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The 60's

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Quick List:
Astuccio, Tony
Barker, Bill
Barnett, Jerry
Batastini, Paul
Berryman, Rowland R.
Billings, Tom
Blair, Eugene R.
Bodmer, Gerald
Boise, Thomas L.
Bowden, Thomas E.
Bowman, Ronald
Brandt, Paul
Breckenfeld, Bruce
Breece, Howard D.
Brigandi, Peter R.
Britton, Royal C.
Brown, Carl
Broyhill, Michael L.
Buccigrossi, John M.
Burleson, Roy
Cains, John J.
Carraway, Glenn
Carrier, Bob
Carter, Roger
Cartonio Sr., Don
Castor, Bob
Cheese, Ed
Christy, Jim
Clark, David C.
Clark, George
Clark, Ken
Cochrane III, Frank
Coolbaugh, George
Corigliano, Robert
Cormier, Richard A.
Coveney, Raymond
Cross, Mark
Curtáin Seán
Czaplicki, Theodore (Zap)
Dahn, Arnold (ED) Dahn
Dame, John J.
Daugherty, Arlie B. (Smokey)
Davies, John E.
Dawson, Michael
Dellinger, Jim
Dovalina, Ramon H.
Downey, Neil E.
Dwyer, Donald W.
Earls, Bob
Edwards, Terry
Elliott, William W.
Ellis, Robert G.
Engel, Walter
Etzweiler, Bruce
Etzweiler, Leon
Finn, R. J.
Flanagan, Bob
Fontenot, Terry
Forbes, Ernest
Force, Steve
Ford, Gerald L.
Fowler, David W.
Fowler, Larry M.
Furey, Bob
Garbarino, Bill
Glennon, Mike
Gorski, Daniel
Graves, Ronald (Ron)
Guzis, Ed
Hamko, Andrew S.
Hanley, Ron
Harris, Joe
Harter, James
Hecker, Steve
Henry, James
Hesketh, Jerry
Honan, Tony
Hudson, Bill
Huff, George M.
Hunt, Philip
Johnson, Larry G.
Karl, Edward F.
Kastberg, Marv
Kinder, Robert L.
Kinder, Stephen F.
King, Gary R.
Kirchner, Anthony
Kirk, Bill
Kleckner, Ronald
Klicar, Frank M.
Konrad, Al
Kopras, Kenny
Kramer, Donald
Kurtzweil, Clarence (Kurt)
LaFrance, Joe
Lambes, Jim
Landgren, Paul
Lawrence, David
Lipari, Joseph
Little, William F.
Machenberg, Al
Maddox, Marvin M.
Marcel, Wallace J.
Marshall, C. Patrick
Marso, Daniel G.
Mason, Roland
Mazy, Jim
McBride, Richard
Meehan, Walter (Wiz) J.
Mondon, Bill
Moran, Joe L.
Morgan, Roger
Mortarotti, Gerald
Muehlbauer, John P.
Muhleman, Don
Overton, Danny
Paris, Paul
Perez, Pete
Powell, Kenneth D.
Primavera, Al
Quantz, Danny
Reck, Bernard
Reed, Steve
Reis, Robert
Riley, James A.
Risio, Larry
Rochefort, Richard H.
Rose, Fred
Rosenbaum, Gary E.
Ross, Bill
Ryan, Ed
Sanders, Donald J.
Schaar, Bob
Schlorman, Tom M.
Schmelter, Dan
Shank, Leroy M.
Sheley, David
Shores Jr., Leonard E.
Sink, Murry L.
Skierski, Jackie W.
Smeriglio, Mickey
Smith, Lonny
Snow, Richard
Snyder, Dennis
Spargo, Rick
Spencer, Bruce
Staton, Carlton
Strange, Hal R. (Randy)
Sutton, Donnie Hugh
Therell, Bill
Thigpen, Jim D.
Thompson, Daniel
Tischler, Jr., Rogert G.
Tooley, Donald R.
Troyer, Ed
Van House, Robert
Vilionis, Victor
Vuocolo, Leo W.
Wagstaff, Ronald E.
Walsh, Harry
Warnke, Bob
Watson, Robert C.
Weaver, Jim
Wesner, Jonathan
Whitt,Jerry L.
Will, Gerald W.
Willard, Gary L.
Williams, Fred
Williams, Joseph "Gary"
Williams, Sydney "Willie"
Wotherspoon, Gerald R.
Wren Jr., Ernest
Yauilla, Paul F.
Zenobia, Gary
Zimmerlee, Charles C.

AstuccioTonySK3USN9/64-8/66I came aboard as a seaman after a short tour in Pa. Naval Base. As I recall Capt. Casey left the ship the same day I did August 66.
BarkerBillMM2USN1/68-6/69I had transferred from the USS Cadmus AR-14. As an MM2, I was assigned to the engine room. Was on two Med cruises. Beginning in May 69, we began the moth balling process. We had a great ship's party in Portsmouth. A memorable event.
BarnettJerrySNUSN5/62-8/64My name is My name is Jerry Barnett, I served on the "Freddie" from 16 May 1962 - Aug. 10 1964. Service # 549-39-07, I was in 1st Div. the whole time except for a month on the Signal Bridge (after which I was "canned") and a couple of weeks as Captain's driver (from which I was also canned after it was discovered that I didn't know how to drive!!). I went on board as SN, after a 1 year tour at the Naval Reserve Fleet in Philadelphia (and a month in the brig). SN was as high as I got, too many parties, too many pals! 8 Captain's masts and another month in the brig didn't help my chances for promotion any... It was a rough life, but needless to say, I made the best of it!! I am now a member of the Merchant Marine, and have been ever since I left the Freddie (I always loved the sea, but didn't care too much for the rigors of the USN)... I was totally surprised and delighted to find this site, GREAT JOB!! I hope to hear from someone who may remember me......
BatastiniPaulUnknwnUSN1961-1962My dad Paul Batastini was the ships Marine dentist from 1961 to 1962.
BerrymanRowlandEM2USN1963-1966I was an electrician (did lots of running lights) aboard freddy. Would love to find several shipmates.
BillingsTomLtJgUSNR1961-1962Wow! It's hard to believe. I thought everybody had forgotten about the Freddy! I'm Tom Billings. I joined the Fremont end of summer 1961 in, I believe, Kinitra, Algeria.....as a fresh, very fresh, Ensign after ROTC at the University of Missouri. I was on Freddy until after the Bay of Pigs.. I was dragged off the ship in the middle of the night as we entered Genoa, Italy...and sent back to Norfolk to the staff of Admiral Pittard aboard the USS Pocono where we were in charge of the Polaris missles aboard the nuke subs....and ...steamed off Cuba a couple of times. Now, at the time everybody was amazed that I actually got off the Freddy. Afterall, Capt. Greenbacker , Commanding Officer (and a lawyer, for chrissake!) made me a LtJg up in his cabin. He said if it were up to him he wouldn't transfer me. But the Government forced him.. Remember Capt Greenbacker at the enlisted party in Barcelona looking very shocked about the "young ladies" you guys had invited. Anyway, I was hauled off the Freddy because somebody going through my files noticed that I had had experience in Cuba as a teenager. Well, I'm not sure that was the kind of experience they were looking for...but it got me a nice long trip through europe before I reported in in London ("How in hell did you get here. You are supposed to be in Norfolk!) Thing was that I went to Cuba on a Boy Scout jamborie, and my best friend there, Jesus Fernandez Llamas, led the Bay of Pigs disaster.and the Navy thought I might be of some help. Did go to Washington to help draw up invastion plans to Cuba. Saw the Vietnam thing coming...and I got out in late summer 1993. Was contacted in Los Angeles..while working on a boating magazine...and asked to join a fast attack high-speed boat Naval Reserve boat group. I knew where that was heading..and said no. Funny thing, I talked with my daughter's ex-father-in-law, a blood & guts Marine Col...and he said he had, I believe, ridden on Freddy in Nam and Korea. Details: I was 2nd Div. Officer....and in the Papa Boats..boat group commander? Lots of nice "deck apes" back there. Guess I wasn't the best officer in view of the ring knockers (Milner, for one) ...but I have a lot of great memories.

I'm back at the University of Missouri as a professor (journalism?) over in the College of Agriculture. I work with rural development programs for poor farmers...and have run the international training program...did work in Pakistan. Work on supporting biotech research in agriculture. Mostly I don't know a pig from a chicken..although I've had 30 years here to find out. Hey! I was faking it on the Fremont as well. Anyway, I joined the navy because of some family tradition. My uncle William Beaker Billings was on Halsey's staff aboard the USS Indianapolis. He went thorugh Pearl, Coral Sea, etc...and was killed in the Aleutians flying his Curtis C5 pontoon spotter plane. His brother Bud, was wounded as a Marine on Okinawa. Would love to hear from any and all of you. Love to you..... Tom Billings My email at UM is BillingsT@Missouri.edu. Address 1-87 Agriculture Building, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211 PS: Have talked with only three Freemont crew: Tom Brady, whose father was a professor and administrator here at MU, is a professor of History at University of Oregon or Oregon State. I can find out which if you wish. Bob Flexner, who was shipped to the Pentagon becaue he spoke Russian, is now a world-class cabinet maker...and has written several books on wood refinishing. He's back in Oklahoma City; Ted Bartee lives up on Signal Mountain in Tennessee. He was a commodities broker.
BlairEugene R.SNUSN9/66-9/68My name is Eugene R. Blair. I served aboard the "Mighty Freddy" from Sept66-Sept68. I was assigned to the boat group as a coxain. I came aboard as a seaman and left as a seaman. I got out of the Navy in 1968, staying with a reserve unit, coming back on active duty in 1974. I retired out of the navy Sept 95, as a MACS. Really would like to hear from some old shipmates.
BodmerGerald (Jerry)IC2USN2/61-4/64I am Gerald (Jerry) Bodmer and I transferred to the USS Fremont in Feb. 1961 as an ICFN (USN) and according to my "Performance Evaluation", (unbelievably, I still have a copy). As an IC2, I was in charge of the IC Crew until I left the ship in Malta in April 1964. I extended my enlistment for a transfer to the Sub Base in New London, Conn. After requesting for weeks, Captain Burke finally authorized my transfer because an escort was required to stay with a casket (in transit to the US) of a BT who was killed by an HP air steam leak in the Engine Room. Unfortuneately, we got seperated on Malta (he was in the airport reefer and I was in town) and he went home with his orders (and mine). From there on it was a major fiasco to get back to the US, but after several days hopping between Greece, Italy & finally Turkey, I got a ride back on a commercial airliner much to the dismay of the Kennedy Airport Shore Patrol. One day later, I was in good stead again with the USN and on my way to Sub School.

