USS Fremont APA-44

War Diaries, Recollections
The USS Fremont and the Invasion of Saipan by Captain Emile L. Bonnot
Captain C.V. Conlan's Action Reports


The war diaries cover the transcripts of the diaries of Vincent (Jim) Perrone, William Ritchie, and Chief Pay Clerk Reese F. Lukei made while they were aboard the USS Fremont APA-44. Vincent Perrone's entries were made upon departure from Norfolk, Virginia to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on through the invasions of Saipan, Mariannas Islands, Palau, Ulithi, and the Philippine Islands. The Perrone diary ends when he was transferred off the ship in October 1944. William Ritchie's diary entries start from 1 June 1944 and end on 24 March 1945. Reese Lukei's diary starts on 15 July 1943 and ends on 24 September 1945. The Lukei entries began prior to the commissioning of the USS Fremont and on through the invasions of Saipan, Mariannas Islands, Palau, Ulithi, Philippine Islands, and Iwo Jima. All the diaries cover basically the same period of time however, the Lukei diary covers the longest period of time. It is interesting to compare dates and read about each man's view of the same incidents.

As I retyped the diaries for viewing, I tried to keep the diaries as close to the original as possible unless the meaning of the entry was loss due to a missing word. In that case, I would include the missing word. I also took the liberty of changing some typing and spelling errors for example ii30 really was meant to be 1130. Some words had a different meaning in the 40's than they do today. I did not change or delete any of them nor did I delete anything that may be deemed offensive in today's world. It must be remembered that these are first hand accounts of a world war that took place in the 40's. I did not edit the diaries for the sake of being "politically correct".

The WWII recollections were provided by SK1/c Cecil R. Bronnenberg.

Captain Emile L. Bonnot USNR (deceased) wrote a short story about the precommissioning activity, the commisioning, preparing for war, underway to Hawaii, and the Battle for Saipan. At that time Capt. Bonnot was a LT(jg) while aboard ship. He provides the reader with a tremendous amount of information about ship board life and the personalities of some of the officers aboard Fremont during the war years. A terrific chapter about the the Battle for Saipan is vividly described by Capt. Bonnot.

The USS Fremont Action Reports are a first hand report of the Captain of the ship to the Commander and Chief, United States Fleet. The reports cover the Saipan Operation, Palau Operation, Leyte Operation, Lingayen Gulf Operation, and Iwo Jima Operation. The first three reports were sent to me by SK1/c Cecil Bronnenberg a crewmember during WWII. The last two reports were sent to me by Reese F. Lukei, Jr. the son of Chief Pay Clerk Reese F. Lukei.

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Vincent (Jim) Perrone Diary

William Ritchie Diary

Reese F. Lukei Diary

Recollections of Cecil Bronnenberg

The USS Fremont and the Invasion of Saipan by Captain Emile L. Bonnot

"USS Fremont APA-44 Action Reports"

Saipan Operation

Palau Operation

Leyte Operation

Lingayen Gulf Operation

Iwo Jima Operation

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