Sapp, and a few others are among my fondest meories. I left Fremont in 1957 to put USS Ranger in commission.
DregerPhilYN3USN3/53-5/55I was a legal yeoman while serving aboard the Fremont. I remember Fremont participating in making the movie "Away All Boats" filmed in Caribean off Puerto Rico, starred Jeff Chandler. Great old movie about amphib navy during WWII. Presently I live in Woodstock, Ga. new address is 242 Abercorn Way, Woodstock, GA. 30188. Retired from IBM after 31 years. Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DuplessieTomRM2USN1953Our detachment (TACRON 4) made a Med. cruise on the USS FREMONT back in 1953. Loved every minute of it. As a Radioman 2nd we were put in with ships company to stand watches in the radio shack while underway. During exercises we controlled Amphib. operations. Your site brings back so many menories. Thanks so very much for the look back in my youth.
EnstamRobert C.ENSUSN1/58-6/58I believe that some of the info re USS Fremont in 1958 is incorrect. I served aboard Fremont as boat officer from 1/58 to 6/58, when I was transferred back to the U.S. just before the Lebanon landing. I was an Ensign and was qualified as OOD underway by Capt. Savidge. Your website says that Fremont was the flagship for the squadron. That is incorrect. Mt. McKinley was the sqadron flagship and the squadron commander was a Rear Admiral aboard Mt. McKinley. The website also refers to several landings during the 6 month period from January to June 1958. After almost 50 years my memory is far from perfect, but I only remember one landing, which was a competitive test. Fremont passed with flying colors and was awarded an amphibious landing "E". An interesting aside - there were 3 Ensigns aboard Fremont during that Med cruise who had weddings scheduled for June 28, 1958. Fremont was originally scheduled to be back in Norfolk by that date. Of course, Fremont was extended for several months and I turned out to be the only one of the 3 Ensigns to get back for his wedding. Another inaccuracy in the 1958 narration is the statement that Fremont sailed from North Carolina to the Med. Fremont sailed from Norfolk to the Med, not from North Carolina. I reported to Fremont in Norfolk and have never been to North Carolina on a navy ship. Another interesting aside - while our squadron was anchored (I can't remember where) the Mt. McKinley conducted a repel boarders exercise. Fremont supplied the "boarders" who were all members of my division. They left Fremont on an LCM flying the US flag. Halfway to the Mt. McKinley they lowered the ensign and raised a large jolly roger. When they got to the Mt. McKinley they went hand over hand up the lines to the extended boat boom and boarded the ship. They managed to get to both the captain's stateroom and the admiral's stateroom and turned over chairs and other furniture to make their presence known. I never did hear the outcome, but I can't believe the Mt. McKinley did very well at repelling boarders.
FalkGordenMM3USN1951-1955Assigned to M division. Lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
FalorClinton S.BT3USN9/51 - 1/53My name is Clinton S Falor, I served onboard Fremont from Sept 1951 until Jan 1953 in "B" Div. Eng. Dept. The Fremont was my first ship out of boot camp and I made 3rd class before I left the ship. I stayed in the navy for 28 years and retired as master chief boilerman in the nuclear power program. I recently joined the Fremont orginization and look forward to meeting you all in Cleavland in September.
FletcherCharles E.UnkwnUSN1954-1956My father is Charles E. Fletcher of Brodhead, Kentucky and he served on the USS Fremont from 1954 through 1956. He was a Laboratory Blood Bank Tech during his tenure. He is originally from Brodhead (KY) and is a retired merchant now. He has told me accounts of his experiences onboard the Fremont, and considers his Naval duties a very important part of his life. He doen't have an email address, but anyone wanting to contact him can do so by emailing me at fletchersign@sun-spot.com.

For your information, the Ingalls Shipbuilding Company which built the Fremont is still in existance. A cruise ship built in 1958 by Ingalls is still in operation by Commodore Cruise Lines and sails out of New Orleans. Great website!

Kevin G. Fletcher
FlowersJohnDCFNUSN1957-1960I served in R Division. Lived 20 years in Idaho. Have 3 children near St. Maries, Idaho. Presently living in West Virginia working as a crane operator. Would appreciate any help locating a Jerry (Gerald) McClure from Iowa who was aboard at this time.
ForestJ.WalterHM2USN4/52-11/52Worked in sick bay. Sick bay pharmacy and other dutes.
FranksBillRDSNUSN1952-1954I am from Lowell, MA. Now living in Tyngsboro, MA served aboard the Fremont from mid 1952 to early 1954. From the deck crew, I became a radar seaman. Discharged as an RDSN. Used the GI Bill to graduate from Bryant College. Now retired from industry. Enjoyed the duty. Did one Med cruise and one Carribean cruise.
FullerPhillip J.MM3USN9/59-1/62I served on the ship from Sept 59 to Jan 62 in M division. My rate when I left ship was MM3. I retired from Navy in 1988 as MMCM(SW).
GalboThomasGMSNUSN1952-1954I served on USS Fremont 1952 until 1954 rank GMSN.
GibsonJesse (R.L.)CS1USN1957-1958R.L joined the Navy in 1940, and after the war spent time assigned to the Navy crew at Camp Shangi-La, the Presidential retreat in western Maryland, which later became Camp David. From 1948-1952, he was a ship's cook on board the Presidential Yacht USS Williamsburg. He was then stationed at the Naval Gun Powder Factory at Indian Head, MD, and later Commissary School in Newport, RI, until joining the Fremont in 1958. He died on board from a heart attack in August 1958, while the Fremont was at sea and returning from Lebanon. Any former shipmates who knew my father, or would like to share their memories of the 1958 Med cruise, please feel free to contact me at this email address. railpub@webstruct.com
Thanks - Paul Gibson.
GielserLes A.RM2USN4/59-1/63I joined the Fremont in the Med sometime in April 1959 and was flown back to the States from the Med for discharge in January 1963. I spent four or five months in "L" Division before being transferred to OR Division and went the Class "A" Radio School in Norva early 1960. I was discharged RM2.
GroverFrankRM2USN7/58-11/61My name is Frank Grover I served on the fremont July 1958 - Nov 1961 I was a radioman 2nd class I served with Tony Yebba. I live in Pittsburgh Pa. I am about to retire from the Pittsburgh Fire Dept. The Email address I am using is ldenes@email.msn.com This is my daughters address so be nice
GruberJimBT2USN7/58-5/62Served in B division as Burner man - Top watch. Where is everybody - Let's show at the reunions.
GugliemelliJoeUnkwnUSMC1958My Uncle Joe Gugliemelli was on the Fremont, told me they landed in Beirut, Lebanon late 50s he also was on the cover of life magazine shown landing/walking there. I have Tracking Chart and Photo of the Fremont as well, my Uncle passed away in 1994.....Mike
HawesKeith R. (Jack)GM2USN1954-1957I served aboard the Fremont from 1954-1957. I was in the "O" division. Due to eye problems, I can no longer drive to ship reunions. In the past, I have always enjoyed myself when I did attend the reunions.
HenningCarltonSM1USN1958-1961Hello. I am the daughter of Carlton Henning and since he's not into writing on computers much I decided to help him out. He doesn't give me much information to go on so here goes nothing. He served from 1958-1961 and his rank was SM1. I know this is one of his favorite ships and he is very much alive. He went to boot camp in Faragut, Idaho. We currently live in Tennessee and you can email him at my mother's email evhgrace@aol.com to get a hold of him. He is looking for a few shipmates he'd love to get in contact with, one is a Charlie Colgate and one he only remembers the last name, Peaco. He didn't recognize any names on the muster list but remembered some of the same things others have mentioned. He's got a lot of great stories and I hope he can find some of his buddies. Please, if you know my father or know the men he's searching for, please email him. He'd love to hear from you.
Thank you,
Sharlene Henning