Ex Fremont crewman & proud of it! Jerry Bodmer
BoiseThomas L.EM3USN2/66-2/67I was on the Fremont from February 1966 to February 1967. I was an electrician EM3. I spent most of the time as MAA. I was discharged in Italy in February 1967. Looking to hear from a 1st class MAA named Louis.
BowdenThomas E.RD1USN1962-1964Served 1962 thru 1964 in Operations Division, LPO CIC.
BowmanRonaldLCPLUSMC9/62-3/63Team chief attached to 1st Batt-2nd MarReg from 2nd Division Comm.
BrandtPaulUnkwnUSN1964-1967My husband was aboard the USS Fremont from l964-67. Unfortunately he is not the writer in the family...so I will give you some information gathered from holiday cards from friends we have stayed in touch with all these years: Pat Fagan went on to a great career in the Navy and is now teaching NJROTC at Shawnee Mission High School in Kansas City and cheering on the KU Jayhawks... He had command of his own ship the year the reunion was in Norfolk, I remember going aboard. Ed Guzis went to Viet Nam, later to work for Alcoa. He's now in Iowa and somewhere I do have the e-mail address. Will add later. Capt. W L Sheppard is in retirement in Greensboro GA, and was followed into the Navy by two sons. Victor Loehrer now lives in Bellevue, WA but has been in the Seattle area since leaving the Navy. Last, but not least, Paul Brandt was the boat group commander during that fateful second cruise to the Med. in '66 where that little collision occurred...he came back to Steubenville, Ohio in l967 to follow his Dad in the automobile business, which is where he is at this moment...One of our daughters also gave some time to the Navy in Okinawa and then settled near Whidbey Island, WA...any questions, ask him at: pabrandt@1st.net..happy holidays from his wife, Marlies.
BreckenfeldBruceUnkwnUSN1961-1963I have found 2 shipmate due to this site and have e-maied them and found out they remebered me. We now can e-mail each other with sea stories. Which there are a few. from 1961-1963. I was comimg back off leave when she had to go to Cuba but caught up with her after being sent to Gitmo. My nick Name is and was "Breck" I was in "A" Div. And Got the Reefer dept. first. then to steamheat where I got both the fwr and after emergencey Fire pumps running D.A. Budas. Breck.
BreeceHoward D.RMUSN1959-1963My father served aboard the USS Freemont from 1959 until 1963. He passed away on 10/11/10. I came to this site because when I went home for his funeral, we were looking at a lot of his momentos from his days in the service. The Navy was there for his funeral too. He was proud to have served our country. Thank you, Bridgette (Breece) Grace. If you knew Howard Breece you can contact Bridgette at her email address: Dansingb@aol.com
BrigandiPeter R.CplUSMC9/62-1/63I was aboard the USS Fremont from Sept 62 till Jan 63 Cpl. Peter R. Brigandi - 2nd Battalion 6th Marines. I'm retired now from IBM corp.
BrittonRoyal C.RMCUSN1959-1962The best 31/2 years of my 20. 13 years Navy, 7 years USAF.
BrownCarlQM3USN11/66-6/67Served on the Fremont from Nov 66 until June 67 as a QM3.
BroyhillMichael L.MM3USN10/61-3/63I was aboard Oct 61 - Mar 63. I joined the "Freddy" as an MMFA and left her as an MM3. M-Division the entire time. You may remember the M & B Div. spaces were in the fantail. Bill Dubois was the senior PO, in M Div at the time, always wondered what became of him. He was a fine man. There was a Chief Charley Fiener too, I have never wondered what became of him. Funny, I can remember the faces of nearly everyone in the fire & eng rm., but the names are becoming hazy. I certainly remember the blockade at Gitmo. Also remember the young 2nd Lt., that was killed during an excercise off Veigues. Does anyone remember the BM2, Calvin Grabb, And Pops the BM1 in the MA's Shack. I remember Pops was in his late fifties and the time. Had been in and out of the Navy a couple of times. I was transferred to the USS Sarsfield DD-837, in Mar 1963. Fun times when we look back, but it was a lot of work when you sit down and actually think about. My E-Mail: Mmga74@aol.com.
BuccigrossiJohn M.SK3USN6/64-6/66I served on the Fremont (Fighting Freddie) for two years from June 16, 1964 to June 18, 1966. I first boarded her in dry dock in late June or early July when she was having some major repairs done. I vaguely remember her setting sail sometime in late July of '64 for a shake down cruise to the Caribbean. When we returned from there sometime in the latter part of 64 or the early part of 65, we made operations in and around the States before departing for a Med cruise. I think the Med cruise lasted 6 months after being extended a month longer than scheduled. While in the Med, I mostly remember the mooring in Sicily. There I took basket leave and visited Rome with two other shipmates. We had a good time. I remember visiting ports in Spain, and Greece as well and swimming inside a flooded LST so as not to be eaten by sharks. When we returned to the States, we did various operations in and around the States and South America. I separated from the Navy and departed the Fremont on June 18, 1966.
BurlesonRoyPFCUSMC9/62-3/63Attached to 1st Batt-2nd MarReg from 2nd Division Comm.
CainsJohn J.FT3USN6/64-8/66I served aboard the "Fearless Freddie" from 64-66. I went on board the day after she returned from the 64 Med cruise as Seaman Firecontrol Striker, and left as an FT3 in mid August 66. I served in 3rd div Slick Matheny GM1 was Division PO. I remember Ensign Paul Brandt, he was Gunnery / Div Officer. When I came aboard there was also Frank Burton GM3, Neal Cohn FT3, A. B. Rodgers GM3, John B Reynolds (from Indianapolis), Mike Patcowitz, (not sure of spelling)and a lot of others who I can remember the faces but not the names. I really enjoy this site and would like to hear from any old shipmatesI was in 3rd division and remember the Caribbean and Med cruises, the trip to NYC and Miami. I remember watching many movies shown by Parris IC Electrician. Does anyone one remember sinking by the bow when the fire main burst in the forward hold while we were preparing to go to the Dominican Republic? Finding this web site has made my weekend. Very well done.

John J Cains
CarrawayGlennETCSUSN1/68-8/69I went aboard the Fremont on 1 January 1968 as a Chief Electronics Technician assigned to OE Division. I departed the Fremont on 29 August 1969 as a Senior Chief. I made two Med Cruise during my time on board and I also made the Miami Beach trip.
CarrierBobENFNUSN10/59-10/61Does anyone remember who the crew members were on LCM 17 when she lost her ramp? My name is Bob Carrier went aboard 6 Oct 59 Transferred 20 Oct 61 precom school for USS Ashland LSD 1. My rate was ENFN . 07-17-62 I went to hospital in Portsmouth,VA. problems with left knee. 08-30-62 I was transferred to ACU-2 . Made EN-3 an was a engineer on the LCU- 1473 boat. I remember the movie we were in The Longest Day. I remember a lot of things that happen on the Fremont while I was aboard her.
CarterRogerSM3USN5/66-5/68I am MSgt Roger Carter USAF Retired and former SM3, serving on the Fremont May 66 to May 68. Best memories are being at sea on her. I'll always remember my shipmates and the great times we had.
Cartonio Sr.DonUnkwnUSMC1962Served aboard the USS Fremont, September'62 for Med cruise and Cuban crisis. Plus Carribean cruise. I served in the 1st.Battalion 2nd.Marines 81mm motar platoon. Anyone who served during this time feel free to contact...I SUPORT OUR TROOPS. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!!
CastorBobRDUSN4/66-4/69Served on Fremont as Radarman April 1966 - April 1969. Retired LDO 1989.
CheeseEdRD2USN1965-1967I've been trying to find some info on the Fremont for years with no luck. Imagine my surprise when I found it by chance on the Internet. I'm really enjoying the information you've made available. I've even discovered a friend (Bob Castor) has been added to the 60's muster list. I was an RD2 USN. I came aboard during the 65 Med. cruise. Also, made 66-67 Med cruise. I believe it was during the 66-67 cruise when we had a collision with a Greek Navy ship during hi-lining. We had some minor damage and had to return to Naples for a second visit and some repairs. Had a lot of fun on the Freddy.
ChristyJimYN3USN9/61-7/62I went aboard the Fremont in (I think) September, 1961 as a brand new YN3 and was made Operations Yeoman. The ship had just returned from the Med. I hung around with Mike Quaresima who I think was a Radarman 3rd. As a matter of fact, your site shows a photo of Mike and his crew on page 5 of the 'Ship's Photo Album" page where a photo shows Mike, Ost, Davies, Ford (all who I remember) and "unknown." I think I'm the "unknown" because he looks like me and I remember the photo. As a matter of fact, I have photos taken at the same time of the same guys in the same spaces. The only problem is; if it's me with the boys, it wasn't taken during the Med cruise as labeled. I left the ship with my discharge papers in July 1962.
ClarkDavid C.CYNSNUSN1966-1967I served on the U.S.S. Fremont during the med-cruise in 1966-67 (I think those were the dates). I was a CynSN in the Radio shack and made the cruise to Naples, and the rest of the med we cruised to Malta, Spain, and Greece. I would love to see if any of my friends in the Radio shack were ever contacted etc. John Wisegarver CYN3 and Ron Johnson RM2 were a couple I can remember.
ClarkGeorgeRM2USN1960I spent one day on the Fremont in training off NORVA about 1960. I am searching for TACRON 22 guys out of LCreek - 60-63.
ClarkKenRD2USN9/66-8/68 I was LPO of Ops Div. (cic) from late '66 -8/68. Was also resident Safe Cracker. As classified document Librarian, I issued docs. to TAD Ensigns, teach them how to change the combination on state room safes and then they'd go ashore, get all tanked up and forget their combination. Sick Bay got so tired of me borrowing a stethoscope that they bought me one of my own. Remember sneaking into our Lt.Cdr's state room, cracking his 6 ft. safe and hanging a big sign saying “Happy Birthday” and not saying a word to anyone. He knew it was me, but couldn't prove it. Was also ship's diver. Remember going 90 ft. down in Naples harbor to find out which anchor was on top of which. The wind had moved us side ways while Med-Mooring. Brand new captian. If you were aboard 17Jun67, a book “ Ship Without a Country” is a MUST read. We were about 400 miles east of the USS Liberty when it got all shot up during the 6 day war in Israel. There was a Russian cruiser, 2000 yds. dead astern of us the whole time and all of a sudden none of my E-Lint gear was working. After being told “don't worry about it” a second time, by the Lt.Cmdr I knew it was time to shut up. And now I know why. Do any RM's remember any thing like that going on in the radio shack ? Remember being held over in the Med for 2 weeks because of it and not being replenished because “we were going home” and then ate C-rations all the way. Went to H.S. with Michael Hadin (former CIA director). At a H.S. reunion he still insisted that it was “mistaken identity”. Read the book ! Yes I remember colliding with the Greek destroyer, I was out on the 03 deck watching the hi-line when it happened. She lost her rudder and then went dead-in-the-water. Scraped up the port side, but nobody hurt & not much damage.
Cochrane IIIFrankUnkwnUSMC9/62-3/63I was a attached to 1st Batt-2nd MarReg from 2nd Division Comm. Three of us were to supply ship-to-shore communications. When the USS Pocano left, I elected to stay on Fremont as the "entire" Marine Communications Force, my two buddies made the landings. During the cruise the USS Mount McKinley joined us for the last landing, I was aboard the Mount McKinley about a year earlier in the Caribbean. We had heavy seas on the way home. Marines were kept off decks. I lived in the most forward compartment with the Marine cook. The anchor chain went through our compartment. What a great place to sleep at sea, but what a racket when we dropped anchor. It was a small compartment and no one bothered us. The three of us Div Comm only worked during landings and we had Port and Starboard Liberty cards. Damned life was great at nineteen. I stood radio watch on about the 05 level towards the rear of the superstructure. Radios or teletype only went down early in the mornings. Life at sea was great especially on the Fearless Freddie. Maybe I missed it, but Fremont was in the movie "The Longest Day", I think some of her landing craft can be seen on beach.
CoolbaughGeorgeLT(jg)USN10/68-9/69I served in FREMONT from Oct/Nov'68 through her decomissioning as an Ensign/LT(jg), fresh from OCS, comm & amphib schools. Allegedly ran the signal & radio gangs under LT Bill Manville (Commo), but Radioman Chief Townsend took pity on the boot & kept me out of trouble (he wasn't the only CPO to do that over the years!). Made the last Med cruise (landings in Corsica & Sardinia; liberty in Livorno, Naples, Malaga, Cannes, etc.), and watched Freddie fall to the wrecker's torch in Portsmouth when we returned. I left FREMONT just before her decomissioning, and transferred to NAVCOMMSTA Guam - but that's a few more sea stories. Left active duty in April'71, remained in the active reserves (cryptology), and retired as Commander in '88. Somewhere I have photographs from the last deployment, as well as the FREMONT plaque I was given when I left the ship. I'll search them out & send them along for inclusion on this incredible web site.
CoriglianoRobertEM3USN1962-1964I was on the Fremont from 1962 1964 EM3
CormierRichard A.RNSAUSN12/63-7/64I serve on the USS Fremont from Dec 1963 till July 1964 as a RNSA It was one Med cruse that will always stick in my memory.
CoveneyRaymondLTJGUSNR7/64-6/66I served as a deck officer, then gunnery officer and with the landing party aboard Fremont in the Carribean, the Med and the Atlantic. I’d very much like to reconnect with any of my shipmates, especially Al Feehan, Martin Casey, Rip Peeler, Red Yielding, Chuck Robb, or anyone else who served on the Freddy between July 1964 and June1966.
CrossMarkRM3USN1/61-5/63Served aboard U.S.S. Freemont from Jan. 1961 until May of 1963. Was Radioman 3rd. Class. First time looking up the ship I served on during my time in the U.S. Navy. My e-mail address is mark.linda1@verizon.net Was in Guantanamo Bay with the Freemont during the Cuban Crises in 1962.
CurtáinSeánL/CplUSMC4/61-9/61 I did a Med Cruise on the Fremont as a member of the 3rd Btn, 6th Marines, from early April to late September, 1961. During the arrly stages of the Cruise, none of the ship's lights above deck were lit after dark because there was a lesser Berlin crises at that time. About mid-way to Europe, I was assigned to the messhall, an assignment which gained me a 3.9/3.9 conduct and proficiency rating from the Navy as a messman - a far better rating than I ever received from USMC. Our most important 'mission' of the Cruise was in Corsica. Here we all became movie stars by playiny the part of U.S Army troops landing on Normandy Beach on D Day in the MGM movie THE LONGEST DAY. I started the Mediterannean Cruire as a PFC (E-2) in the 3rd Platoon, "K" Company and finished the cruise as a L/Cpl (E-3), being one of 2 marines in the platoon to be promoted aboard the Fremont. No doubt the high performarce rating I obtained from the Navy as a messman helped me secure the promotion. It was a most enjoyable experience to be aboard the Fremont and to visit so many countries and see so many great sights and interesting people, including Pope John XX111.
CzaplickiTheodore (Zap)HNUSN5/67-10/67I was stationed aboard the USS Fremont from 12 May 1967 to 27 Oct 1967. Unfortunately, during that time, we went through a Yard Period and so I missed the long cruises. I reported aboard as an HA (Hospitalman Apprentice)and left as an HN. I had the honor of participating the a Change of Command Ceremony as a "Side Boy." I don't remember many names, but here are a few of the Corpsmen: Pedro (Chico) Colon, Operating Room Technician - Joe (Tex)? - Joe Rizzo (from New York), and Bob, the guy that liked beer and hoped he would retire from the Navy in 20 years. I enjoyed my time with the crew, sewing a few of them up, giving a few of them injections, and of course, removing the paint chips from quite a few of their eyes. The cooks were the best, and when we took on stores, sometimes a watermelon, some eggs, or a can of Spam would make a left turn to the small sick bay kitchen instead of a right turn towards the mess decks!