Additonal info from SM1 Henning: -- Joined USS Fremont APA 44 in Nice, France in 1958, Summer I believe. I was SM1 and was assigned to the signal bridge where I joined a very good signal gang-Peaco, Yanalavage, Besselien, Duarte and Sosa, can't remember anymore. The most interesting event was the landing in Belrut, Lebanon (1958). We were relieved 3 times and finally left. There were more but too numerous to mention. She was the best Ship I ever served on.
Carl Henning
HillStewartRM3USN1/56-10/57I served on USS Fremont as radioman 3rd from 1/56 to 10/57.
HuxleyBillEN3USN1958-12/59I was and EN3 when I left in December 1959. I came aboard inNaples in 1958 as a fireman. I was engineer on an LCVP during several practice landings.
JacksonHughSK2USN7/51-3/55Served on Fremont from l951 to l955 in Supply Dept. as Storekeeper. I left the ship as SK-2. Would like to hear from some old ship mates.
JohansenWalter R.GM1USN1950s-1960s GM1 Walter Johansen served aboard Fremont during the early 60's. Walter Johansen proudly served in the US Navy for 30 years from 1942-1972 and passed away in 1997.
JohnsonJohn H.EMCUSN1/58-3/59Found your web sight and it looks great. Thought I would muster in. I was chief Electricians Mate from Jan. 1958 untill Mar. 1959 when I left to report to recruiting duty. I hope signing on gets me some E-mail from some of the electricians who worked with me. I would love to hear from them. I retired in Dec. 1963. John H. Johnson EMC, USN/Ret. Mooresville, Indiana.
JohnsonLewis M.CplUSMC1956Hello my name is SPC(E-4) Christopher Lewis Johnson in the US Army PA National Guard. I was born and raised in Alabama, but moved to Pennsylvania in 2011. I messaged you because My Father served on USS Fremont in 1956. He was a Corporal in the 2nd Battalion 6th Marines at the time. I know that afterwards in 1959 he served on the USS Cambria, and then joined the Air Force in 1962 to retire in 1979 as a Technical Sergeant. Sadly to say he passed away in 2006 from Liver Cancer. Now I have many photos and postcards of his featuring actual images of the USS Fremont itself during his time onboard, including one of him stand onshore in front of Fremont’s Stern. There are also several photos from Suda Bay, Crete and the Rock of Gibraltar, now they are all black and white mind you as he took them with an old Polaroid camera which I have in storage in Alabama. There are also actual images of the operations he was a part of in that year, I believe one of them is called Operation “Deepwater”, but I am not sure as he didn’t like speaking that informnation as much. If you knew Corporal Lewis M. Johnson you can contact his son Christopher at ib14jc@hotmail.com or christopher.wardog.johnson@gmail.com
JohnstonePatrick R.EM2USN3/59-7/62I served on the USS Fremont from March 1959 to July 1962. I was an electrician 2nd Class PO. I look back at the time spent on ship and it does not bring back many happy memories. The shipmate I remember are Lee Krenzke, Wayne Stapp, Monahan, Blanchard, Row, and a few others. I may write again later. Information will be apreciated. I winter in Lake Havasu, AZ and live in Fort Wayne, IN.
JoyceJoeSNUSN1955-1956I served aboard the Fremont from 1955-56. I was in "L" division before changing to "S1". In both divisions I was an assault boat coxswain. I gained the rank of seaman. I joined the Renunion Organization in May, 2003. Hope to see my name added to the"50s" roster!
KeranenEmil E.ENCUSN1955-1957Emil E. Keranen was in A div 1955 1956 1957 before transfer to mine force. He retired as ENC after 22 years service and died of cardiac disease in Mississippi.
KeranenVictorEN2/cUSN1954-1955My nephew found the web page and sent it on to me. I was in A Division 1954 and 1955. My brother was also in A division after boot camp, joining the ship in 1955 and going to minesweepers 2 years later. The first landing op he took part in was the roughest I ever heard of and took place in November of 54. I watched his boat (an LCVP) retract from the beach and as it cleared the first breaker it was totally airborn! The boat crews earned their keep that day. Three LST's broached on the beach at Onslow and one of our own LCVP's sank with jeep and radio trailer only yards from the Fremont. I recall some of the folks like J. Mantaro, Pappy Kraft, Joe Macy, Ernie Bushkill, John Jurick, Don Mong, Bob Ledoux , Kurt Hofschnieder ,all of A div. as well as many others in other divisions. Fremont was a beautiful ship as well as home and hearth. Her only rival was sister ship Cambria but I recall going aboard the Cambria to bum some parts and was surprised to find she was a worse rust bucket than the Fremont! Fremont was a real working ship of the "dungaree navy" and at one point A div had billets for 21 men and could only muster 7! We had the deck machinery, evaporator plant and reefer plant as well as ships machine shop and landing craft to maintain! Since there were more boats than personnel in A div, we had to draw boat engineers from other divisions aboard. I don't think any other div was as short handed. The warrent carpenter was Otis Hall and the warrant machinist was Mr. Waters. I once made a dive at Vieques for Lt Lyons, Engineer officer, to check inlet screens for fire pumps. I entered water to look face to face with large barracuda whose eyes looked like dinner plates to me! His big jaw was slowly moving up and down, so I happily left the water for a moment on that LONG LONG jacobs ladder. Once I could look down and feel the big guy was gone, went back down and finished the check up. I'll always love the Fremont because she was my hearth and home, she was a beautiful ship and her crew includes some of the best people I have ever known!My brother retired from the Navy after 22 years and passed on after a 10 year battle with heart disease (cardiomyopathy--They only gave him 6 months when first diagnosed). I left the Fremont as EN2/c and went to Fla. to work on sponge boats. Then T-2 tankers and started college in 1957, medical school in 1960 and practiced surgery in North Carolina 1970 to 1996. Now I'm building my own boat. Still remember some of the old crew of those days, hope to run into them some day.
KestermontKennethUnkwnUSMC10/56I was aboard on October 56 for Med cruise, part of the 6th Marine Regiment. Lives in Higganum Connecticut.
KlevaDickSGTUSMC1/58-8/58I served aboard the uss fremont Jan 1958 until the landing in Bierut in july I was usmc platoon ldr 2nd Batt 8th marines Capt Clyde Trowbridge was the Company commander . My platoon was the first platoon to hit the beach. I consider the uss fremont to be my home I felt so lucky to be on such a fine ship I would love to hear from anyone that sailed aboard on that Med cruise. I have tried to contact my fellow ship mates ie lt joe goodmen, lt Bill Joyce, my room mate , Lt.Charles Yeats. I have been in contact and have spent great times with LtSteve Graffam. Capt Trowbridge passed away several years ago hope to hear from someone. Dick Kleva. Email aquafun2@aol com snail address 2630 ramshorn drive, manasquan nj 08736.
KnopfAndySNUSN9/50-8/53I was aboard the USS Fremont 13 Sept 50 to 12 Aug 53 .Do you remember the assault boat coxswain school they had at Little Creek? I went through with the second class that attended.