I left the "Freddy" for Camp Lejune and the FMF. Ended up at USNH Yokosuka, separated in 1970 as HM3. Theodore (Zap) Czaplicki
DahnArnold (Ed)SNUSN7/66-7/68I serve on the USS Fremont from July 1966 till July 1968 as a Seaman in the 2nd Division.
DameJohn J.RD3USN2/61-10/62I reported for duty on the Fremont in Feb 1961 and served until Oct 1962. I started out as a SA on the deck force. After submitting a chit for OI Division, I began my job as a Radarman. My final rank aboard the Fremont was RD3, although I did pass my RD2 exam before I was separated. During my tour of duty, I made two Med. cruises and three Caribbean cruises. Two of my high lights were both on the Med cruises. The first being on board during the filming of "THE LONGEST DAY" in 1961. The second being anchored off the coast of Sardenia during one alpha exercises in 1962. About 2 AM one morning, General Quarters was sounded, and we were ordered to get underway. I remember the words, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL". We steamed through the Straits of Gibralter, and it was 48 hours before we found out we were headed for Cuba. When we finally reached Cuba, I walked out on deck; and couldn't believe the number of ships I saw on the horizon. I was scheduled to be discharged in January 1963, but was immediately extended for six months. Thank God the missile crises was resolved, and I was actually discharged early after going back to the Med. The time I spent on the Fremont was some of the most enjoyable in my life, and your Web Site has brought back many fond memories.
DaughertyArlie B. (Smokey)SNUSN1961-1965Rank was Seaman in the Boat group. Ran LCM's, LCVP's, Mark IV-PL's, qualified helmsman. Played 3B for the Fremont Phibilant Championship fast-pitch softball team. The won the phibilant championship in 1963. I also fondly remember driving PA44-10 during the Longest Day filming. Hello to all my fellow shipmates. On 11/07/05 sadly Arlie lost his near 12 year battle with Cancer/Leukemia and passed away in St. Louis University Hospital. Arlie was present at the 2005 reunion in Nashville where he got to be with Clayton Staton and and all the shipmates from the Fremont. It meant alot to him and to the family that he could see some of the guys with which he served because he'd talked about them for years.
DaviesJohn E.RD2USN1960-1963I came aboard the USS Fremont in the Med in Greece in the summer of 1960 as an RDSN. Made RD2 in the radar gang or OI Division (missing in pix of 1961 Med Cruise (watch duty!)/name spelled wrong. Now living and teaching science in Florida after 15 years living in Europe as a business executive. Had homes in Winchester, England; Hadsten, Denmark and worked in 16 European countries as an HR director. Looking for Mike Quaresima, Edgar Troyer, PJ, Zeke and others. Have two daughters (in England), two sons, and loved my navy experience!
DawsonMichaelBMUSN4/64-4/68I was in the boat Division 1964 to 1968. I can't remember a lot names but do have alot of good memories.
DellingerJimBM3USN4/65-7/66I can only remember a few names in BG Division during that time. Smith BM1, John Soussi BM2, Kramer BM3, and Powell BM striker. I made one Med cruise, and one Carribean cruise. I remember having a drinking contest while on the Med cruise in Malta with sailors and marines off a British Aircraft Carrier, and loosing the contest. If any of you remember me please contact me at jkdellinger@home.com.
DovalinaRamon H.CPLUSMC1964What a site and what memories. I was in the Marines from 62 to 65 and was a troop for two cruises in 1964. In early 64 I was a Lance Corporal with D Co. 1/8 and went on a Med cruise. I remember the many days at sea due to the problems in Cyprus. Our first actual stop was in Crete. They got us off for a hike and I also got promoted to Corporal. During the Cyprus crisis we got cancelled for stops in Nice and Istanbul. For the latter we got to port but never got off. We did make Malta, Sardinia, Corsica, Naples (twice) and Barcelona.

When we got back to stateside I was transferred to an MP company. I was short; I had seven months to go and had an opportunity to get attached to Hq. Co. 3/2 and go on a Caribbean cruise. I volunteered and, lo and behold, ended right back on the Fremont. I went to Vieques, Guantanamo, Kingston, Curacao, San Juan and Ponce. My favorite place was Vieques because, as an MP, I had a chance to befriend the few pretty girls in the island as well as some very nice town officials.

It's kind of strange to read now that the Greeks and the Turks are still not getting along in Cyprus and the islanders are still trying to stop the bombing in Vieques.

Life has been good for me. I went to college and eventually got a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin. I am president of my hometown community college and past commandant of our Marine Corps League Detachment.

Semper Fi
Ramon H. Dovalina
DowneyNeil E.HMUSN1966This is GREAT! The ONLY Sea time I got to do in the Navy was a Med cruise on The Fremont, even though I was TECHNICALLY A SAILOR.I always considered myself a Marine, since that's who I spent the most time with. I was a Corpsman with Kilo 3/8 for the 66 Med Cruise. Thanks for putting this site together.I just wish I could have made a med Cruise AFTER NAM. Boy, I would have REALLY appreciated it then.So good to FIND her again. Although I wasn't CREW, I will always consider her MY SHIP.
DwyerDonaldRD3USN12/62-2/65My name is Donald W. Dwyer and I came aboard the Fremont New Year's Eve 1962 in Palermo Sicily. I served until Feb. 1965 and my rate was RD3. I had a lot of fun and have many fond memories. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
EarlsBobRM3USN5/64-8/66My name is Bob Earls and I reported aboard the Fremont, fresh out of RM"A" school, on the day she returned from the '64 Med cruise (May '64?). I was an RMSN then and was an RM3 when I left the Freddy (and the Navy) on 8 Aug 1966. I reenlisted after split service and later served on a carrier (Constellation), a destroyer (Manley), and at a NavCommSta (Stockton, CA) before getting out again in 1978. Of all my Navy assignments, my fondest memories are of my time in the Gator Navy aboard the Fremont (guess you never forget your first!). It was outstanding to see the photo that Jerry Ford (another Oregon boy, if I remember correctly) submitted of some of the RM's in the bar in Barcelona during the '64 Med cruise. Even though the picture was taken before I reported aboard, most of the guys in the picture were my division mates later on. I remember Christmas Day in San Juan, Puerto Rico on our Caribbean cruise. I remember a ship's party after we landed the Marines at Vieques (I think) and then we hit the beach in Mike boats and drank beer and played football. I also remember, sadly, the day that Drumgoole (I can't remember his first name either) was killed when he got hung up in the boat davit. I remember the many "Gator Bites" that the deck gear used to bestow on our clean whites and the times when the snipes would blow tubes when we were assembled for inspection on the open bridge (in whites of course). I remember my sea detail station talking to the tugs on the open bridge and the rowboat that passed in front of our bow (barely) as we were leaving Kingston, Jamaica. Most of all, I remember the good times and the good friends and shipmates. I'd like to hear from anyone who may remember me...my email address is "bbearls@post.omnitel.net".
EdwardsTerrySNUSN1965-1966My name is Terry Edwards. I joined the USS Fremont at San Juan Puerto Rico in 1965. I served aboard two years In 1st division as a seaman. We made Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises from 1965-1966. The first cruise I was on we went to Cuba And I was so seasick. Captian Schmidt was captain , then Captain Casey came abroad. If anyone remembers me or these cruises please contact me edwards807@wmconnect.com. I was unaware they had reunions. I was from Elkhart Indiana at the time I was in the Navy. I am now living in Kentucky.
ElliottWilliam W.unkwnUSN1961-1964I Served aboard the USS Fremont APA-44 from 1961 to 1964.
EllisRobert G.BT3USN6/64-6/66I was aboard the USS Fremont from June 64 thru June 66. I was a BT-3 when discharged. I served with Jock Yates who was a MM-3. In addition, "McBride was the BT-2, Jerry White was BT-1. Some of the other crew members from the BT 's I recall are: Willy Williams "Shitter", Atkins, Stahl, Isgard, "Swede BT-2". I was also on board when Drumgoole got killed with the davit. I remember Paris - Electrician showing movies. Jock Yates MM-3 currently resides in Houston. When we got out we joined the Merchant Marine together and got separated in 1967. I call him every year. I have not seen him since 1967. When I boarded we were in dry dock, then made a caribbean trip and a subsequent MED trip. Also Walton MM-2 went to court with me when I got a ticket from a State Trooper for not having a drivers license in Norfolk. PS - I am currently a retired Maryland State Trooper.
EngelWalterUnkwnUSN6/64-6/66My name is Walter Engel and my wife’s name is Jean. I served aboard the Fremont from August 1963 til September 1965. I started in the 2nd division and went to S1 become the baker. I live in upstate New York in the town of Ghent. I retired from CSX Railroad in 2003. I have a 34’ trawler on the Mohawk River and spend about 4 days a week on the boat from May til September. I am looking for Richard Hopkins, Fred Braunstein, and Gary Bloomquist. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion in Savannah and are looking forward to Baton Rouge.
EtzweilerBruceYN3USNR7/64-8/66I was stationed aboard the FREMONT in July 1964, while in the Portsmouth, VA, Naval Shipyard. I was a Naval reservist fulfilling my two years of active duty. I came aboard as an SN and was promoted to YN3 during by 25 month tour. I was in "X" Division and was the Operations Yeoman. AS you will note, there is another Etzweiler listed in the roster. My younger brother Leon came aboard during a MED crusie.
EtzweilerLeonSNUSN9/65-6/67Leon Etzweiler 3155 Peters Mtn. Rd. Halifax, Pa. 17032 I served aboard the fremont Sept. 1965 until June of 1967. When I first came aboard I was in BG division eventually became coxswain of vp boat made numberous landing in the Med. Sometime in 1966 I transfered to Stores Dept and was there until I was discharged in June of 1967. My brother Bruce was onboard for a short time. Great website thanks for all the work.
FinnR.J.CaptUSMC1964-1965Greetings to the crew of Fremont. Served on the Fremont in 1964/65. Designated as LANFOR CARIB was BLT 3/2 Lt. Col. J.A. Weizenagger commanding. I was Capt.R.J Finn CO H&S Co. 3/2 was designated CO of Troops. BLT 3/2 CO Lt Col. J A Weisenegger was Sgt. Weisenegger a machine gun section leader with 3/2 at the battle for Tarawa/Betio in WWII. Badly wounded and decorated. He retired as Col.and is deceased. I regard him as one of the finest leaders I have ever served with. His Battle Station was with Fremont's XO.

The embarked Marines considered themselves as members of the crew. They undertook the painting of the troop spaces including the troop officers quarters and all BLT work spaces. The senior Staff NCO'S reported that working and liberty conditions with the crew were excellent. We asked our troops to observe and learn the ways of the ship. Help when you can,keep clear when you can't. If GQ is sounded get below with out getting between a sailor and his post.

Our port visit in San Juan commenced with a rush when we "lost the load" while committed to the demanding entrance to the harbor.Several of us at our stations for entering port would swear we heard the command "Let go the focsle" instead of "Let go the anchor" An extended port visit tied up at the Army port as close to downtown and the casinos as a ship could get made it possible for the liberty parties to use the bus system to get anywhere in the San Juan metro area.

Our Marines enjoyed the visit to Curacao.The Dutch were great hosts but were mystified when our Phibron put their ''Recreation area" off limits. The ladies that worked there were disappointed also. Our deployment was longer than usual because the rest of the 2nd Mar Div and most of the Atlantic Gator Navy able to get underway were involved in Operation Steel Pike in Spain.BLT 3/2 was the only Marine combat force in the Eastern Atlantic. One error in your 1964 History. It was Isle De Vieques not Culebra.You folks put us ashore at Camp Garcia, Vieques for an extended training period that included the obligatory night emergency backload. An old but capable ship;an efficient well trained crew ; a combat ready landing force. If only all of us were young enough to do it again.

Best wishes for a fair wind and a following sea.

Maj. R.J. Finn USMC Ret.
FlanaganBobPC3USN1963-1967I reported to the Fremont in 1963 and was assigned to the deck div.#2. Ltjg Mecklinburg was the division officer at the time. He was relieved by Esn Paul Brandt. I stayed in the div. for about 6 months and then tranfered as a striker to the ships post office working with Pc 2 Reed. When Reed was transfered, I was given pc 3 and took over all the duties in the post office. The post office was under the office of the dispursing officer Ltjg Carmicle. I served on the fighting Freddy until I was discharged in 1967. Made two Caribbean and three Med. cruises. Many happy memories of my time on the Fremont and the places we visited. I'm glad that I found this web site so I can find some old (LOL) friends. Looking for Doug White DC3 and Frank Patton HM3 and a Marine Sgt. Jerry Brewer who sailed with us in 1966 Med Cruise.
FontenotTerryIC3USN1967-1969My father passed away on July 10, 2002 after battling thyroid cancer for more than a decade. He spoke often of his time aboard the USS Fremont, always with pride. Traci (Fontenot) Kowalewski.
ForbesErnestDC3USN5/63-2/65I served on board the Fremont from May 1963 to February 1965, came aboard as a FN and later I was promoted to DC3. At the end of my hitch I tried to ship over for the battleship New Jersey that was going to be commissioned for Vietnam but was told all I could get was something is anphibs or service fleet. They made up my mind for me. I got out and went to photography school and worked for Bacrach photographers for 2 years doing bridal photography. Ann and I got married we had 3 children all grown now, later I worked as a purchasing agent for an Aerospace Co., procured materials for project such as B1 Bomber, Aegis program, Telstar satellite, and a lot of other government programs. My last job was in graphic arts using computer programs to design custom artwork to scale. In Sept 2003 I retired, we moved to a retirement community, with my 3 dogs, 15 tropical birds. I think about my times in the Navy often and wonder what happened to everyone? Overall I had a good time, have pic's of my travels, my ships plaque, and one plaque for Phibron 4.