After reading your article on the collision of the USS Ruchamkin APD 89 I would like to tell you how I remember that night.

I woke up and was told to go to my boat that was on No. 2 boat davit. We lowered the LCVP into the water and I went over to, and alongside, the Ruchamkin. We moored on the port side just aft of the hole left in its hull by the collision. The water was smooth and there was only a sliver of moon showing. Divers were already in the water and swimming into the opening in the hull searching for survivors. I think the divers were from the Ruchamkin's UDT Team.

There was about a ten foot piece of jagged steel sticking out of the port side and there were bodies hanging from it.

I heard that after the tanker backed out of the Ruchamkin it started to steam away. The tanker did not answer its radio and the Capt. shouted to the signal bridge to get on the light and tell that tanker to stop its screw. The order was given to load the five inch 38 and to stand by to fire a round across their bow.

The tanker stopped their screw and came up on their radio.

We made a few trips from the Ruchamkin to the Fremont carrying the injured and dead. We were hoisted aboard but there were still other boats operating in the area.After the other boats were recovered we headed for port. The port side troop head and shower were used as a morgue. That's how I remember that night.

Andrew S. Knopf, BMC US Navy, Retired
KnuckeyArthur E. (Ted)HNUSN3/51-7/51I, Arthur E. (Ted) Knuckey HN, was attached to the 2nd battalion, 6th Marines and was abroad the Fremont from March 5, to July 6, l951. This was a 6th fleet operation,(Med Cruise) and I was in the middle of my fourth year of a 3 year enlistment. The extra year courtesy of the Korean War and president Truman. It was a rewarding experience and one I still treasure. I was discharged from Camp Lejeune on Sept. 25th, 1951 and returned to my life as a Professional Rodeo Cowboy. I bulldogged, rode bulls, bareback and saddle bronc's, until 1955. I Joined the San Bernardino Police force in 1954 and retired as a Lieutenant 22 years later. In my spare time I returned to school, became a lawyer and entered the practice of law in 1976. I was appointed to the bench as a Superior Court Commissioner in 1988 and retired in 1999. I now hunt, fish and write books. I Married in 1954, had three daughters which has now added to my family tree, Three son-in-laws and ten grand children. I still live in San Bernardino, Ca. and my email adderess is Tedccaj@aol.com
KrenzkeLeeIC2USN9/59-6/62My name is Lee Krenzke and I served on the Fremont from September 1959 to August 1962. I was assigned to E-Division as an IC Electrician. I came aboard as an FN and left an IC2. My memories of the Fremont include the Med cruise in 61 and the many Caribbean cruises we made. I also will always remember the terrific shipmates we worked with daily. I am now living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and, in 1993, I retired from the Milwaukee Police Department after 30 years. I look forward to the reunion and would enjoy hearing from anyone from that era.
KrumbeinErnieRM2USN1955-1958Hello Gator sailors.