Now for the sea story. I can't remember when it actually happened, we were in Suda Bay Crete moored to an anchor buoy, I was on anchor detail and as the Papa boat dropped the deck hands off to unshackle us from the anchor buoy a wave came up that put the boat crew in the water and the Papa boat running wild in a semicircular course and eventually ending up crashing on the beach, everyone was recovered, wet but unhurt, not so for papa 12. The boat was brought back and all the DC's worked on it for 2 or 3 weeks till it was good as new. The pictures and story are in the 1964 cruise book. I have pics of the repair and a good one of Freddy entering the harbor at Curasou Netherlands Antilles as soon as I locate them I will have copies made and forward them to you. NICE Web Site!!!!!
ForceSteveENSUSN1963-1964I graduated from OCS in Feb of 1963. I then went to the Engineering Officer Replacement Course in Little Creek. After completing the course I flew to the Med and picked up the Fremont in Aranci Bay Sardinia where the squadron was practicing landings with the Marines. I became the B Division Officer until the MPA went to become the DCA. I then became the MPA under the Chief Engineer Lt. Boone. My picture is in the cruise book on your website as the B Division Officer. It was very nice to see my shipmates in the engine room after all of these years. They were a great group and I was very proud to be associated with them They worked very hard in that very hot old engine room. I finished the Med Cruise, made one Caribbean Cruise and one overhaul in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Summer 64, I was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service. While at MSTS, I was promoted to Ltjg and then I extended for a year to get shore duty with the Defense Contract Administration Group in New Jersey providing technical reviews of Government contracts. I was released from active duty in February of 1968 as a Lt. My former CO, Captain Julian T. Burke made Admiral and I saw him when he came to visit my Naval Reserve Unit in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a true gentleman and it was a pleasure for me to serve under him both on the Fremont and in the Reserves. I have many fond memories of the Fremont and I am glad that I found the Fremont website. It is a great website so I must say Bravo Zulu.
FordGerald L.RM2USN8/63-8/66Served 63-66 aboard the USS Fremont. Reported August 63, Grabb had the deck, in the yards at NNSY, Portsmouth Virginia. Departed in 66 for NSS Washington D.C. I was selected for RM1 so had to leave as the ship already had 2 RM1's aboard (Sharret and Maylone). I organized the 1984 reunion in Norfolk along with Walt Yeilding.
FowlerDavid W.DT2USN2/63-2/65I stumbled on the Freddie Fremont page while searching for the PO3 advancements list. My son made JO3. He's stationed at North Island, SDIEGO. I was a DT2 on the Fremont from Feb 1963 thru Feb 65. I was transferred to the USS Sandoval APA194 after I left the Fremont. Personal info - LCDR David W. Fowler, MSC, USN (RET). I retired in Oct 1980 as a temporary LCDR, permanent DTCM. I well remember entering Malta in Mar 64 after some 74 days at sea. The ship's party in Barcelona was held in a club with a "house of ill repute' on the second level. The Commodore was most perplexed when a lovely 'hooker' sat on his lap. Thanks for the opportunity to share old 'sea stories - no shit'
FowlerLarry M.MM2USN1962I served on the Fremont, I KNOW, in 1962. I was an MM-2. Does anyone remember doing the combat scenes for the movie "The Longest Day"? or ? am I too old to remember? Please contact me as I plan to do a website on that subject " Dok Holliday"
FureyBobAGUSN11/66-6/67Served on board the Fremont from Nov 66 to June 67. I was not "ships company" but an Aerographer's Mate attached to the staff of COMPHIBRON-12, for the 1966 - 1967 Med Cruise. I vividly remember the snow storm on our arrival in Toulon, in early December 1966. I believe it was the first snow in southern France in 40 years. Also remember Carol Baker coming aboard for Christmas dinner while in Naples. Speaking of Naples I also remember the American Bar, up on the Via Roma. Great site! Brings back a lot of memories.
GarbarinoBillUnkwnUSAF1968I was one of forty airmen from Homestead AFB in July-August of 1968 selected as unarmed guards or drivers to assist in the security operation of the Republican Convention in July – August of 1968. I remember arriving at the pier in Miami and sitting in the sun for several hours waiting for the ship to dock. As soon as it docked several busses arrived with special agents on board. They quickly filled up the berths in the ship and we airmen wound up being billeted at a hotel in Miami. Since we were, for the most part, young enlisted personal this was quite a treat. They also gave us per diem and bought us civilian clothes to perform our duties. My duties were to check ID’s of the returning agents and others who needed to board the ship. I remember being told not to talk to the media. I also spent several evenings in the berthing areas of the ship ensuring that only authorized personnel were allowed in. I spent my 21st birthday standing under the lid of a dumpster in the rain. I remember at one point there was serious concern that some Cuban terrorist group might attempt to blow up the ship so Navy Seals were brought in to provide security under the ship and lights were set up to shine in the water along the side of the ship. One evening as I was doing my stretch on the pier a sailor drove up on a small rented motorcycle, showed me his ID and I passed him through. Unfortunately, he appeared to be a little intoxicated and drove straight of the pier. Outside of all the pretty girls in Miami, it was the highlight of my enlisted days in the USAF.
GlennonMikeSNUSNR1965-1968Seaman Mike Glennon, USNR, first Division 1965 to 1968. Was with AT&T for 25 years, now retired and back in Massachusetts.
GorskiDanielBM3USN1966-1969I served on the USS Fremont from 1966-1969 as Boatswains Mate 3rd class.
GravesRonald (Ron)EM2USN1964-1965I served on Fremont in 1964 - 1965. I was an EM2 and worked mostly in the electrical repair shop. Prior to the Fremont , I was on the USS Earle B Hall APD 107 and USS Chesterfield County LST 551, both out of Little Creek, VA. But my greatest memories are on the Fremont. I ran across this web site a couple months ago and has been great to bring back old times. I've e-mailed back and forth a couple shipmates and it been terrific to hear from them, what they are doing and how life has been. Ron passed away 20 October 2003. Sailor Rest Your Oars.
GuzisEdUnkwnUSN12/64-12/66On Freddie from December 1964 through December 1966. Engineering Department - also ran phonepatches back to the States from the aft radio room while on cruies (in my 'spare' time).
HamkoAndrew S.RM3USN1960-1962Where was I when everbody started calling it the Freddie? Communications was my game between 1960 and 1962. I guess I spent too much time on the 03 level. I remember RM1 Britten. Grabb called me" tub boat" because of my prior experience at the pier 7 tug office. Made a couple trips to the Med and Virgin Islands. Was in the filming of "The Longest Day"in the Med. Have a drawing on old fax from the UDT21 team, of the Med trip from April to Oct of 1961. Remember the beach parties on one of the islands, loaded the mike boat with beer, droped us off and drank beer all day. Then there was that Cuba thing. It was an experience and educating time. Glad I was part of it.
HanleyRonCPLUSMC9/62-3/63 Served as an CPL. E-4 USMC aboard the Fremont on the Sept. 62 - Mar. 63 Med Cruise. Loved pulling firewatch in the same Hold where we Marines shared the center deck with a tied down jeep. I was a member of the 1st Battalion Reinforced 2nd Marines, Flame Thrower Gunner. Loved everything about the cruise, including the landings we practiced, going over the side on the net with flame thrower on my back, stepping into those Peter Boats on high seas, but most of all I just loved it when they extended us for three months due to Cuban Crisis.
HarrisJoeQMUSN1963-6/66My name is Joe Harris and I served on the "Freddie" from late 1963 until I went to Vietnam in June of 1966. I was a Quartermaster in the "N" Division. I enjoyed the time on the ship, especially the cruises. I too remember the man killed with the davit. After the navy, I ended up in Iowa and Illinois for five years, then moved back to my home state of North Carolina. I worked on the railroad for 37 years and I was a locomotive engineer. I retired a couple of years ago. I am writing a book of my life and railroading, and I was searching for information on the USS Fremont when I found this web site. I went to college after retiring from the railroad, and I made several web sites of my own. Check it out at thetrainman.biz and see what you think. The "Freddie" web site is fantastic! Thanks again, Joe Harris
HarterJames S.SNUSN11/67-9/69I'm James Harter, served on the Freddy from Nov. 67 - Sep. 69 as a SN, Deck Department Yeoman, went to new construction USS L.Y. SPEAR, following decom. Honorable discharge Jul 71, stayed out 10 years then reenlisted in 81, and retired ABF1 97. Currently living in Korea, married to a wonderful wife for 10 years, have a 4yr old son. Have found one person I was stationed with since leaving the Freddy.
HeckerSteveSNUSN3/68-9/69Seaman Steve Hecker, USN 1st Division served on the Freddy from Mar. 1968 to Sept. 1969. The first time I saw Freddy, was in early March at Naples Italy fresh out of boot camp. I was flown from New Jersey to Italy to catch her also. I enjoyed my time aboard, but there was a few time that I’d like to forget. Like the time when I was writing a letter on ANCHOR WATCH. That was a Big no, no, cost me a months pay and one month aboard ship. The other one was the time I recorded “General Quarters” and then played it back a few days later at night, with the sound going down an air duck that went to the snipes quarters. Boy did I get in deep water for that. After leaving the Fremont I was station at the Nuclear Weapons Training Center became a GM-3 and stayed there until I was Honorable discharge in Sept. 71. Currently living in NC
HenryJamesBTFNUSN1962-1963My name is James Henry. I was a BTFN on the Fremont from 1962-63.
HeskethJerryHM2USN1966I served on the Fremont in 1966 as an HM2. I was onboard only a short time as I was transferred to the 1st Mar Div RVNTML.
HonanTonyunkwnUSMC1962I was aboard USS Fremont with the 1st BT 2nd Marines for the Med cruise in 1962.
HudsonBillRD3USN10/68-9/69I served on the Fremont from October 1968 on through the decommissioning detail. I came on as a seaman Radarman and left as a Third Class. The 68-69 Med cruise was my first time at sea and we left port in bad weather, after having to wait for a few days until the weather conditions let up enough to leave. I was sick as a dog for couple of weeks, but got no sympathy from the "old salts" that who had great fun antagonizing us new guys in our seasickness. We spent Christmas in Naples - my first Christmas away from home - and tried hard to create a holiday atmosphere in the CIC area. I have some real memorable experiences from shore leave in Naples and the crazy New Year's eve celebrations of the Napolians who literally threw out the old and brought in the New Year buy throwing tons of trash and furniture out the windows at midnight. A gang of us from the radar crew watched the whole thing from the window of a pizza shop overlooking a larger intersection in town. We made a lot of stops on that cruise and everyone was a good experience. That was the longest cruise of my hitch as I went on to two precommissioning details and spent a lot of time in Portsmouth and on shakedown cruises at Gitmo. We had a great Radar crew and we all spent many hours up in CIC, even when off duty. I don't see any of the other Radar crew people listed, but would enjoy reading about their experiences beyond the Fremont...or hearing from them. I often have wondered how life has gone for a number of my buddies from the Fremont. I went on to two other ships, attained the rank of RD2, and got out in November 1971.
HuffGeorge M.RD3USN7/64-1/66The Fremont was the first ship on which I served. I reported from RD "A" school July 1964 as an RDSR and left early in 1966 as an RD3. The ship was in the yards in Portsmouth when I reported. I made 1 Carib cruise and 1 Med cruise. Following the Med cruise I volunteered for Vietnam and was reassigned to the USS Chase County (LST-532). I remembered the Fremont at my retirement ceremony and had a marine honor guard. I retired 11/89 as EWCM(SW). I too remember the death of Drumgoole. I was pulling a tour of mess cooking at the time.

As a RDSA I made my first Navy command decision during the 1965 Med cruise. We had executed a landing on the island of Sardinia. A lot of sleep was lost during the Condition 1A's. The marines were ashore and I had the mid watch by my self in the Combat Information Center (CIC). Ajoining CIC was a space called the Supporting Arms Coordinating Center (SACC). There were Minesweepers called Flycatchers on station to keep small boats out of the area. During the afternoon and evening there had been aircraft making bombing runs on the island. I had been listening to all this on the radio circuits in CIC. Everyone with any authority had turned in when the phone rang in SACC. A Marine Captain on the beach was requesting permission to commence firing artillary. I told him that I would have to wake someone up. Being a lowly E2 I was skittish about trying too wake any of the Phibron officers especially the Chief of Staff (COS). I decided that I had made a mistake by answering the phone since SACC wasn't my watch station and maybe the Captain wouldn't call back. If he did then I would just ignore the phone. About daylight the phone started ringing. I ignored it as long as I could. The Captain was requesting to open fire. I put the phone down and thought, the Flycatchers were reporting the area clear and I knew from listening to the radios that the last aircraft had cleared the area. I picked the phone back up and said, Open Fire! The Captain said, aye, aye sir, comencing artillary fire. I hung up the phone and walked out on the weather deck. I could hear the artillary. I went back into CIC and in a little while the COS came in and asked what was going on? I said, the Flycatchers are on station, the aircraft have cleared the area and the marines have commenced firing artillary on time. The COS was elated that things were going so smoothly. I never mentioned the incident to anyone. I always wondered what that Marine Captain would have thought if he had found out that he had been talking to a Navy E2. My Navy career would probably have ended right there.

EWCM(SW) George M. Huff, USN, RET
HuntPhilipUnkwnUSN1960-1963Served on the USS Fremont 1960-1963. First time on a ship. What an experience. Lived and breathed electronics which later became me career. Saw things and visited places that will stay with me the rest of my life. Looking back,I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
JohnsonLarry G.YN3USNR11/62-10/64My son is doing a Veteran's day project and I googled the USS Fremont APA 44, I came to your website. My dad Larry Johnson served from 1962-1964 aboard this ship , after talking to him he would love to be added to the roster. His Name is Larry G Johnson
phone # 601-373-2919. Sadly, shipmate Larry Johnson passed away 28 June 2009.
KastbergMarvSK3USN1965-1967I was watching an old movie with the title Your In The Navy. As I watched it I thought the back ground was familiar and thought it was Norfolk. In the back ground was a good shot of the Fremont. Just thought I would pass this along for others to view. I was stationed on board The Fremont as a SK3 from 65-67.
KarlEdward F.UnkwnUSN12/61-3/63I was aboard the Fremont in December 1961 till March of 1963. I am looking for shipmates: James Guthrie; Joe Lucy; Quorasima(?). My time on the Fremont was one of the most incredible experiences of my life; I am looking for those who I shared this with. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these men please email me.
KinderRobert L.CS3USN11/65-9/67My name is Robert L. Kinder, CS3 I was in the Navy Reserves for one year or so. In Nov. 1965 I went active. In Nov of 1965 we then left for the Mediterranean. The Fremont spent time in Naples, France, Greece, and Italy. Toward the end of the cruise the Fremont and a Greek destroyer were side by side while doing manuvers. The Greed Destroyer then rammed into the Fremont. No one was hurt on the Fremont, but on the Greek destroyer there was one fatality. My brother Stephen F. Kinder also served on the Fremont the same time I was there. We then returned to drydock. I then got out of the Navy September of 1967.
Thank you

CS3 Robert L. Kinder (Bob
1014 Bosco Ave.
Vandalia, OH 45377

E-Mail address is RKinderLynn@aol.com for anyone that would like to e-mail me.
KinderStephen F.CMS3USN11/66-12/68Hi, my name is Stephen F. Kinder. I proudly served on the Fremont from Nov. 66 to Dec. 68 just before her final med. cruise. Rank was CMS 3rd class. I saw the collision between the Fremont and the Greek destroyer. It put us in dry dock in Naples Italy. This great.
KingGary R.YN3USN8/63-5/65I reported for duty on the Fremont on late August 1963. The Freddy was in dry dock at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. I remember most of my first weeks was spent on fire watch for the yard birds. I served in 1st Div, F Div and the majority of my time was spent in X Division. While duty yoeman I remember the name "BARNETT" many times and also "Red Boyle". This web site brought back many memories and names of sailors that has escaped my memory for many years. I transferred off the Freddy in May 65, as a YN3, was transferred to a LST at a shipyard in Savannah Ga. After getting off active duty with the Navy, I joined the reserves until I was discharged as a YN1 in the early 1974. My wife and I have been married for 35 years, have 5 grown children. I am employed with the postal service as a rural mail carrier.
KirchnerAnthony (Tony)EM3USN6/61-9/63My name is Anthony (Tony) Kirchner. I served aboard the Fremont with E division (EM3) from 6/61 to 9/63. Pictures from the 60's, page 7, photo 7, center. Great URL!
KirkBillEM2USN10/63-9/66I went onboard in Oct. 1963 and left Sept. 1966. I was a electrican and worked mainly out of the battery locker. Most of my time was spent charging batteries and replacing brushes on DC motors. I remember a lot of the names that are in this site. I worked with two sailors that I would like to find they are Jerry Wagner and Guy Pond. If your out there get in touch... I am glad to have found this site, now I will look for some pictures to send. I took a lot of slides from the main mast while stringing Med. lights.
KlecknerRonaldCplUSMC1962 1963I was on the 1962 1963 Med Deployment with the 1st Bn 2nd Marines 2nd Marine Division. I was in the 81 MM Platoon and served as a Forward Observer attached to Bravo Company. If you like, Contact me at my E mail address rkleckner@comcast.net I would like to find a guy that I only remember his last name....Crowley and he was a Cpl on that Deployment in the Marines.
KlicarFrank M.ENSUSN9/64-12/65I served on board from September 64 to December 65 as the Boat Group Assistant Division Officer (rank of Ensign). The Division Office was LTjg Paul Croteau, CAPT Kenneth P. Schmidt commading, XO was a CDR Butler. Other Deck Department officers I served with included ENS Paul Brandt and ENS Pat Marshall. After doing 22 years of both active and reserve service I retired as a Commander in 1989. I live in Downers Grove, IL.
KonradAlHM2USN8/67-8/69I served on the Fremont from December '67 - August '69 in the Medical Division, and would enjoy hearing from former shipmates. I currently live in northwestern Louisiana where I am Vice President of an Export company - we ship frozen meat and poultry products via ocean containers and "Break-Bulk" vessels to Russia and eastern Europe... never could get the love of the ocean and ships out of my system.

I have tried in vain to locate former shipmates Larry Knack (BM2 - Redondo Beach, CA) and Paul Hacker (SF3) - Baltimore, MD. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might know their whereabouts.
KoprasKennyGM2USN9/66-DecomI was aboard the the USS FREMONT from Sept 66 to her decommissioning in 69. I am hoping to contact some of my old shipmates. I have talked to Thigpen in Texas also Poss from Texas. We,Thigpen and I,are trying to find more shipmates. I arrived on the FREMONT as a seaman and left as gunnersmate second class. I enjoyed my time aboard, but there was alot hard work. Long days and short nights.
KramerDonaldBM1USN1963 -1968Served on the FREDDIE 63-68,worked in 2nd div.then BG AS A BM3& BM2 with SOUCY BM1 until he left then took over as LPO until I left as a BM1, remember SPREEDBURY SN from CHICAGO & JACK DEHANN SN,& my BM3 from down south with all the kids we took the base mess hall table for, FREDDIE had & still has the best boat group the U S Navy has ever seen & the finest crew that ever sailed the seven seas, YOU guys were great & I'm proud to have served with all of YOU. When I left I went to MISS. for shore duty but soon volunteered for NAM & went over as an advisor on the PBR gun boats for a year,then was offered a special team so I stayed another year & went to THAILAND & LAOS for uncle sam until I forgot to duck & came back & spent 2 yrs. in the hosps. until they finally retired me, but I wouldn't trade any of it, it was all great, TAKE CARE & GOD BLESS!
KurtzweilClarence (Kurt)EM2USN11/65-9/69My name is Clarence (Kurt) Kurtzweil EM2. I reported on board the Fremont on 11/3/65 and left her on 9/3/69. I worked in the electrical shop, the aft battery locker, the forward battery room and just about every nook and cranny that was on the ship. I remember installing florescent lighting in various areas which really brightened up these areas. I remember converting the library to a 1st class lounge and as there were no EM1's on board I was allowed to join in when the movies and such were going on. I remember rewinding the field coils on the high frequency generator while at sea, as I had never done this before I was quite happy that it worked when I finished. I remember standing shore patrol way to many times but always with a marine larger than myself for my own personal safety. I recall many excellent liberties in Gibraltar, Naples, Toulon, the French alps (the only time I've ever skied), Miami, New York City, Jamaica, Gitmo a lot of places that I no longer recall. I remember swinging from a crane on the pier taking down the electrical from the main mast when the ship was being prepared for moth balls. I recall living in a barracks during this time and having half my personal gear stolen one day. All in all it was pretty good duty on the Fremont. After going through sub school and nuke power school before coming on board and never serving on a nuke ship I told the navy that I would reenlist if I got a nuke or decent shore duty. I was offered shore duty in The Panama Canal Zone which did not appeal to me, so on 9/8/69 I was discharged and returned to Michigan.
LaFranceJoeSNUSN1962-1963I came aboard the USS Fremont by transfering from one ship to another by highline in the middle of the Mediteranian Sea. What an entrance! Soon after I experienced the excitement of operating the landing craft as a Boat Cox'n. I drove LZVPs (Pappa boats) and LCMs (Mike boats) for two years until I became a civilian again. I took great pride in trying to land the Marines as close to the beach as was possible. Exciting times for a nineteen-twenty year old kid!
LambesJimEN3USN10/59-5/63 I went aboard the Fremont in October 1959, and discharged May 7th. 1963. My rate was Engineman 3rd.class. Most of the time I worked on the boats. Being in A division, I worked also in the evaporators, and refrigeration. I made two med cruises 1961, and 1963. I was aboard for the filming of the Longest Day, and participated in the landing. I was an engineer on one of the L.C.M.'s. The Fremont was involved in the Cuban Missle Crises in 1962. At that time we were to go to Venezuela, the shell backs were preparing the initiation to cross the equator. Because we had to go to Guantanamo bay, all plans were cancelled, and we never had the chance to cross the equator. In my spare time, I wrote letters, and played the guitar in the dental office with several shipmates, J.W. Kester, DT2 and T. Green DC2. I was pleased to find out the Fremont shipmates had a web page. It is hard to comprehend the number of sailors that have served aboard this ship in 26 years.
LangrenPaulEN2USN1/64-4/67My name is Paul Landgren En2 U.S.N. I came aboard Jan.1964 departed April 1967. I was in A div. My main job was boat engineer and engine repair. I also made fresh water,took care of the ac genertors and other repairs through-out the ship. I now live in Oregon and work at Linn-benton Comnunity College in building maintenance. My problem is after 40 years remenbering who, what and where. My email address is landgren@centurytel.net. I have realy injoyed this web site. It has brought back lots of memories.
LawrenceDavidRM3USN6/67-1969I remember RM1 George Niland, our LPO and Chief Townsend RMC during my tour on Fremont. LTJG Boucher was my first com officer and somewhere LT Pupura was involved. I also remember LTJG Machenberg as a subsequent commo. I served under Capt. D.W. Herlong and remember the Horne Brothers overhaul time, and looking at Newport News shipbuilding where the USS Kennedy was being constructed at pier 2. After the hotel service in Miami, Gitmo shakedown and three med cruises, two carib cruises, I was determined never to set foot on another naval vessel the rest of my life. Leaving Fremont upon her entering the yard for decommissioning, I served briefly on USS Muliphen and USS Taconic. I left the Navy and served the next 40 years at Newport News Shipbuilding building Los Angeles class submarines and Nimitz class aircraft carriers as a welding supervisor/instructor. My lesson was never to say never. USS Fremont was a great ship to serve on and the guys were great to serve with. I still have great memories of the myriad experiences onboard ship. I was not a great sailor, but Fremont was a growing experience for me. Great website!
LipariJosephSNUSN6/61-7/63I service on board from mid 1961 to July 1963. I made two Med Cruisers and two Crib Cruisers, I was in charge of the paint locker and boatson mate of the watch. During One Alpha drills I was in charge of hatch three over the marines. I was also on board during the Cuban Blockade, We were sent in place of a ship whose reef deck blewup because of salt water getting in their system. I spent Over a month in a war Zone. I was assigned to First Division, and was on board when they made the movie The longest Day. I was seaman when I first came on board and left seaman. Mailing Address: Joseph Lipari; 3114 Sipp Avenue; Medford, New York 11763
LittleWilliam F.BM3USN1962-1965My name is Joe Simmons. I served aboard the USS Boxer LPH4 from 1960 - 1964. I am sending this note for a friend that was aboard the USS Fremont from 1962 - 1965. I told him about finding info about the Boxer so I looked up the info about the Fremont for him. He wanted me to give you his name and address for any info you can send him because he does not have a computer at this time. He has been telling me quite a lot of his ship stories. He would love to get in touch/locate some of his old ship mates. Anything you can send him he would really appreciate it. He is already talking about trying to make the reunion in TN.
His name is: William F. Little BM3 (561) 304-3880
3530 Lazy Pine Way
Apt D 1
Greenacres, FL 33463.
MachenbergWallace J.CommOffUSN1966-1968I’m Al Machenberg.I served aboard the “Freddy” ’66-’68 as the Communications Officer under both Capt’s Sheppard & Herlong-Sheppard was great. Those who were aboard when Capt Herlong was C.O. might remember that at least once a day, every day the 1MC would announce “Comm Officer to the bridge” — an interesting experience. Had a lot of great times and memories –the yard time in Newport News, New Year’s Eve in Naples (when the crew was warned to stay off the streets at midnight because of the tradition of people throwing out old furniture from their windows), Malta where after partying with the Brits we returned to the port only to find that all the ships had left anchorage because of an impending storm. I managed to stay out of too much trouble and eventually retired as a LCDR with 20 years. Great web site.
MaddoxMarvin M.CPLUSMC1964I was aboard the Fremont for 89 days for a Med Cruise, Operation Steel Pike,Turk-Greek crisis on Crete.
MarcelWallace J.SFM3USN1962-1966I was in repair division. Served with a bunch of good men, some times I feel like it was the best time of my life. Everybody thought I would be a lifer, but things just did not work out that way. Hope to hear from some of you.
MarshallC. PatrickENSUSNR12/63-5/65I was on the "Freddy" from December 1963 until May 1965. I was the cruisebook officer for the 1964 Med cruise.
MarsoDaniel G.LCPLUSMC1965I was glad to "see" an old shipmate, I was embarked aboard USS FREMONT (APA 44) in 1965. I was with Kilo Company 3rd Bn. 2nd Marines. We sailed to the Caribbean , with stops at "GITMO" for guard duty, and some landings at Vieagues Island,PR. I was a Lance Corporal aboard FREMONT, and attained the rank of Gunnery Sgt. by the time I left the Corps in 1981. Semper Fi !