Was not ship's company but was on board Fremont twice from 1955 thru 1958 as staff with ComPhigGru Two. I retain many fond memories of my time on Fremont and have several scrapbooks with much memorabilia. I proudly served in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged as a RM2. I loved most every minute of it.
LagermanAlunkwnUSN9/58-5/61Served on USS Fremont from Sept. 1958 to May 1961.
Le BeauSebastian C.unkwnUSN1950'sMy name is Owen Le Beau and my father, Sebastian C. Le Beau served aboard the Fremont during the early 50's. I am trying to gather as much info as I can on the history and disposition of the Fremont as possible. As my father is passing into his later years, I would like to surprise him with a gift of his long ago younthful past. He has countless times told me stories of his time spent in the Navy on board the Fremont and USS Cambria.
LeeAlunkwnUSMC1950'sI was a Marine, second division, 6th regiment, with other Marines on the ship in the early 1950s. We were on Med cruise, made many shore landings in practice runs in several countries. Good shore leave, later transferred to Korea. Glad to read about this big ship, our home for several months.
LewbartHarryRM3USN1952Served on Fremont in 1952. Made Med cruise in CR Division.
LionWilliam D.UnkwnUSN7/54-11/55I served as MPA from July 1954 till November 1955. I have had no contact with any of my fellow crew members since shortly after my release from active duty in November 1955. After all these years, my memory is not too good so I can't put faces to many of the names of fellows who were in the B and M Divisions at that time. One item that caught my eye was a reference to a collision between the Fremont and a civilian ship in Hampton Roads mentioned by Lee Boatwright. The civilian ship was the SS Yaffo, an Israeli vessel. She did suffer loss of steering which caused her to swing into the Fremont, damaging both vessels. I was on duty in the engine room at that time and had to give testimony at an inquiry into the accident. It seemed to me that the Board of Inqauiry did its best to discredit Captain Nelson, even though the Yaffo's Captain claimed responsiblity for the accident (and the Coast Guard concurred). Captain Nelson was a fine person and it grieved me to see him suffer the attempts to degrade him by the board, and especially by the board head, Commodore of Transport Division 23. I had served as Logistics and Material Officer of Trans Div 23 prior to transfer to the Fremont, so was well acquainted with the Commodore. Anyway, I would be interested in hearing from any of the B and M Division fellows that might remember me. Perhaps their memories are better than mine. William D. Lion Email - blion2@hotmail.com
MacDonaldTomHM3USN1958I was on the Fremont, returning from Lebanon in the fall of 1958. Departed from N.C. in January for a supposed normal "Med Cruise", aboard the USS Olmsted. We were twice in Gibraltar, with stops in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and eventually Lebanon. All other ships went to France but we blew a boiler and stopped at Majorca. I recall that somewhere at sea, we took aboard a sailor from another ship via breechman's buoy, who had acute appendicitis. Tom Mac Donald, ex-HM3, USN, B Co., 1st Bn., 8th Marines, FMF.
MalakeJimSKG3USN8/55-6/57My Name is Jim Malake, I live at 609 9th Avenue Marion, Iowa zip 52302-5706 phone number 319 377 3691. I serve aboard the USS Fremont from August l955 until leaving her in the med June 57 to go on shore duty at MCARS El Toro Calif. While on the Fremont I was a StoreKeeper 3 in charge of main supply lower deck. I'm really interested in getting in touch with those shipmates I was with during the 57 Med cruise. I did leave her in June before she returned to NOB norfolk.
MantaroJoeENUSN1952-1954On Fremont 52, 53 and 54. Engineman, boat engineer. Met many good people, had many good times some sad.
McConnell Sr.Bill (Mac)DC3USN1959-1960Bill (Mac) McConnell served aboard the Fremont from 1959-1960. Came aboard as a BMSN and left as a DC3. Bill retired in 1976 as an HTC.
McDougal Sr.Robert W.FNUSN4/53-12/56I served aboard the USS Fremont APA-44 from April 1953 to December 1956 as a boiler room mechanic. My rank at the date of discharge was FN. I was discharged in December of 1956 after temporary duty aboard the USS Capricornus AKA-57. I am currently living in Summerville SC as a retired mechanic. I would like to get any information on this subject that anyone may have.
McKnightGeorgeDK3USN8/51-1/53I served on the Fremont from August 1951 to Jan 53. I was in the 3rd division deckforce,then in storekeepers div disbursing DK3. Made the Med cruise in 1952. I would love to hear from anyone who was aboard at that time. The Email address flnylady@aol.com is my wife's.
McMullenSamuel R.BM1USN1/50-10/54Samuel Richard McMullen was stationed aboard the USS Fremont from 1/50 through 10/54. At the time he was a BM3, BM2, and a BM1. His duties consisted of Assault Boat Coxswain, Deck P.O., and MAA. Lt. McMullen retired after 25 years of Naval service and passed away in December of 1982.
MeridionaleAnthony N.PFCUSMC2/51-9/51I was enjoying my view at the Reading, Pa. Mid Atlantic Air Museum annual WW11 show when I observed a gentleman in the food line with a Red "T" shirt with USS FREMONT APA 44 written across the front. I quickly asked him if he was aboard the ship. He indicated that he was on board in the 60's. Our conversation continued when I said that I was aboard in the 50's. Yes I was aboard the Fremont from early February 1951 till September 1951. I was with the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines, Easy Company Mortar Platoon. I boarded the ship at Moorhead City, NC. Sailed to Little Creek and Norfolk Va. Back to NC. then across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean to the Suez Canal back to the Atlantic to the Isle of Vieques. Then back to NC. On board the Fremont our platoon was first assigned to the 7th hole center part of the ship. Finally we were assigned to the focsle of the ship for the duration.
MontgomeryJ.D. (Joe)GM3USN1953-1956I was initially assigned to the "deck crew" where I did all the things that shipboard sailors do. That included chipping paint, swabbing decks, etc. I was later assigned to the boat unit. I later became coxswain of the LCVPs and LCM (Mike Boats) where I hit the beach many times with the Marines at Onslow Beach, NC and other locations. I later transferred in to the gunnery section where I became Gunner's Mate 3/C. I noticed that in the specs of the Fremont there was no mention of the 20MM anti aircraft gunnery on board. Although, a minor thing to mention, they were one of my primary responsibilities when I was aboard.

In reading through some of the write ups submitted by former crew members of the Fremont, they bring back a lot of memories. Such as, the collision at sea. I was in my rack when the collision occurred. However, the collision occurred on port side of the ship and I was on the starboard side. Never the less, it was cause for much confusion for hours and days later.

There was mention of the filiming of "Away all Boats". We were operating with our "Sister Ship" at the time, the USS Randle APA-224. I was able to get a glimpse of the sail boat that was used in the movie. Also, I was one ot the coxswains that hit the beach with the Marines.
MonroeCharles R.EM2USN7/55-5/57E Division Electician.
MoraFrank J.Qm3USN1952 1956I have a friend Frank J. Mora who does not use a computer but I would like to include his name as ships co. He was a QM 3rd class from 1952 to 1956.
MuirheadJimPvtUSMC11/1954Hi I just stumbled across your USS Fremont site. I think it's a great idea. I was a Marine private embarked at Morehead City, NC in Nov. 1954 for Lantflex54 (Atlantic Fleet Exercise). I was a field telephone lineman with Comm. Co., Headquartes battalion, 2nd Marine Division. I remember that we were off Cape Hatteras in really foul weather on Nov. 10, the Marine Corps birthday. The cooks made Turkey ala King for us seasick marines. It looked just like what we had been barfing up all day. most of us watched as the messcook ladled the stuff onto our tray and went straight to the GI can and dumped it..followed by the contents of our stomachs.

After 10 days aboard, we landed, soaking wet and cold, at Onslow Beach in heavy surf. I never thought I would be glad to hear the name USS Fremont again.

I did make a Med cruise later on the AKA 19 (Thuban) transferring to the AKA 107 (Vermilion) and had a great time except for landing on the North shore of the Saros Gulf in Turkey and getting stuck there when the Thuban had boiler trouble and was towed to Izmir. The Vermillion rescued us a week later after the fleet left with everyone else. By then, I was a radar tech. and I worked in the ET shacks on the Thuban and Vermillion (instead of playing cards) and made a lot of friends.

Also made a cruise to the Caribbean (Vieques) on the LSD 21 (Ft. Mandan) and to Panama on the LSD 20 (Donner). I worked in the laundry on both of those cruises. I also made some short trips on the LST 1167 (Westchester County). The Navy always took pretty good care of us and the chow was excellent.

My son Steven was a sonar tech, on the DE/FF 1086 (Brewton) and the FFG 54 (USS Ford). In 1991 had the pleasure of meeting his ship (Ford) in Pearl Harbor on his return from the Persian Gulf and returning to Long Beach with him on a Tiger Cruise. I still loved being at sea.