Contact Info:

Daniel G. Marso
2 Arrow Ave.
Tel. 401-738-1099
W 401-823-1301
Fax: 413-647-8773
MasonRolandSNUSN2/61-12/62On Jan 14, 1961, I was assigned to Norfolk as a part of the original crew for the USS Constellation, which was in Philadelphia for final fitting. The Constellation caught fire, which delayed her commissioning. On Feb 3, 1961 I went aboard the Fremont.I was a SN in CIC. I was a general seaman, not a radarman. Regretably I was much to young and imature to recognize the value of my military time---something I have regretted many times over the years. However, over the years since the lessons learned that have been invaluable to me, and I would not trade a day of it. When I first went aboard I was in a deck division, I don't remember which one, but I was a bowhook on papa boat 16. I also put in a stint in the galley, working nights cleaning up the mess hall. (Boy, did I eat good then!!!!) Can't guarantee what I ate was authorized, but it sure was good!. I never will forget being royally chewed by some of the crew because I decided the coffee pot was a bit too crusty and cleaned it. The inside of that pot glistened-- but some of the 'old salts' were definitely not impressed. For a while there I thought I was going to get my young ass whipped. I departed the Fremont at Pilos, Pelipinesus, just south of Athens, on December 14, 1962. I was flown by helicopter to a Greek Air Force Base on the island, then by Greek DC3 to a US military base around Athens.
MazyJimUknwnUSMCUknwnIt was with great interest that I took a tour through your pages of the Fremont. If you are the sailor that sat next to Carol Baker I just wanted to let you know that I was the Marine that sat with you. Do you remember any of the sailors that had a small "band" aboard ship that made a very popular song amongst the crew and the Marines on that Med Cruise. I think 2 of the guys were brothers from Indianapolis area named Martin and another guy was sort of short and from the same part of the country(?). I'm the Marine that tossed one of the marines into the water one night while we were in one of the Greek Islands. I was on Shore Patrol that night.

Semper Fi---Jim Mazy Second Battalion, 4th Marines...the Best in the Corps
McBrideRichard (Dick)BTCUSN7/58-11/67I served on the Fremont from 1958 to 1967 as a cheif petty officer and a boiler tender. I have many fond memories of the Fremont and the people I was abord with. I sure would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I've only heard from 1 person I served with in all these years: Jerry White. We got to see each other about 4 years ago. I would like to hear from others though. I sure do recognize alot of names, hope some of you get in contact with me soon. E-mail me at mac2@y-city.net Dick McBride.

Hi, my name is April Mumaw and my father was on the USS Fremont from 1958 to the early 1970's, I believe. His name was Richard (Dick) McBride. I recently found this web site and showed my dad. It brought back many good memories for him. My dad has tried for many years to find old navy friends. I'm trying to help him. I noticed in the navy pictures from the 60's on page 7 there is a picture almost next to last that says: "Not sure who they are anymore, can anyone help"? My dad is the one to the left of the picture standing up leaning into the picture. It looked like to me the picture was of them in a restaurant or a bar, but they are all at a table. Thought you could add in his name. Thanks !!!!!
MeehanWalter (Wiz) J.BM1USN1960My grandfather Walter (Wiz) J. Meehan was a 1st class boatswin mate on the USS Freemont. I think late 50's early 60's. I visited the Fremont when it was in NYC in 62 or 63. He was already retired. Note from the Webmaster: many of you may remember BM1 Meehan by his nickname of Pop Meehan BM1 master-at-arms. The information was provided by John P O'Neill, Pop Meehan's grandson.
MondonBillBMUSN1966-1968I served on the Fremont with the 1st division and then boat group.Any way I am looking too find any old shipmates from 1966-1968 that remember the Sylvania, supply ship. I was handling the cargo hooks that day. Anyway, I through over two hooks, the problem I am getting at is that there where four, so I ended up between the two ships. I am looking too find any shipmates who recall this mishap. If so I would like to hear from you. Thank You For Your Time, your shipmate Bill.
MoranJoe L.EN3USN1965-1968Just to say Hello to Shipmates, I lost track of all Shipmates. I did meet EN3 Ladd and EN3 Kurchock from Hazelton,Pa. about 23 Yrs. ago. I live in Factoryville, Pa. Rd-2 Box 2377 18419 jmoran05@gmail .com
MorganRogerSNUSN1966-1968SN from the 1st Division. Provided by his son Todd Morgan.
MortarottiGeraldBM3USNR3/67-10/68The first time I saw Freddy, was in Feb or March of 67.She anchored off Crete and in the middle of a 1-Alpha. I was, I must admit, scared. I boarded a Mike Boat and went for one hell of a ride. I served from this point to October 68. I was a reservist and was released early because the ship was prepairing to go back to the Med. As I visit this site, I return to the best years of my life (although you couldn't tell me that then). I tried to worm my way into the radar group (my brother was an RD2) when that failed I made the best of First Division. The Motto still rings in my ears" First, Last, Always" To all my old friends -- hello again.
Gerald Mortarotti BM3
MuehlbauerJohnFNUSN12/61-9/63I was a fireman in both the "A" and "B" divisions.
MuhlemanDonFTG3USN9/68-9/69I was a crew member for the last med cruise then decommisoned her and mothballed her in 1969 Was a FTSN then FTG3. I remember the last med cruise,and chipping away at the rust in the hull and putting my chipping hammer thru the bottom (it was'nt a large hole) somebody had a piece of wood and put it in the hole a few weeks later we all left and later they towed her to James River. Curently, I live in Saint Pete FL. and still on Boats and ships. Right now I'm Port Engineer for a fishing (charters,and tourists) fleet.
OvertonDannySM2USN12/67-6/68I served aboard the Fremont from December 1967 thru June 1968. I was an SM2 attached to COmPhibRon 8 Staff. While aboard we made a Med Cruise. I have many special memories of my time aboard. I Will look for some photos. I would appreciate being able to get in contact with Roger Carter. He was a SM3 at that time. Pastor Danny Overton
ParisPaulIC3USN9/63-10/66While aboard got into more trouble than one should have, and showed more movies than one should have. Always looking forward to hearing from some of the snipes from this same era.
PerezPeteSGTUSMC1965I am very surprised to have found a website on this U.S.Navy Ship. I just looked it up,today. I used to have one photo of the Fremont but I lost it a long time ago. I was on the U.S.S.Fremont APA 44,during the entire Summer of 1965 in the Mediterrenean,when I was a U.S.Marine. My late Uncle-in-Law,Donald Kessler, who married my Aunt Yolanda Perez, was on this same Fremont, by a strange coincidence in 1944,...so"he told me." Donald was in the U.S.Navy and remained in it, in the Reserves, after WW2. I was a P.F.C. and a Lance Corporal, while on the Fremont. For a while I was in its"Breakout Crew" which brought up the stored food/chow, like powder eggs, to the Galley for Breakfast. Later they assigned me to the ship's "Dry Cleaners" to "Dry Clean" Unifoms. During 1965, we had air conditioning, on the Fremont. I forgot to ask Donald if they just had fans during WW2. I slept in the hold, which did not have any portholes(windows). It would have been unbearable heat and humidity, if there had Not been any air conditioning in that hold. When the Fremont was decommissioned, in 1969, I was out of the U.S.Marines, after spending 1967 to 1968 in Danang, Vietnam, as a Corporal (E-4) and Sergeant (E-5), on land. Pete Perez (age 63) Disabled War Nam Veteran. Father of Afghanistan and Iraq War veteran, Houston,Texas
PowellKenneth D.BM3USN?-1969My dad Kenneth D. Powell died on December 31 2017. He was a BM3 when the ship was decommissioned in 1969. BM3 Powell is listed in the Decommisioning Program. He made it to BM1 on the USS Mobile. He went on to serve on 4 more ships. USS El Paso, USS Mobile, USS Kitty Hawk, and the USS Tripoli. He retired from the Navy in 1985, 22 years of service. If you knew Ken Powell you can contact his son Chris Powell email: ih8suvz@gmail.com
PrimaveraAlRM3USN1965-1967I served on the USS Fremont late 65 to early 67. I was an RM3 and served with Nolan, Ford, Bass, Earls shown in one of the pictures. Please add me to the roster and e mail addresses. I am in he hospital as I am sending this to you. I have just found this web site and seeing all of these pictures has made me feel better.
QuantzDannySNUSN8/66-8/68I first reported aboard the Fremont in August 1966 in Norfolk, Va. I was striking for Radioman, but was put in 1st Division "The Deck Force" and there I remained for my entire tour of duty. I went on two tours to the Mediterranean and one to the Caribbean, where I seen part of the world I probably would not have seen if I wasn't aboard. Some of the things I remembered while aboard the Fremont was some of the storms that we went through while out at sea. I mostly remembered one night while I was on watch on the bridge at the helm, the Fremont took a big roll which caused me to leave the helm, and almost winding up on the starboard wing, I am glad the officer of the deck grabbed hold of me and stop me. No telling what would of happened. I also remember Actress Carol Baker coming aboard. I have a picture of her standing in front of me and SN Lonnie Murray while we were eating lunch in the mess hall. I also remember being on watch when we were having an exercise with a Greek Destroyer and they lost steering and collided with us. When General Quarters was sounded, everything went perfectly. I guess when it sounded "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" it really put things in perspective. Just before my tour of active duty was over, the Fremont left Norfolk, Va for Miami, Fl. for the Republican National Convention, we were to house government officials for the convention. I remembered having figured out my travel pay from Norfolk to Daytona Beach, Fl. But because we were in Miami, I only had about $6.00 left after purchasing my bus ticket back home.

I have a lot of good memories while serving aboard the USS Fremont and I met a lot of good people. I am now a Park Ranger with the Florida Park Service. My address is:
Danny Quantz
P.O. Box 655
Bunnell, Florida 32110.
RakouskasMichaelEnsignUSNR8/68-1969I served on the USS Fremont as an Ensign after graduating from OCS in August 1968 until she was decommissioned, taking her last cruise (‘68-‘69) to the Med. I had just been married while at OCS in June (on a 72 hour pass) and still remember one of my instructors telling me “If the Navy wanted you to have a wife, it would have issued one!” Upon transfer, I was stationed on the USS Taconic...just in time to take it’s last cruise to the Caribbean. Upon the Taconic’s decommissioning, I was transferred to the USS Guam for a return cruise to the Caribbean. So as you can see, I really did “join the Navy and see the world”...much to my wife’s chagrin. BTW...we just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, so things turned out pretty well. Left the Navy in September, 1970. Best to all my shipmates!
ReckBernardMM2USN1/65-8/68Served aboard 1/65 to 8/68. MM2 and as MAA in 67 and 68.
ReedSteveBT3USN8/60-7/62Just discovered this wonderful web for the USS Fremont. Very impressed with the layout and all the information. I was aboard the USS Fremont from August 1960 through July 1962. I served as a boilerman and was discharged with the rating of BT3. My brother, Gerald Reed, was also aboard this same ship as a BT3 from 1958 to 1960. One of the pictures on your web page had my name listed along with Jim Gruber, Jim Speschok and another mate. One memory comes to my mind during the Med Cruise of 1961. Our ship was anchored off the coast of Turkey (the town, I can't recall) and in the early morning the ship began shaking ... feeling like we had just collided with something. There was confusion until it was determined that the area had just experienced a major earthquake! The town we were anchored off at, had undergone considerable damage. Aid was immediately provided by the USS Fremont, including medical assistance and supplies to the residents, as a measure of Goodwill.

I presently reside in Bridgewater, New Jersey and am employed as a sales/service engineer in industrial instrumentation and controls. Originally, I am from the Cape May, New Jersey area. Looking forward to possibly attending a reunion in the future, and I certainly would like to hear from former shipmates.
ReisRobertEM2USN2/61-11/63I am Robert Reis, EM2, served on the Fremont from 2/61 to 11/63 and would like to see more names of shipmates from that era. There are lots of memories from that time. Like the time I fell from the yardarm while repairing the Nancy Lights. No harm done since I had my safety belt on and scare strap attached properly. Another time I broke a carboy full of sulferic acid in front of the battery locker and it peeled off the paint all the way down to the waterline. Wow!

Someone had a comment about the earthquake while we anchored off Turkey but they weren't sure exactly where. Well I remember that incident well. I was on watch down in the engine room, I think the 1200 - 0400 watch, when the ship started rocking for no apparent reason. We were anchored off Marmaris, Turkey and sent in much needed medical supplies and the marines provided equipment and manpower to repair roads and do some general cleanup.
RileyJames A.unkwnUSN4/68-9/69I served on the fremont from april 68 to decomissioning in portsmouth. I joined the ship at the end of the 67 68 med cruise. I just went thru my 68 69 cruise book to help me remember some of the names and faces. What a walk down memory lane! What a great web site.
RisioLarrySNUSN4/60-1962I came aboard the Fremont in April,1960 as a SN Ships Serviceman striker and was put in the laundry for about 3 weeks. 1st LT Burke came down and said that all SN had to put in 6 month's, either on deck or in the galley. I took 1st Division. It lasted 18 months until I was discharged.

I remember the shake down cruises, going to the Baltimore MD dry docks to be refitted and my last cruise to the Med. in 1961.

My most memorable time was the ports we went to and the sights that visited. The last port we hit was in September, Palermo, Sicily. There I took leave and visited my mother's birth place. A small town called Grotte. I stayed with relatives and was the first one from our family from America to visit.
RochefortRichard H.RMUSN1966-1967I served as a radiomen in 1966-67. I'm still in touch with one of my shipmates in Allentown P.A. Thanks for the memmories, I enjoyed the ride back in time
RoseFredUT1USN8/63-7/64I came aboard the "FREDDY" as an absolute Juvenile in Aug 63. Some of the things that standout of my time aboard are such as , a few hours into the trip to Gitmo the Captain announced that President Kennedy was killed and we would continue our course. The day of BT3 Henry’s fatal accident in the engingroom. During the Med cruise I was enginemen on the pappaboat mishap in Suda Bay. Mishap that’s an understatement! I was in A division and I have had a lifelong appreciation for the guys who put up with me and taught me much especially EN2 Reed. I left in July 64, went to tech school in San Diego and went to Pacific Fleet. After leaving active duty I went to school on the GI bill and had an enjoyable career in the automation & control industry. Again a special thanks to those who helped guide me. My Navy time wrapped up as a UT1 Seabee. My email is frederickrose@att.net
RosenbaumGaryCYN3USN9/68-7/69I was on the Freddie from September 1968 until June/July 1969. Because we were putting her out to pasture, I was transferred to the USS Yancey for two Months. I got out in Sept 69 and went back on Active Duty in 1973. Retired in 1989 as a Chief Petty Officer. Back in the sixties I was in one of the shortest lasting rates the Navy had. I was a CYN3 on the Fremont. When I went back in in 73, I was told I would have to become either a RM or CT. I figured RM meant Sea duty and CTs had the plush shore duty. I enlisted as a CT and spent the next 7 years floating around. I guess a lot of things had changed in the 4 years I was out. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember me. I hate to admit it, but I remeber a lot of shipmates, but can't remember which ship, I was on the WASP, Fremont and Yancey on my first tour with a side trip to Rosy Roads, Pr for a few years from 65 to 69.
RossBillSFM2USN1961-1964Hi, I'm Bill Ross. I was searching for shipmates C. Houston, Puckett, Green, Robinson, Poole, and DeMoss in the "R" Division without any luck when I came upon -the Fremont website. I think it is great. I wish to be included in the muster. I came aboard in the middle of Med. Cruise "61" as a designate SFMFA and remained aboard until discharge as SFM 2nd Class. (1961-1964). I didn't recall much until reminded by the website. I've got a lot of sea stories and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. After leaving ship, I lived in Conn. where I met and married Carmela. Later, we moved to Ohio, my home state; then to Florida and finally settled in North Georgia. We have 2 sons and a daughter. The oldest boy, Brian, served aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63) and now works for Aetna Ins., in Cal. My daughter, Maureen, is an accountant in Atlanta. The youngest son, Dale, is a truck/trailer mechanic here in Dalton (taking after me). I have recently retired from the truck/trailer repair business. Sadly, Bill Ross has passed on. His wife Carmela still attends Fremont reunions and would enjoy hearing from any of Bill's shipmates.
RyanEdRM2USN1960-5/62I was attached to Comphibron 4. I went aboard the Fremont sometime in early 60, Was due to get out in Jan. 62 but was extended and went to Cuba for 4 months. Finally they let me go in May of 62. I was very seriously considering re-uping at one time and actually asked to have the papers drawn up. The guy that was supposed to get the papers ready forgot and I had a chance to change my mind. Still wonder how my life would have turned out if I shipped over.

I too spent too much time thinking about the last liberty port, getting over the hang over and dreaming about the next port where I would do the same thing over again. I just wish I wasn't so immature at the time and saw more of the countries than just the streets with all the bars and girls.

My wife (Ginny) married 35 years and I have finally retired and living in a golfing retirement community know as "The Villages" located between Ocala, Fl. and Leesburg, Fl. We are about 50 miles from Orlando and 60 miles from Tampa.
SandersDonald J.UnkwnUSAFFall 68I was a "guest" aboard the vessel in the fall of 1968 in Miami Beach, FL. I was a Special Agent in the USAF, and received orders to report to the USS Fremont. To us Air Force and other service agents assigned to the Secret Service for protection of the Republican National Convention (that was the year Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated), the ship was a special experience that I recall as one of the highlights of my military career. I remember the Navy Seals arriving by helicopter, jumping into the water, and sweeping the ship for mines. Not that far away in the bay, anti-Cuban terrorists sunk a ship while we were there. The officers and crew did everything possible to make us feel welcome and as comfortable as possible under crowded conditions. I am proud to have played a minor role in the history of this distinguished ship. I am now the Senior Captain of a 3000 passenger and crew casino vessel on the Ohio River.
SchaarBobSK3USN6/67-6/69My name is Bob Schaar (I served on board the USS Fremont, as a SK3 from July 1967-June 1969). I would love to be added to the muster list directory. I've also been trying to contact Marv Kastberg (listed on the 1960's muster list), but his email does not work. Can you shed any light on that? I was discharged from the USN at Little Creek, Va in Oct 1969. I joined the Navy Reserve in 1982 and retired in 1998, as a SKC. My email is Beattolls@charter.net. sincerely, Bob
SchlormanTom M.YN3USN60'sServed on board with two sea dogs in the sixties, Bob Castor from N.J. and Ed Cheese from of all places Jim Thorpe, P.A. Hi y'all Ops Yeoman and Junior Radarman.
SchmelterDanPC3USN9/66-9/68 I'm taking the time to go back and find out about what is happening to those who served aboard the "Freddy"! I've been in touch over the years with Bill Staples and Howard Kline and Jerry Wotherspoon, but that's about it. Dan Schmelter, Plymouth,IN
ShankLeroy M.UnkwnUSN1963-1965 I found this wonderful site and would like to be added to the ship's rooster for 1960's. I served on the USS Fremont from 1963 - 1965. I would like to hear from any of my old shipmates. email - Dashk53@aol.com
SheleyDavidSM3USN10/66-1968I was Signalman 3rd Class and served upon the Fremont from October 1966 to 1968. I made a lot of good friends while aboard the ship. I still have a lot of fond memories and share them often with my family. It was great finding this web page and hope to hear from some of my old buddies again.
Shores Jr.Leonard E.CPLUSMC1/68-5/68Departed moorehead city Jan 1968 returned Apr 1968. Reported to Camp Leju. First duty after Vietnam in Nov. 1967. Left about Jan 3rd 1968.
SinkMurry L.BMSNUSN64-11/66My name is Murry L Sink. I was on the ship from 64 to Nov of 66. I was in the BG Group and drove papa boat number 12. This site brings back some fond memories of my time aboard her. What a fine ship she was. I also have a buddy that was on her. He was a Signalman I was a BMSN please post my name so some of my shipmates might see my name. I can reached at akatotawa@aol.com. Thanks for the site and may God bless you and all who was on this fine ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SkierskiJackie W.RM3USN1966-1969I am Jackie W. Skierski RM3 I was onboard from 1966 to decomissioning in 1969. I remember those guys. Primovera, Young, Rosenbaum-he had a nice baracuda, VavHouse, Carl Johnson. We were rammed by a French destroyer during a light line exercise. You are more than welcome to give my email address out. I am always getting good stuff from VanHouse in California. Look forward to seeing everyone in Oct. Thanks again SKI
SmeriglioMickeyRM3USNMar-63Discharged March 1963 from Fremont after the Med cruise - great to find a homepage on the ship....keep up the good work.
SmithLonnyUnknwnUSN1959-1963I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy.and my dad served aboard Freddy. Below is info on him, and my email address (d.robinson@comcast.net) can be used and I will pass on any communications to him Thanks!
Lonny Smith 1959-1963 "L Division" Assault Boat Coxswain His buddy Gondy was also on ship during that time. Email me if you remember either one of them and I will pass it to them. My dad remembers William Savely, Raymond Smith and Thomas Bishop off the top of his head!
SnowRichardSNUSN1964-1966I served on board from 1964 to 1966. Seamen, worked in the personnel office, and did a number art projects for the ship. I designed the amphibious assault award symbol.
SnyderDennisFNUSN1969I was on board the Fremont in 1969. I joined the ship in Cannes,France fresh out of bootcamp. After finishing the Med.cruise I remained on the Freddy during the moth balling and decommissioning.I went to EN-A school and reported to the Austin LPD4. Pesently I am in the navy reserves. I enlisted in the reserves after 13 years broken service. In 1995 I was advanced to ENC and I probably will do another two years before I retire. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who served on the Fremont.
SpargoRickDC3USN12/63-9/65My name is Rick Spargo and I served aboard the Fremont, right out of bootcamp, from December 1963 to September 1965. I was in "R" Division and made the rank of DC3. I read the log in your web page and was surprised to see a reference to the fire aboard the Spanish research ship. I was one of crew that helped to put out that fire. I had forgotten all about it. In 1964, my first Med cruise, we lost a member of the crew. James Edward Henry BT3 was working in the engine room when a steam valve ruptured severely burning him. He died several days later in the hospital, April 4, 1964. During another cruise, I'm not sure if it was a Med cruise or Caribbean, we also lost another member of the crew. We were at general quarters for a drill and the sailor was wearing a phone talkers helmet, you know those oversized helmets which cover the headset too. Apparently, his helmet got stuck in the davit track while he attempted to look over the side. The davit was lowering a "mike" boat and the sailor's head was crushed. I can't remember his first name but his last name was Drumgool. I am not sure of the spelling. That was the sad part of memories.

I also remember the Secretary of the Navy visiting the ship, after all we were the flag ship for Commodore R.G. Merrit - COMPHIBRON 4 As you mentioned in your web page, we did circle the island of Cyprus for 21/2 to 3 months and the USS Enterprise was our first liberty port. During the air show a plane developed an oil leak and had to land and that promptly ended the show. That carrier took off like a bat out of hell and before you knew it, it was over the horizon. We were impressed!!! Damn fast boat!

I'm sure, because of your page, I will be remembering the old days aboard the Fremont. It has been a great experience hearing about the Fremont once again. I want to thank you for creating the web page and someday hope to meet some old shipmates at a reunion.

SpencerBruceUnkwnUSN12/59-7/63I reported onboard the Fremont 12/4/59 with 2 red strips on my arm. However, personnel had different plans and you are 100% correct, they sent me straight to "L". I loved the boat group and spent 2 years there working my up way from a pappa to mike boat coxswain and was a qualified helmsman as well. In late 1962 I was assigned to mess duty and a warrant officer named Cox somehow got me reassigned to commissary and I became a assualt boat cook. I remember the trip up the Chesapeake to the acadamy to bring the cadets down to the Army Navy game and remember wondering how these spoiled kids without any common sense could actually be officer material. I left the Fremont in July to serve my last 3 months at Little Creek Amphib base. I got out in Oct 1963 and went home and worked in a hotel as a chef for a couple months and hated it and reenlisted. I reverted back to DP1 (Data Processing) because I wasn't chief long enough for it to become permanent. The Fremont, Charlie Meade and the crew are some of my fondest memories.
StatonClaytonBM3USN5/63-4/66Served on the Fremont from May 63 until April 66.Stared in first div.Was transfered to BG,transfered back to first div.after I made third class BM. Left active duty and joined the reserves. Was called back in first Gulf war. Retired in 1992 as Master chief Boatswain mate. Love to hear from anyone who served on the Fremont during this time.
StrangeHal R. (Randy)IC2USN4/68-8/69My name is Hal R. (Randy) Strange and was an IC 2nd. I served aboard from about April or May 1968, just before the Miami trip, until shortly before the final act of decommissioning when I was reassigned to the San Marcos LSD 25. I was aboard and served with an IC 1st named Zack, not sure of last name. Made a Med Cruise and some trips south for booze.
SuttonDonnie HughUnkwnUSN1959-1963 My father, Donnie Hugh Sutton, served on the 'Freddy' around 1959-1963. He worked in the mail room on the ship. My dad was a Savannah, Georgia native. He passed away June 2009. I would love to hear from any of the men who knew my dad-he was quite the character…short little tough guy. I loved my Pop's stories and I'm sure these guys might have a few to tell. If you knew her dad contact Sherri Sutton at sherri.sutton@gmail.com
TherellBillUnkwnUSN10/61-9/63My name is Bill Therell. I live in Starkville Mississippi. I served on the Fremont from 10-61 to 09-63. I was happy to find this information on the net. I have a lot of fond memories about Freddy. I was on during the Cuban crisis when we loaded at Moore Head City N.C. I was on the ship's landing party. I was also the duty driver for the Captain. You got out of a lot of work taking him places. I have tried to get in touch with some of the A Division. No luck, I remember the marine Capt. getting killed on the beach after we dropped them off. Hand granade! We kept him in the reefers till we got back to Norfolk. Bill
ThigpenJim D.BM2USNR10/66-8/68I was a 2nd class BM and the LPO of 2nd Division. I noticed that there are no other BM's that have figured out these new communication devices. It is not the 1MC. I was aboard for two Med Cruises and had a good time aboard the Fremont. I have just this week been to see the movie "Saving Private Ryan". I want to thank all of the mates who served aboard the Fremont while she was in the Pacific. I had the chance to read the ship's log while I was aboard and was humbled by what the WWII crew endured. The rest of us just carried on the tradition. My brother came to visit me while we were in the yards in Newport News. For some strange reason he thought the Navy was something he wanted to try. Well today he is the CO of the USS Alaska. Quite a change in technology. I miss my shipmates and the bonds we shared while aboard the Fremont. I was proud to have served her for a while.
ThompsonDanielUnkwnUSN1963-1964I served aboard the Fremont 1963 - 1964. Enjoyed the Med. cruise album. I worked with BG division.
Tischler, Jr.Robert G.SNUSN9/68-8/69I reported aboard in September, 1968 and was assigned to 1st Division as a deck seaman. My rank was SN. Made only 1 Med Cruise; the last one. Departed in August, 1969, for Yeoman School in Bainbridge, MD. Advanced to the rank of YN3 while in school. Was assigned to COMTRALANT and spent the next 3 years on this Staff. Advanced to YN2 while on Staff. Departed service in July, 1972 when my hitch was up. Would like to hear from anyone that I served with.