Jim Muirhead
USMC 1954-58
MurphyFrankFMUSN12/56-12/58Just came across site, very well done. My name is Frank Murphy I served on the ship from 12-56 until12-58 when i was honorably discharged. Attached to E-Division main duties maintaining batteries on boats. Fireman. Reside in Towson Md. My picture is on page 17 Cruise Book 1957 on duty on the Main Board in the engine room 19 at the time now 72 time flies. Frank's email address is scalemurphy@aol.com.
MurrGeorgeGMG3USN9/59-10/62I began to serve aboard the USS Fremont in September 1959, so there were at least six months where we stood together on the same chow line. At that time I was assigned to "F" Division and spent most of my working time chipping the focsle or dangling over the side with a paint brush. The January 1960, Caribbean voyage that is depicted on the APA-44 home page constituted my first cruise in the Navy. I remember SA Nesbit being lost at sea in a replenishment exercise, and was a bow hook on LCP-11 when LCPL Cook drowned during that pre-dawn landing on the island of Vieques (we searched in vain for him for two days). Later that year I transferred into the gun gang, subsequently made GMG3, and was discharged in the fall of 1962.
NunnEdSGTUSMC1/58-10/58Former Marine Corps Sgt, 2nd ANGLICO (Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company), Camp LeJeune. Attached to 1/8, January to October 1958. Served aboard the Fremont and was in Beirut. Spent the summer and fall northeast of Beirut. A couple of my buddies worked as CW operators in the communications shack. Corporals Louis (Sandy) Sandidge from Texas, and Bob Pavlovich from Wyoming.
O'ConnorJohnRM3USN1958-1960I was a member of TransPhibRonFour and attached to Fremont's Communications Division.
O'KaneWilliamSgtUSMC9/53-2/54I was embarked on Fremont from September 53 until February 54. I was a Sgt. USMC with Able Battery, 10th Marines, Second Marine Division. We mad a Med Cruise and thoroughly enjoyed my time on Fremont.
O'NeillKevinPfcUSMC1/57-6/57I was on Fremont for a Med Cruise from 1/57 to 6/57 and also in the fall of 57 as part of a NATO operation. I was with E/2/6 2nd Marine Division. Pfc. Kevin O'Neill, Kearny, New Jersey.
ParksElbert (Gene)RM2USN11/54-6/58My name is Elbert (Gene) Parks; I served aboard the Fremont beginning about November 1954 until June 1958. I started as RMSA and was RM2 when I departed. Some of the radio crew during that period was Ricard James, Tony Martino, Stewart Hill, (can't remember first name), SNEAD, Richard Wright and David Gross. I was known as SKRAPS which some of the crew may remember me by. Any information you have about these guys would be appreciated. My address is; 8 county Line road, Olean, Mo. I was employeed by the Federal Aviation Administration shortly after (2) years after leaving the Navy . I was in Air Traffic Controll until 5 years ago when I retired.
PetersBillEN3USN1955-1956I enjoyed reading the comments made by other crew members in the 50's. I see a few members that bring back so many good memories. I was a member of A Division in 1955-1956. The account by Vic Keranen was just like it was yesterday. His brother Emil, we knew him as Eek. They were great guys. I was there when Vic made that dive in PR. I would love to hear from some of the guys. I have tried to reach Ray Thibault and Jim Drake, but to no avail. All the trips to PR and Cuba were a treat. I went on to Sub School and ended up on the West Coast. Thanks for a chance to relive that part of my life again.
PettitEdwardCplUSMC1958I served on the Fremont in 1958 as a Corporal in the USMC. I was on the Med. cruise that led to the landing in Lebanon.
PoeBilly E.RD1USN1958I served aboard the USS Fremont from 1955 until Oct 1958. I was a Radarman and was discharged as an RD1 immediately after returning from the Med after the landings in Lebanon. Employed by the FAA in 1960, retired in 1994. Would enjoy hearing from fellow shipmates.
RectorPeter P.PFCUSMC9/53-2/54My compliments to you and everyone that contributed to this interesting site. I was a USMC PFC in Anti Tank Company 2nd Marines 2nd Division aboard the USS FREMONT on Med Cruise from 9/53 to 2/54. I found this site while looking for information and photographs of this ship. The photographs brought back many special memories of all the ports that we visited. I won the anchor pool 'pot' when we landed in Gibraltar. I would appreciate receiving information about the current location of any other Marines that served with me at that time.
ReedGerald (Gerry)BT3USN7/58-12/59 I was aboard the USS Fremont after serving for a year and half of shore-duty on the Naval Air Base in Norfolk, VA. I Served aboard the USS Fremont from August 1958 to December 1959. My rank was BT-3, and my younger brother, Stephen came aboard the USS Fremont six months after I was discharged. He served in the same division as myself.

Steve introduced me to this web page during a holiday visit to his home, and I was quite impressed with all the information, history, and pictures. Some of my shipmates that I remember are: Koon, BT-1; Ebert, BT-3; Wolf, BT-3; Reg Allen, BT-2; Glasgow, BT-2; and others. I did some additional sailing after my Navy days by joining the Merchant Marines. I am presently employed by one of the casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. It is my hope that I can attend one of the upcoming reunions in the near future. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that I may have served with.
RitgerBillGMUSN9/54-11/55I reported aboard the Fremont on Sept 8th 1954 and served until Nov 15th,1955. I was worked as a Fire Control Technician and was assigned to the 5" mount on the fantail. In Nov 15 transferred to the USS Albany, CA 123. I remember the week end in San Juan and the weekends in Havana Cuba. We would pick up Marines on Thursday evening at Viegues, PR and take them to San Juan and on the alternate weekend to Havana Cuba. What liberty. The best in the world. When we picked up the Marines they would not let them off the ship unless there uniform was pressed, Two of us ran a very lucrative Business pressing uniforms. I know a feller named Buddy Coker that was a Gunersmate that still lives in Bumpass Virginia.
RockeyRonSNUSN1959Seaman First Class... I was onboard 1959... Worked as a bosenmate later as a storekeeper. Transfered to the west coast to the USS Paul Revere and later discharged. Went on the trip to the Med I believe in '59.
RosenbergGary J.SK2USN11/58-8/61I served on the Fremont from November 1958 until August 1961. I left with the rank of SK2. I initially was assigned to 1st Division straight out of boot camp and was transferred to the Supply Division.

I was recently contacted by Al Lagerman after about 35 or so years without contact. He told me about the website, which has certainly brought back many memories (the vast majority good). I also had found Jim Gruber and got to see him a few years ago when my travels took me to Minneapolis. I have been living in the Los Angeles area for the last 31 years.

When I left the Fremont I enrolled in college at night and 8 years later graduated. I spent several years in the record business. I am currently partners in a company that organizes meetings, conventions and trade shows for associations and corporations.