Robert G. Tischler, Jr.
21400 Queen Anns Way
Fairview Park, OH 44126-3062
Phone: 440-779-5663
E-mail: tpockets@wowway.com
TooleyDonald R.SNUSN1/66-12/67My is Donald R. Tooley. I served on the freddie from Jan 66 - Dec 67 in 2nd Div Deck Dept. My nick name was Gov. I've been in touch with two people that were in my div. My email is tooleydr@coronado.navy.mil. I live in Granadahills, CA 91344 Telephone (818) 363-5304 I work for MSC (Military Sealift Command) for the last five years. I retired from the navy in 1999. I still work in the deck dept. as a watch stander. I hope that I can make the 2005 reunion. I am always at sea.
TroyerEdRD3USN8/60-7/62I came aboard the Fremont at Norfolk in August, 1960 as a SA and was assigned to 1St Division. Was in 1st Division almost a year before moving to the OI Division. Made RD3 before leaving the Fremont in July, 1962. I was in the reserves while in college and made RD2 before leaving the reserves. I am now retired and live in Columbus, Ohio.
Van HouseRobertRM3USN1965-1967I was aboard as an RM3 65 until 67. The Fremont was my first ship. I retired from USN as an RMC late 1986. Hope to make it to the next reunion. What a fantastic web site...very fitting for such a great ship and crew.
VilionisVictorPFCUSMC1964I was a Pfc E-2 Victor Vilionis during my cruise aboard the Fremont with H&S Co. Mortar Platoon. Visited the Fremont web page and reminisced for a while, some of the photo's brought back some fond memories having been a "passenger" for a while and "marooned" with my fellow Marines on Vieques. I still dream of the warm pleasant days and nights of the Caribbean!
Semper Fi!
VuocoloLeo W.RD2USN2/58-2/62I spent the first year or so as a seaman in the 1st div. I transferred to the oi div. and worked my way up to RD2. Was leading po of the oi div for the last 6 months to a year of 1961. Was discharged from the Navy in Feb of 1962 at Morehead City, NC
WagstaffRonald E.UnkwnUSN1962-1963I was aboard the freddy in 1962-1963 1st Division and 3rd Division. Remember Willie the Bost'n. Went to USS POCONO.
WalshHarryIC3USN12/64-10/66I arrived on the Fremont as a new ICFN fresh out of "A" school. I caught up with the ship in Gitmo, flying in from San Juan. Worked in the IC shop and lived in the best crew's quarters on the ship with the rest of the "E" division guys. I got to finish up the '64 -' 65 Caribbean cruise, and was on the next Mediterranean cruise. I was transfered to the USS Telfair APA 210 in Oct of '66 when I passed the IC2 test, which happened to be in the same squadron as the Fremont so I got to view the ship from a different perspective on the next Med cruise. It's funny how after 40 years all I have now is fun memories of the Freddie.
WarnkeBobSNUSN12/61-6/62My name is Bob Warnke. I served on the the Fremont from 12/8/61 to 6/15/62. I made SN while onboard. I was sent to the Fremont from boot camp at Great Lakes until I could get into Electronic Class A school. Although I started in F division, I transferred to OE division until I left for school.
WatsonRobert C.YNSNUSN8/62-9/64I served on board the Fremont APA-44 from 22 Aug. 1962 to 1 Sept. 1964. My rank and rate on Fremont was YNSN. I went on board as an E2 assigned to the Deck Force, 3rd Division. That lasted three (3) days; I transferred to the Disbursing Office and worked there for approxiametly six (6) months, and was transferred to the X Division and remained there for the balance of my tour on board Fremont. I transrerred out of Disbursing because they didn't have an allowance for a striker. I was assigned to the Deck Department Office working for Lt. Stanley Kolb as his Yeoman. I took care of Mr. Kolb, all the deck officers and the Chaplain; plus any paperwork for the Stewards.
I had very little to do with the rest of X Division, Mr. Kolb didn't want his Yeoman working in the ship's office or elsewhere. Also, my work load grew as they discovered I could handle more than one (1) assignment without making a mess of it.
WeaverJimUnkwnUSN3/60-10/63My name is Jim Weaver. I served on the USS Fremont from March of 1960 to Oct. of 1963. I served on deck force, and as a Signalman and last as a coxswain. I was in (L) Division. I came out of boot camp and was assigned to the Fremont and was discharged from the Fremont almost 4 years later.
WesnerJonathanLTUSN8/66-5/69I was aboard from August '66' to May '69 as Legal Officer, CIC Officer and EMO. I went on to law school and practiced in Reading PA for over 20 years. I am now a federal judge in Harrisburg. I stayed in the Reserves, retiring as Commander JAGC in 1992. I am still active as a Blue & Gold Officer for USNA. I was with another shipmate, Tony Pasquariello in CT this weekend reminiscing.
WestonTomUnkwnUSN1968-1969I served aboard the Freddie 68 69 second division good times 412 829 2310.
WhittJerry L.EN2USN2/67-6/69Served in A Division and a Master At Arms. I was on board from Feb. 1967 to June 1969.
WillGerald W.RM3USNR2/66-9/66I served aboard the Fremont from February 66 thru September 66, after my carrier, USS Lake Champlain was decommissioned. My separation from active duty occurred in September 66. While on board a short time, I enjoyed it.
WillardGary L.BT3USN9/67-6/69Like hi my name is Gary L. Willard. I was on the Freddie from Sept. 67 to when the ship was put out of order in June of 69. My rank was BT petty officer 3rd class. Went to the Med several times and had a lot of fun. I would like to get in touch with other shipmates that was on then. I hope you can help me out. Thank you very much. Gary
WilliamsFredCS3USN8/66-6/68I was on the Fremont from August of 66 to June of 68 as a CS3. I retired in March of 97 as an EM2 with 23 years service. I am running the 2002 reunion in Philly. I was a cook on the Fremont from 66-68. The information was provided by his son Fred Williams Jr. His son added these additional comments. I served in the navy for 8 years. I served with my dad on the USS PATERSON FF-1061. He was a EM and I was an MM. Going out to sea with my father was the best naval experience I had.
WilliamsJoseph "Gary"RD2USN2/60-1/62I have tried unsuccessfully to find information on the USS Fremont over the years, until much to my surprise I recently discovered this great website. I reported for duty aboard the Fremont on Valentines Day, 1960, fresh out of Radaman Class A school. I served aboard the Fremont until January, 1962, when I was transferred to BJU-2. I was discharged from the Navy in July, 1963, with the rank of RD2. I made (3) Caribbean cruises, and (1) Med cruise while aboard the Fremont. It always brings back many fond memories whenever I look over my 1961 Med cruise book. The highlight of that cruise was the filming of "The Longest Day". I had some great times during the (2) years that I served aboard the Fremont. It was a great ship and a great crew. I just retired, this past January, and hope to enjoy the good life for a few years, in the good old State of Maine. Have a good day, Gary
WilliamsSydney "Willie"EM3USN11/65-10/68I was an Electrician Mate 3rd class. I served on the Fremont from Nov.1965-Oct.1968 in E Division. I can remember guys like Rowland Berryman EM2, Thomas Boise EM3, Bill Kirk EM2, Jerry Wagner EM3, Guy Pond, Paul Paris IC3 and Tim Thigpen BM2. While on board some of my duties were charging batteries and changing brushes in dc motors with guys like Bill Kirk and standing switchboard watch. I can also remember showing movies for a $1.00 each. I would love to hear from anybody who serve during this time.
WotherspoonGerald R.YN3USN5/65-10/67My name is Gerald R. Wotherspoon, I was known as "Jerry" or "Spoon". From May 1965 to October 1967 I was stationed aboard the Fremont after being transferred from the USS Muliphen (AKA-61). While onboard the Fremont I was the Legal Yeoman (YN3) transcribing court martials, captain masses and courts of inquires. I was also the Captain's phone-man during GQ and other events like light-line, refuel and gunnery practice.

In June 1966 I married Elizabeth Oliver, the cousin of my shipmate Donny Seabock, the wedding party consisted of shipmates Wally W. Ward III (PNSN), William (Bill) Dolback, (YNSN) and Thomas (TJ) Revard, (ETSN) one heck of a honeymoon driving my Navy buddies back to the ship in Norfolk from Washington, DC. I guess it all worked out because Elizabeth (Liz) and I are still married.

My profile: I attended Indiana University while working for U.S. Steel. Then moved to Tampa, Florida and became a Police Officer and finished my Associates in Arts degree at Hillsborough Community College. After finishing my BS in Adult Education with the University of South Florida, I retired from the Police Department and went to work as an Advisor with the college, I just retired from the college in Jan 99 and working with computers as a hobby. I've got a Med.Cruise Book for the Fremont from 1965, I'm not in it because I had just come aboard, I've got 3 Cruise books from the Muliphen (AKA-61) 1964-1965. I've also got an old 8mm of gunnery practice on Viagas Island from 65 or 66. No sound & grainy, but transferred to VHS. Anyone interested in photo's from the old books contact me. Spoon50@aol.com. I'm in Seffner (Tampa) Florida in the phone book.
Wren Jr.ErnestSK2USN6/62-6/63I was onboard USS Fremont from about June 1962 to June 1963, I was a cook striker and served mid-rations for about the last 6 mo. there. I left in June to go to storekeeper school in RI and went on to make SK2 before I got a med discharge in 69. Me and the ship went out of service the same year.
YauillaPaul F.EM2USN1960My name is Paul F. Yauilla, rate EM2. I severed on board Fremont 1960. Bunked in forward wench control room. Space for two(2) electrician mates. Spent 98% of navy life on USS Kleinsmith APD 134 at Little Creek. Took her to China and went to USS Fremont APA-44. Operated with Fremont for years in PhibLant. Ship Mate Paul F. Yauilla. You can also e-mail me at yauilla@yahoo.com
ZenobiaGaryDK3USN1968-1969I went on board the Fremont right out of boot camp in early 1968. The Fremont was in Italy at the time and I was flown from New Jersey to Italy to catch her. I was a very scared kid, not knowing what the heck to do and the ship was in Livorno and looked huge. I went on board joining the deck force and shortly thereafter became a striker in the Disbursing Office. Bill McCabe wad the DK1 in the office. I believe he lived in Groton CT. While on board I made DK3 and served on board the Fremont until it was decomissioned. I did work on the Decommissioning crew and even remember having a few times as the night watchman, walking through her pitch black, crewless, a real eerie feeling and kind of sad. Like a few other crew members, I remember very well, the time we spent as the "floating hotel" for the Secret Service and certain security for the Republican Convention in Miami.

I left the Freddie as she was mothpalled and did a brief stint in Newport RI and then was put on board the USS Regulus out of San Francisco. She ran aground in Hong Kong during a typhoon and I was let out a few months early in 1971. I have some great memories of my tour on the Fremont and some great ports of call in the Med. It was an experience I won't ever forget. Thanks again for some great memories of my time aboard.
ZimmerleeCharles C.EN3USN3/66-8/69My name is Charles C. Zimmerlee EN3, A division. I must admit I haven't given much thought to those years, but we did have some good times. For years, I have tried to find two old shipmates, George Baker EN3, and Phil Grambling MM3. George was from I think So. Dakota, and Phil was from Wisconsin. If I remember right the A division chief was E9 Mark Dugo. I am now living in Louisville, KY and am a retired Police Officer and am new to the Internet and was shocked to find something about the Old 44, she was one hell of a ship, and when the Marines weren't aboard life was really nice. We had some great times in Naples, Malta, and Spain. I remember the time that the ship almost got thrown out of port in Malta for fighting with the Royal Marines, I think it cost most of A division about 1/2 months pay for the damages to their club, but we had a great time even with my black eye. I can be contacted at Goldeaglescout@hotmail.com or (502) 893-0646. I would love to get any info on any of the old crew, just drop me a line.

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