Would like to hear from my old buddies.
RuthRussellRM3USN9/53-2/54My name is Russell L. Ruth - Nickname "Russ"- I was TAD on the Fremont - Radioman 3rd Class - A member of the Beachmaster Unit 2 group attached to the Sixth Marines. Boarded the Fremont in September 53 to February 54 for a Med Cruise. While aboard ship I stood watches in the Radio Shack except for times when we made landings during training exercises.
SagerDonETN2USN1959-8/1960Just discovered the Fremont site an hour ago after a friend of mine who was on a Destroyer just casually asked me by e-mail if the Fremont had a web site. So I went to Google and here I am. I am sorry that I did not discover this site sooner since I only live 17 miles from Savannah in Sun City/Hilton Head since 1999 and could have attended that reunion.

I came on board in Barcelona in 1959 following the Med. cruise. and then we went to Gibralter (or visa-versa). Flew over from Norfolk so I could sail back to Norfolk. Seems like we were always loading Marines at Morehead and heading toward Viegas. I was on board when we lost Nesbitt and I thought 2 Marines, maybe only one. I came on board as an ET2--leading PO, I think. I was discharged in August 1960 after 4 yrs. Attended and graduated from West Virginia University and then worked (not electronics) for 5 companies until retirement in 1998. For some reason can NOT recall any names from the Communication group on the Fremont. Probably will tomorrow as old age has set in for many of us. But I do recall the names of friends from Bainbridge, Tug Boat duty, ET School in Chicago and 18 months in Morroco at Sidi Yahia Communications Base prior to coming on board.
SailersJohn W.YN3USN1951-1954I reported aboard the FREMONT upon completion of YN school in NorVa spring of 1951 as a YNSA. Served onboard until late 1954 as Captain's Yeoman, at times under a CPO, but majority of time I was alone after advancement to YN3. I made 2 MED cruises, war games in the Carribbean, Gtmo Bay, training exercises with Navy and Army cadets on board, and on one exercises, we cruised up the Hudson to West Point and debarked the trainees. Served with and without the Flag onboard. When Flag was on board we were ComTransRonDiv-22. Was Captain's talker at special sea detail and General Quarters. Have attended one reunion in Atlanta. Please add me to roster, and e-mail me at Chirp100@comcast.net(SAILERS, John W. YNC, USN Retired)
SappKennethSM2USN6/53-1/57I served on the Fremont from June 1953 to Jan. 1957. My final rate was signalman 2nd. I was on the Fremont when they made the movie "Away all Boats". I think the ship they used to film on was the USS Olmstead or one of her class. If you see the movie the Fremont can be seen in the background of several scenes. It was filmed off the island of Vieques. We endured some bad times, when we had a mate fall thru an open hatch and lose his life. had marines and sailors drown during landing exercises. Also endured a collision with a Liberian freighter. My time on the ship spent with shipmates far outweigh the bad with good lifetime memories. Myself and two of my close friends now have sons named after each other.
SchelhouseMarvin P.CPLUSMC1/58-9/58You have a very interesting web-site and enjoyed reading the history of the USS Fremont. I am doing an exhibit at my local museum on the battle for Iwo Jima and the Fremont was participated in that invasion. I could have picked many other transport ships from WWII, but the reason I choose the Fremont is that the ship is special to me because I was aboard her from January 1958 (1stBn, 8th Marines), until we landed in Lebanon during the Crisis in July 1958. Re-embarked, I believe late September or early October 1958 for the States. When we boarded the USS Fremont at Morehead City, NC in January 1958, I was a Corporal (E-3). In Lebanon, I was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant (E-4). The rank structure changed about 1962 when they added E-8 and E-9. I retired as a Master Sergeant (E-8) in October 1976. I was in Vietnam with the 2dBn, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. I remember seeing Captain Street a few times while aboard ship and I believe that was when we were coming back to the States. Of course the word got around that the new Skipper of the ship was Captain Street, Medal of Honor and Navy Cross from WWII. It was only in the past 5-6 years that I read up on him and his Submarine service in WWII. Does anyone recall the time when we were in port, I don't remember which one, nor the time of the year, that Robert Mitchum came aboard? I was on Liberty and a buddy of mine told me about seeing him when I came back aboard the ship. He was always one of my favorite movie stars and he married a girl from my hometown and visited here quite often, especially during WWII.
SchwartzWilliam V.ElectUSN1952-1953William Vernon Schwartz, served on Fremont from 52-53 as an electrician/fireman.
Phone: 410-923-3510
Email: bschwartz@myshorelink.com
Seale Jr.Robert A.HM2USN4/55-5/55My name is Robert A. Seale, Jr, HM2 FMF Corpsman Jan.1954 to June 1955. Had the priviledge of being on the USS Fremont on 26 April 1955 to 5 may 1955. We were aboard the USS Randall going down to Vieques, PR for extended excercises and came back aboard the USS Fremont. We had liberty at Havana on the way back to Lejeuene. I was not aboard long enough to know any of the Naval crew but do remember the Fremont as being one of the nicer APA's I had been on. I correspond with Jim Wofford, USMC who also had been on the Fremont at one time. Just found out that we both had been on your ship.
SheridanJohnSNUSN1954-11/55Hi my name is John Sheridan, and was a crew member on the Fremont in the years 1954 and 1955, being discharged in Nov 1955. I was in the 1ST Division. The Fremont was a good ship and I enjoyed the tour.
ShermanMarlinQMSNUSN02/52-11/54Marlin Sherman, QMSN Served on the USS Fremont from Feb.1952 to Nov 1954- mail: betmar.1@juno.com
SimonGeorgeMM3USN1952-1955Served on board The Fremont 52-55 in "M" division. My personal web site is http://mysite.verizon.net/vze5bkje.
SmithW.L.CplUSMC01/59I reported aboard as a Cpl flamethrower squad leader with I-3-2-2 in Jan 1959/ We did a Med cruise. I retired from the Corps on 30 Nov 1976 at MCLB Albany as a SSgt metrology technician.
SpeshockJames C.MM2USN1959-1964I served on the Fremont when it returned from the Med in 1959 to 1964. The length of service aboard her was 5 years. The Fremont participated in making the movie "The Longest Day". We had a lot of one alphas when making the movie. I left when I was MM2. I was assigned to the engine room. I shipped over on the Fremont and planned on making the Navy a career. Raising a family and no luck at securing a perferred sea duty assignment left me no choice but to leave the Navy. It was a hard choice and after nine years in the Navy it is always with you. I had great experiences working on the ship and the liberty calls were not bad at all. Seeing this page has sure brought back a lot of good memories for me. I have been talking non stop all day. In my surfing exploits I have been looking for a page on the Fremont. Thanks a lot for all the enjoyment you have brought me.
St ClairWarren M.RMUSN1952-1954My name is Paul Wells and I just was looking at the Fremont Web site. I noticed that a great friend of mine was not listed in the 1950 roster. I would like to have him Listed . He just passed away this Nov 20 2003. His name is RMC Warren M. St Clair US Navy 1952 - 1972. Served aboard USS Fremont from 1952-1954

Thank you so much Paul Wells
StappWayneIC2USN1959-1961Saw reunion info in FRA mag.Served on USS Fremont 59-61 as IC Electrician with Lee Krenkize (think I spelled that wrong),Ralph Schamel, Elmer Rowe, Pat Johnstone, Pat Monahan,and a bunch of swell shipmates.GREAT WEB PAGE
SteguraTedRM2USN1953-1955I served on the Fremont when it was the flagship for Comtransdiv 22. When I first boarded her she had the only Commodore aboard in the Navy service. I could be wrong on this but that's what the shipmates related. I was on board from 1953 to 55 with prior 2 yrs svc at the main annex base at Little Creek, VA. I was a RM2 when discharged. Your website has a picture of me along with others of the radio gang. I have the same one in my photo album. I made 4 cruises to the carribean with 4 invasions at Vieques and liberties at San Juan. St Thomas, St Croix, Roosevelt Roads, etc. Also a 6th fleet cruise to the MED. Your roster contains a shipmate or two that were onboard with me. One is Boatwright and I e-mailed him but never rcvd a reply. When he came aboard I was supv of the shack. He mentions the collision we had in Norfolk harbor just as we approached the piers at the base. I was told it was an Israeli freighter that had lost its steering. Its anchor embedded into our hull in my compartment. It was on a Sunday morning and the first time the fleet had initiated brunch instead of a breakfast. Chowtime was from 9 am until noon. I was in the tv room next to the mess hall when she sounded 6 blasts for collision. My first thought was who was nuts enough to coduct a drill on Sunday especially after we had sailed through a week of Hurricane Hazel (1954). Well it was for real and we lost 23 frames with several just above the waterline in my compartment. I will never forget Mile Bigley from Niles, Nebraska, also in the radio gang and a best friend. He was the only person in the compartment which was three decks below the main. As I scrambled up one deck he past me at the main deck and ran thru officers country to the radio shack 3 decks above the main. He was completely naked and our Lt radio officer told him to get below and put his clothing on. I won't repeat Bigley's" reply. He did not sleep below for 3 months. He carried a fartsack and matress into the radio shack annex and slept there. Again.. I am impressed with your website.
StockburgerDavid F.Lt(jg)USN1954-1955Served on Fremont 1954/55. CIC Officer and later Personnel Officer. Last 30 days on active duty, was TAD, Shore Patrol Officer, Norfolk VA. Would like to talk to others on board at that time.
SwansonRayBT3USN1951-1955B Division Manistique, Michigan 49854
Sweeney Sr.William G.CPLUSMC1954-1955I was a Corporal in H and S Company of the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines, and made the Cruise on the Fremont in 1951. Loved my time on the ship. Worked on the Flag Bridge.
TedescoAnthony F.DC3USN1951-1955Carptersmate Boat repair. Tony will be the host of the 2010 reunion in Texas.
TerryHowardSMUSN1950'sPlease enter the name of Howard Terry to the 50`s roster. He was a ships signalman and a good one. I count doing this at his request a privilege.
Ken Sapp
PS. Still the best ships site!
ThompsonDennis (Tommy)MM3USN12/54-5/54Served in M Division Duties: Engine room and ship's tailor.
TomaszewskiBernard N.FP2USN1957Aboard 1957.
TudhopeJack W.SM3USN10/54-8/57I came aboard in Oct. 1954,spent about a year in the 2nd div. with Vito as div. petty off. Then was transfered to the signal bridge and made 3rd class quartermaster-signalman.I was also aboard when "away all boats" was made,I was in the picket boat when the landings were made.I have wished lots of times that I had stayed in .I left the ship in Aug. 1957. Ken Sapp and I were shipmates for a few years, along with Pete Yanalavage, Arlis Renfrow Davis,Frank Aldridge, William Terry,Jack Dolan, and other good men. 8107 18th ave east, Palmetto Fl, 34221.
TurnerJimSNUSN1/59-11/59my name is Jim Turner and I served aboard the USS Fremont from January 1959 until November 1959, I reported for duty right out of boot camp and within a couple of months we were heading for the Mediterranean. My first assignment was the deck force, followed by mess duty and finally training in the medical department which resulted in my attending Hospital Corp School at Great Lakes. I left the Navy the 4th of December 1962 as a Hospital Corpsman 2nd class having served my final two a half years at the Navy Hospital in Millington Tennessee.
ValenciaJoseph C.BM3USN5/57-2/59Served abroad the Fremont from 1957 to 1959 as a Boatswains Mate 3rd (BM3). I was aboard from the 14th of May 1957 to Feb. 26, 1959. The other Boatswain Mates in 3rd division were Willis, Datmore and Natcheroni. Did hear from Willis for several years after leaving, but lost touch long ago. This brings back lots of memories.
Van WieHarlod C.UnkwnUSN1952-1955Served on Fremont 1952-1955.
Van DeusenRonaldQM3USN12/56-11/58I was a QM3 attached to COMPHIBRON-4.
VolpeJohnQM3USN1952-1956I was not ships co., but was attached to the Commander of Transport Div 22. I was a 3rd class Quartermaster Signalman. severed on and off from 1952 to 1956. Great ship she was. Serving on the old 44 was the best time spent being in the Flag. We moved around a lot but the Fremont was our favorite, no doubt about it. Miss the crew I worked with.
WalkerDavid L.UnkwnUSN1959-1961I was on the fremont in 1959 to 1961 I remember SA nesbit. if I'm not mistaken it was discovered at morning muster that he was missing presumed overboard from excersices the night before.
WalshFrancis T.Sgt.USMC1/57-6/57I came aboard the Ship in Jan.57 with Echo Co. 2nd Bn. 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Mar Div. FMF. 60mm mortars. Departed in June of 57 after a Med Cruise. It was great to see a picture of her again!!! Sgt. Francis T. Walsh ("Knobby")
WarfVictor C.CSCUSN1950'sMy father, Victor C. Warf, CSC, deceased was a member of the ship during the 50's. I'm not sure for how long because he died in 1956. I have a reenlistment certificate, a newspaper article about an event in the Mediterranean port of Messina, Sicily, as well as many Meal cards of dinners he cooked when he was in charge of mess on the ship. I would like some information of what and where the ship went during the period. Ronald Warf, MMCS(SW), USN, Retired
WeaverRobert RayRMSNUSN7/49-10/52I ran across your Fremont web page recently. I thoroughly enjoyed returning to it over the course of a week to read all about the U.S.S.Fremont, APA-44. This was my Dad's ship. My father, Robert Ray Weaver, served aboard the Fremont as a Radioman, from 1949 to 1952. When I clicked on your Morse Code button for a special welcome to the ship's radiomen, and heard that familiar dit-dot-dit, I fondly remembered my Dad, who passed away on December 23, 1997. He would have been excited to attend the upcoming Fremont reunion. Elkhart, Indiana is only about three hours south of where I make my home, in Muncie. One of the sailors from your 50's muster roll was a close friend of my Dad's during their 1952 Med Cruise. Harry Lewbart was an RM-3 from Scranton, Pa. Since my Dad's passing I've been putting together a biography of his Navy years, complete with photos and sea-stories of crew mates and his time aboard the U.S.S. Fremont. My name is Steve Weaver and you can e-mail me at AIP1953@comcast.net. "Anchor's Aweigh"
WeglerMilton "Mike"EM3USN2/55-10/56Served as an Electrician Mate aboard the Fremont. Worked for Grumman Aero Space for 32 years and I am now retired and live in Jensen Beach, Florida.
WellsPaul J.ENFNUSN1952-1954My name is Paul J wells .I served aboard the Fremont during the period 1952-1953-1954.Ihad the rank of ENFN while on board the Fremont .I made several trips to the Med while on board. My duties included maintenance and operation of all the LCMS LCVPS And when we were under way i stood watch in the evaporator room making fresh water.

The boat shop was on the fan tail and we spent many long hours at sea playing chess and just making time until our next liberty port or condition ONE ABLE which ever came first. I spent eight years in the Navy four years were spent in the Amphibs have found at least one shipmate Joe Mantaro EN2. We spent two or maby three years sailing together aboard the ship working together.

I was aboard the Fremont the night of the collision between the USS RUCHAMKIN APD 88 and a civilian tanker .We were the flag ship and if my memory serves me corectly we had very rough weather that night and the APD 88 had some army personel aboard. We were two hundred miles from Norfolk and the trip back with the wounded was sad. Well any way please add my name and rank the 1950s Roster of the USS FREMONT APA44 on which I was proud to serve.
WoffordJ. M.SgtUSMC1957I made 2 cruises in 1957, one was a Med. cruise the other a Nato cruise. My unit the 2nd Bn.6th.marines h&s co. were turned back at the Rock and returned to Beirut in October. We went ashore for 3 or 4days and were issued our Geneva Conv.cards.
YawWarren HenryEND1USN1953I was a Reservist, called in to active duty during WW2 and served at the NAVAL LANDING FORCE EQUIPMENT DEPOT in Norfolk Virginia. I remained there until the war ended in Europe. At NLFED I worked on the TEST STANDS and we tested all the repaired landing craft engines. I earned the END rate there. I did make it to the Carolina Islands as the atom bomb struck in Japan, then on to Okinawa where I was sent to duty on YOG80 and in November lost the YOG on a coral reef in a Typhoon. From there I was released from active duty in 1945.

In 1950 I was called to active duty and reported to Charleston to be assigned. then on to Norfolk and assignment on the Fremont. I was on the Fremont most of 1950 until early 1952. I was in charge of the evaporator crew, a very good group of Sailors and we enjoyed our duty. While on the ship (the goingest Ship in the Navy) among other trips up and down the coast, we made one trip to the MEd 1951 during this trip I did SP duty in every port while the evaps were secured. We made one trip up the Hudson to West Point to take some cadets home after some training in the Caribbean. My active duty was almost complete and the ship was scheduled for a cruise to the North Atlantic , so I transferred to the Kliensmith APD 134 for the balance of my duty. Warren Henry Yaw END1 (known as Henry by all ships crew). I really liked the good ship FREMONT, and all the fine "buddies" that I sailed with and I would like to hear from them. E mail to wyaw3054@charter.net
YebbaAnthonyRM3USN11/57-3/60I was assigned 2nd Division when reported aboard. Learned to chip paint, swab, cargo handling, and the art of bow hook on an LCVP. After six months, I was transferred to the Communications Division, thanks to Capt. Paul Savidge. Assigned to Boat Group Commander's boat as RM during landing exercises. Stayed in the Navy Reserve off and on during the next 37 years and retired with 31 years of service as a Chief in 1997.
YednakStephenCPLUSMC1957My name is Stephen Yednak, I am a former Marine CPL. I served aboard the Fremont in 1957 as part of the NATO Cruise. I was H & S, 2ND BATT. 6TH Marines, Motor Pool. I can be reached at e-mail address:BARBARAYEDNAK@CFL.RR.COM. SEMPER FI......
YoungWilliam J.RD2USN7/51-2/54My name is William J. Young. I served aboard the Fremont from July 1951 till Feb 1954, I left the ship as an RD2 for duty on LST 1159. While on board had a much longer name, not worth repeating now. I served with Moss, Sullivan, O'Brien, Currey, Franks, Sterbling, all in the Operations Division.
YuleWillisMM3USN1951-1955I was a machinists mate 3rd class. Served with "Tommy" Thompson, Harold VanWie, Gordy Falk, George Simon, Denny Seaman, along with others. Would love to hear from any of you.
ZanzeNickRMSNUSN1954-8/55Served aboard the USS Fremont 1954 to Aug 1955 Nick Zanze RMSN was transfered from USS New Kent APA 217 which was decomissioned. Boarded the Fremont in Norfolk. We took part in several war games off of and on Vieqes Island after loading Marines in Charleston. I was an RM on the bridge while at sea and also was the Boat Group Commander's RM during landing force operations. We were well trained and ready for anything any place and any time. Looking back, which I have done many times, my four years in the Naval Service was a wonderful experience. Met many good men. I'm a native Californian and spent forty years as a longshoreman in the Long Beach Los Angeles Harbor and I am a proud retured member of the I.L.W.U. The years I spent as a Seaman on the USS New Kent served me well in breaking in on the waterfront. Some of the guys that I recall serving and standing watch with were Joe Nycz, Chuck Printy, Cliff Bemis, Jown Lowrey, and Vince Galbo.

--------- GO NAVY --------- Nick Zanze RMSN
ZorteaGeneUnknwnUSN1950My father, Gene Zortea, served on the USS Fremont around 1950 I believe. He was very proud and happy with his time on that great ship. My dad died on November 4, 1996. Sadly, I didn't ask him many details about his time on the Fremont. My mother just heard from Nick Di Enno, a shipmate of my dad's, I think. I don't know how to contact him. Is there anyone who knows my dad? If so, please write so I can find out a few things about his youth. My deepest thanks to all of you who served on the Fremont or in any armed service to our country. My children and I enjoy the sacred freedom you defended. Tony Zortea -- If you have any information for Tony please contact him at Tony_Zortea@3com.com.

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